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introductionPlayers across international online casino sites often struggle when it comes to finding a proper payment method to use, one available in their country and at the chosen casino. With Ria, the search ends. Users from across the globe can make easy and convenient money transfers with it, for a symbolic fee, making it the perfect solution to use as an online casino player. This is one of the most popular money transfer services globally, so make sure you consider it as your option. What is Ria and why use it as your online casino payment method?

About Ria

Launched in the US, Ria is a money transfer service that has gone global. Back in 1987, when it was first launched, it appeared in times when there was an enormous lack of payment methods that would allow people from the US to send money overseas. That’s why the money transfer service, which opened its first store in New York, aimed at helping those who wish to send money across the globe to their families.

Between 1993 and 2006, though, things changed and the money transfer service started operating across Europe, too. When in 2007 it got acquired by Euronet Worldwide, as hinted, it went global. This well-reputed electronic transaction processing company took the money service to the next level, making it accessible in Senegal and India. Furthermore, five years later, the service became available online, via the riamoneytransfer.com site.

The next countries that warmly received it were Canada with the acquisition of XE, Malaysia with the HiFX acquisition and the Middle East with the IME acquisition. Among the worldwide offices, we must mention the expansion to Chile, where the solution started being offered across Lider supermarkets. In the meantime, its US popularity grew even further, when the company partnered with Walmart and a domestic money transfer service was launched, called Walmart-2-Walmart.

We’re only mentioning some of the countries the solution expanded to, but you should know that it is today available across over 160 countries globally. It has a strong online presence, but the land-based presence is still unrivalled, with over 500,000 locations to visit to get started with it. Just leave your house and look around; you’ll probably find Ria on the next corner of the street! Naturally, the global recognition led its way to the online gambling industry. You will find the money transfer service across hundreds of casino sites, top sites such as DuckyLuck, Sportandcasino, and Jackspay. Therefore, if you’re interested in getting started with it, continue reading to find out the steps and more!

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionRia, sure, is most known for its renowned money service, however, the company behind it launched several other services throughout the years you could use, such as bill payment, prepaid debit cards, mobile loading, money orders and check cashing. In the US, it also added the new option for depositing money, PayNearMe, a service that proved quite successful. So, we’ll share with you all the steps on how to get started with the money transfer and the PayNearMe services.

When the service was first launched, users had to leave their houses and visit one of the land-based offices to request a transfer. While you can still do that today, by visiting its official website, finding the Locator Tool and typing your address to get a list of the nearest offices to visit, you also have the online option. Now, you can just take your mobile or desktop device, visit its official website and start sending money across the globe.

To make an online transfer, you’d first need to create an account with it. Then, you’d need to fill out a form specifying how much you’d want to send, to whom, who will pay for the transfer and how the money should be delivered. The details about the recipient must be written exactly like on their government-issued document. Their phone number and email address should be entered, too, as well as the details on how they wish to receive the payment, via cash pick up, bank deposit or home delivery. After all details have been entered, the service will momentarily send the money to the recipient.

At this point, you should know that, should you wish to send the same exact amount to the same recipient, you could use the Send Again button. This is particularly convenient for online casino players who wish to send the same deposit again and save time to start playing their favourite games right away.

Last but not least, let’s tell you how you could use the PayNearMe service. You should know that you must be a US citizen in order to use this service. All you’d need to do is visit any 7-Eleven gas station, take cash with you and send your money using the PayNearMe barcode, using no bank account, no credit card, just cash! The best part about it is that you’d need to pay no fees and the transfer will be completed in 15 to 20 minutes!

Depositing and Withdrawing

You will find, as mentioned, many international online casinos that accept Ria, and some of the top have been listed here at CasinoReports. Therefore, you’d need to find one offering it which accepts Canadian players to enjoy seamless transactions.

Speaking of, the depositing process was basically explained just now, but let’s go through all the steps in casino terms:

  1. Go to the casino’s Banking/Payments/Deposits page.
  2. Find Ria’s logo and press it.
  3. As explained previously, enter the amount you’d want to deposit; the recipient’s details, in this case, the casinos should be pre-filled, but if not, contact Customer Support to provide you with the needed transfer details.
  4. Confirm the transaction and the money will arrive in no time.

The exact timeframe when it comes to when the deposit will arrive would depend on the method used for the transfer to be sent. You can check the waiting times on its official website, but essentially, if the transfer was sent with POLi or direct bank transfer, it will arrive within 24 to 48 hours, but if sent with a credit/debit card, it will arrive in around 15 minutes!

Withdrawals with this money service are just as easy, and quite convenient. As long as the casino is based in a country that is available on the sending money countries list, and the player is playing from a country that is available on the receiving money list, the withdrawal will go smoothly. To make the withdrawal, make sure you specify how you’d like to receive your winnings, via bank deposit, cash pickup or at one of the Ria stores available in Canada. Each option comes with different fees which you can explore on the official website. Nevertheless, when picking the money up, you’d need to provide the staff with the PIN code you receive for the transfer and an ID document.

Applicable Fees

We mentioned that small fees apply when using Ria. These are all calculated when you request a transfer, by selecting the sending and receiving money methods. We’ve made a mock transfer on the website to give you a hint about how big of a fee you’d need to pay.

Say, you’re making a deposit at an Australian-based casino. The payout currency is Australian dollars and you’re sending 100 Canadian dollars via your credit card. The casino will receive the money via bank deposit. The fee you’d need to pay will be 7 Canadian dollars, and the casino will get 109,29 Australian dollars. Your total cost for the deposit will be 107 Canadian dollars, due to the methods you’ve chosen to use.

Accepted Currencies

You may have gathered by now that the Canadian dollar is an option with Ria, as is the Australian dollar, among other currencies. In fact, all the currencies used in the more than 160 countries where the solution is available are currencies you can use when paying and receiving money.

To mention some, you can use Mexican pesos, Indian rupees, the euro, the US dollars, the Swedish krona, etc.


Judging by the currencies we just mentioned, you’ve probably hinted at some of the countries that offer the Ria money transfer service. But, as mentioned, there are different countries on the lists of sending and receiving money countries.

For instance, you can receive money if you’re from Mexico, SwedenGermanyFranceSwitzerland and Finland.

You can send money if you’re from Canada, the UK, Spain, the US and Australia, for instance. You’d need to check all the countries on these lists on its official website to get the full picture.

Customer Support

Ria offers a top-notch Customer Support service. Considering its massive coverage and good reputation, it is no wonder it has gathered the best team to attend to users’ questions and needs.

You could use the toll-free phone line 1-844-377-5843 in case you have an urgent question, or you can explore the incredibly useful Help Centre page, to look for answers. This page offers answers to the most commonly asked questions, plus offers a tool where you could type in your question and quickly receive your answer. And you can, of course, visit the nearest land-based office and ask the staff anything.


Even though designed for the US market, Ria is a solution that has truly gone global and offers an exquisite money transfer service. You can use it to send and receive money to and from 160 countries globally, for a small fee. This means that it is incredibly convenient for deposits and withdrawals across online casinos, especially because you’d be able to use your currency when transacting with it. It is easy to get started with and has an unrivalled land-based and online presence, so you can rest assured that you’d experience no problems when you start using it as your online casino payment method.


Is there any way to track my transaction after I’ve sent it via Ria?

Sure thing. You could go to its official website and look for the Track Transfer option. You’d need to enter the PIN code for the transfer, its reference and the Order Number, and you can track the transaction at any point of its journey.

Can past transfers be reviewed on my Ria account?

Sure! You would need to log into your account and look for the Activity tab. Then, you’d need to press the Most to Least Recent tab, to review all transfers you’ve previously made with the solution.

What happens if I forget the password to my account?

No worries, its Customer Support team has got you covered. You’d need to request a password reset on its official website by pressing the Forgot Password option. When redirected to the new page, enter your new password and log into your account, now with the new password.

Is the Canadian Ria website available in both English and French?

Yes. When you go to the Canadian website, you will see on the right top corner of the homepage the Canadian flag, and by pressing it, you can choose whether you’d like to explore the site in French or English.

Are there any apps I could download on my smartphone?

In fact, there are two separate apps you could download on your smartphone, both for iOS and Android devices. You’d need to download them by going to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, respectively.