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Canadian online casino players are often faced with a dilemma which payment method to use across their favourite online casino sites. One reason is the fact that not all payment methods are accepted in Canada and available across the sites they want to play at. The other reason is that even when they find several methods which are accepted and available, they cannot decide which one of those methods would suit them best. But, as a Canadian player, if you see that the casino offers MuchBetter as a payment option, make sure you choose it over any other. Why choose MuchBetter as your online casino payment method?

Introduction to MuchBetter


…is an online payment method that was an instant success the minute it was launched. There are many reasons for that, and we’ll guide you through all of them. First of all, it is an international eWallet available all across the world, Canada included. Users from different countries across the globe are using it and enjoying its benefits.

Its strongest suit…

…and the thing that makes it stand out in a sea of eWallets is the fact that it accepts both fiat and digital currencies for payments. It has a converter that can enable you to transact online with whichever currency or cryptocurrency you may want to use. This is something no other eWallet offered previously, and this is the thing that opened its way across many countries. It closely collaborates with Bitcoin, providing users with safe pathways for them to receive, pay with and store coins.


…it rewards users for their loyalty and trust. Whenever you make a transaction with it, you collect loyalty points which are later beneficial to you. For each $10 or currency equivalent you transact with it, you get 1 Reward Point. You accumulate your weekly points, and each week, they are collected and put together as a single ticket in a Free Draw, where you can win a prize from $2 up to $100. Thirdly, it is a method that you can use across Canadian online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals. This is not something that any Canadian deposit method would allow you to do.

And finally…

…it can be funded with many worldwide-known payment methods, methods that you’re already using for your daily online payments and purchases, so you won’t have problems finding a way to fund your eWallet. Transactions with it are subject to fees. However, these fees are pretty small, so you can freely say that this payment method is a cost-effective one.

What interests you most…

…probably is the number of online casinos you can find it at. Don’t worry, because this eWallet is accepted across more than 300 online casino sites, most of which accept Canadian players. You’ll get a huge choice of sites to choose from and join, and enjoy a seamless online gambling time with MuchBetter.

Getting Started with MuchBetter

getting-started-with-muchbetter-image2You need to follow a few simple steps, just like with any other eWallet. First, you would have to visit its official website. If you’ve ever used an eWallet, you know that you’ll need to create an account with it. To do that, choose whether you’d like to start the procedure via your mobile device or your desktop device, therefore, via an app or a web browser. If you choose to go with the mobile device, you can download an app on your iOS or Android device and you’ll get to the next step right away.

The next step is…

…providing some basic personal info and your valid phone number. Your phone number would be needed for ID verification later on, so make sure you write the correct one. Choose a 4-digit PIN code you would use later, and provide a copy of any necessary ID documents, such as a copy of your passport or ID, needed for the KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol.


…you’ll need to fund your account. As introduced, it is an eWallet which can be funded with all kinds of world-class solutions, be it bank transfer, prepaid cards, credit or debit cards, you can use them all. Depending on the method you choose to fund your eWallet account with, you would need to pay a 1.4% to 1.65% fee. Should you use different currencies and cryptocurrencies, a conversion fee of 0.99% would apply.

Depositing and Withdrawing with MuchBetter

to-cashout-winnings-with-it-muchbetter-image3Getting started with MuchBetter was easy and straightforward enough, but so is depositing and withdrawing with it. After you’ve set up and funded your eWallet account, you need to find a Canadian online casino site to join. Do that and you can continue to the next step.

To make a deposit…

…you would need to be logged in to your online casino account. You need to visit its Cashier or Banking page, and then go to the Deposit page. From the list of offered payment methods, find MuchBetter and click or tap on it. When the pop-up window appears, make sure you enter your phone number and any other personal details needed. Then, specify the amount of money you would like to fund your online casino account with, and confirm your request. MuchBetter will make sure that the money is instantly transferred to your online casino account so that you can start playing right away.

To cash out your winnings with it…

…you would have to repeat the same procedure. This time, when you go to the Cashier/Banking page, click or tap on the Withdrawal tab. Choose MuchBetter from the offered withdrawal options. Again, enter the details requested from you and the amount of money you wish to withdraw. Upon your first withdrawal at the casino, you would again need to provide a copy of an ID document, due to the KYC protocol. You probably won’t need to the second time you want to withdraw, so this would probably be a one-time thing.

After you’re done with all the steps, send your request. As soon as the casino checks it and verifies it, your winnings will be transferred to your eWallet account. MuchBetter promises to transfer the money no later than in 3 days, despite the waiting times at the casino you’re playing at. Therefore, in no more than 3 days, you’ll have your money on your eWallet account, to cash it out as it suits you.

Pros and Cons

As you could notice, the benefits of using MuchBetter prevail when compared to the downsides. But let’s start with the only downside, the fees. MuchBetter, being an eWallet, requires that you pay a small fee for using its storing, sending and receiving money services. These fees are practically insignificant when you compare them with the fees other eWallets charge, though.

On the plus side…

…however, you get to deposit and withdraw with the same method, and you don’t need to look for alternatives to cash out your winnings. You also get to transact with both fiat and digital currencies from a single account. In this aspect, MuchBetter works as an alternative to other traditional methods.

And, you get rewarded for your loyalty. Add to that the fact that the payment method is accepted across more than 300 online casino sites, most of which accept Canadian players, and you’ve got yourself a winner. MuchBetter is actually a pretty popular solution across Canadian online casino sites, so you can rest assured that choosing it would be a wise decision. Weigh in the benefits and the one downside, and make the decision by yourself.


If you’re using a desktop device, no. You can start the registration process via your web browser. But, if you’re using a mobile device, yes. The app is designed in a user-friendly way, for your convenience, and the moment you download it, you’ll notice that it is super-easy to use.

Sure! You can claim any bonus at any online casino, regardless of the payment method you’re using, unless stated otherwise. However, some leading online casinos encourage the use of one method over another. Such casinos may offer special bonus offers for players who use MuchBetter for their deposits and withdrawals, so you may look for them and get your special bonus for choosing to play with the eWallet.

Practically, MuchBetter accepts users from any country across the globe, except the US, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Afghanistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Iraq, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Vanuatu, Iran, Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Guinea-Bissau, and Tunisia.

Sure. As a global eWallet, MuchBetter offers a Customer Support service available in several mainstream languages, including Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Plus, its Support team has created a FAQs page you can explore to try and solve the issue on your own.

MuchBetter implements transaction reporting, code authentication and Touch ID in order to protect your information. Additionally, it employs the latest SSL encryption to ensure that all the data sent and received across the internet between you and your eWallets is encoded, encrypted, so no one can tamper with it. Add to that its spotless reputation and global recognition, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly safe online payment solution.

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