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As an online casino player from Canada, you’re blessed with the opportunity to choose the sites you want to join. Not all players from all across the world can say the same thing. Considering thousands of Canadian online casino players exist today, operators want to cater the best way possible to them. They make sure to provide them with games they like, bonuses and promotions crafted for Canadian players specifically, and payment solutions they could use to experience seamless online gambling time.

On that note…

…when you, as a Canadian player, join an online casino targeting players from Canada, you are showered with choices when it comes to payment methods to use. There are many solutions designed to cater to Canadian users, and most of these methods are available across online casinos. One method that definitely stands out from the crowd is Gigadat. What’s so special about Gigadat?


gigadat-casinos-is-a-payment-service-solution-that-enables-canadian-players-to-transact-across-the-internet-image1…is a company comprised of Canadian payment experts who recognized the need to create a secure and reliable network of online payment methods. Even though it started out small, today, it has over 32 million customers, Canadian users that have the opportunity to pay and shop across over 300 thousand e-stores and platforms.

What the company provides customers with is nationally-recognized Pay-out and Pay-in solutions that allow them to access 100% of all financial institution consumers in the country, with 99% fraud prevention offered. To provide then with complete transparency and guidance, the company offers them their proprietary secure online reporting interface named BluSky. This interface allows users to make intelligent decisions based on metrics such as growth, conversion and volume and gives them insight into their spending.

To deliver users…

…a highly secure and sophisticated payments gateway and platform, the company has partnered with one of the major online banking services in Canada, Interac. Therefore, for all of the Pay-out and Pay-in transactions you may want to make, you can use Interac Online and Interac eTransfer. But, Gigadat has also partnered with Express Connect eWallet, which also offers the eCashout solution. If you know anything about Interac, you probably know that it is the number one online payment solution nationwide and collaborates with all major Canadian banks. Therefore, whether you have a bank account with one or another Canadian bank, you can use its services, as well as Gigadat’s.

In recent years…

…Gigadat made a deal with the UK-based Easy Payment Gateway Limited, and with the Interac2Pay deal, it managed to expand its reach to Europe, as well. With the deal, Easy Payment Gateway Limited distributes its innovation to European firms, offering Canada-facing services, such as international online casinos. Therefore, today, even European players can get access to Gigadat’s remarkable services. That being said, expect to find Gigadat across many international online casino sites, accepting Canadian and European players.

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Using Gigadat Across Online Casinos

using-gigadat-across-online-casinos-image2Gigadat is a convenient solution…

…for online payments across any platform, online casinos included. Considering there’s no formal “getting started with” process involved, to start using it, you need to choose one of the three options for Pay-in or in our case deposit, and two Pay-out or withdraw solutions.

To make a deposit across online casinos…

…via Gigadat, you can use Interac eTransfer, Interac Online and Express Connect eWallet. For those of you who don’t know, Interac eTransfer allows you to send money to online casinos at participating Canadian banks and other financial institutions. To make a deposit via it, you need to log in to your online or mobile banking account and execute an Interac eTransfer payment via email, pushed by the Interac network. You’re prompted with “Recipient email” or “Message” to complete the transaction, which you then need to copy and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

With Interac Online the depositing process is similar. When on Interac Online’s gateway page, you need to select your bank and log in to your bank account. Only this time, you’ll complete the payment by using your bank card money. This solution is only compatible with credit bank cards without VISA or MasterCard logo on them. Select the amount you wish to deposit and confirm.


…with Express Connect eWallet, you’ll need to create an account. Fund your account with PayPal, Interac eTransfer or a credit card, and use the funds to make a deposit. Go to the online casino’s Banking page and choose Express Connect eWallet, enter your account login details, the amount of money you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction. The money will be instantly on your casino account, available for you to try out any kind of slots, blackjack, roulette, Live Dealer or video poker games offered.


…via Gigadat can be made with Interac eTransfer and Express Connect eCashout solution. With Interac eTransfer, you will receive an SMS message with your security question answer on the mobile phone number you supplied upon registration. The casino will receive an Interac eTransfer email to its email address. The casino needs to copy the “Recipient email” and “Message” and enter the amount of money to send. You will get 3 reminders to accept or decline the Interac eTransfer.

If you deposited with Express Connect eWallet already, you just need to link your account to your savings or checking account and the money the casino sends will arrive there. Thanks to the Automated Clearing House (ACH), online casinos can send your withdrawal to any of your Canadian bank accounts.

With this solution though

…you’ll need to share your bank account details so that the casino can send the withdrawal safely. You’d need to share your bank account number, bank transit number and institution number. But the beauty of this solution is that 100% of Canadian financial institutions are supported by Express Connect eCashout! Therefore, chances of it not being supported by your specific bank are close to none.

Advantages and Disadvantages

advantages-and-disadvantages-image3As you can see, Gigadat is the perfect solution for Canadian players who do not want to commit to using only one payment method across casinos, when they have several of them to choose from. It is an extremely safe solution, because, in addition to its own security measures, it also provides you with the bulletproof measures each of the payment methods offers on its own. Plus, the fact that it collaborates with Interac, which in return, collaborates with all major banks in the country only gives it further reliability.

The fact that…

…you can make both deposits and withdrawals with it only adds to its qualities. Not all payment solutions available out there can, so this is definitely another benefit. But, the fact that it is an alternative solution to traditional payment methods is what makes it the first choice of many Canadian players who do not wish to share their banking details with the casino directly.

Deposits and withdrawals…

…with this payment solution are instant, so the minute you and the casino provide the security questions and answers and confirm the transactions, you have the money on your respective accounts. This is another thing Canadian players want, swift and easy transactions.

When it comes to disadvantages…

…the only real downside to it is that it is not accepted all across the globe. For instance, players from the US cannot use it, although many European players along with all Canadians can.

All things considered, Gigadat has a lot to offer, so if you’re a Canadian player, make sure you give it a try, as it will be more than worth it.


The options you have to fund your Express Connect eWallet account are credit cards, PayPal and Interac eTransfer. If interested in using another method, contact its Customer Support service, available via on-site contact form and phone.

There’s a flat CA$1.50 fee when transacting via Interac, and there will be some charges when transacting with Express Connect eWallet, as well, so before you decide on the one to use, make sure you make sure you choose the one you can go with the one you can afford.

You won’t find Gigadat across many international online casinos, but across Canada-targeting ones, you most certainly will. As it is a popular online payment service in the country, it has managed to reach the lists of payment methods across many Canadian online casinos.

In theory, no. Gigadat does not impose limits on the transactions, but in Interac’s case, some of the participating banks might. Therefore, make sure you get informed about the limits with your bank.

As a matter of fact, yes. Being a service entirely dedicated to Canadian players, it has made sure you get to explore it and use it in both Canadian English and French.

Yes. When you go to its official website, you will see the Contact button at the bottom of the homepage. Click on it and the on-site contact form will open. You’ll need to enter your name and email, along with the message explaining your problem or uncertainty, and the minute they can, the Customer Support agents will send you an answer on your email address.

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