Craps Basics: Big Six, Big Eight, Buy Bets

Craps gaming is among the popular casino games attracting more individuals on a daily basis. It has a certain proficient feel to it and the people participating in a game of dice are often perceived as proficient casino players. The quick pace, as well as the specific terminology used during the gaming action, are reserved for the experienced casino patrons only.

This is among the main reasons why many people are drawn to craps in its most traditional form, taking place at a brick-and-mortar casino venue. It is the insider’s feeling of community it brings around the craps table. Every craps aficionado should be well-acquainted with the various bets the game introduces. Today we are going to go through a couple of them.

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The Big Six and Big Eight

These two bets are among the most popular bets associated with the craps table. When it comes to the table layout, the Big Six and the Big Eight are located at both ends of the table. Both of the bets are a double-edged sword, as it could either make or break your gaming session in a matter of seconds.

For the more inexperienced craps players, it might seem like a lucrative opportunity for winning big, as the number six and the number eight are among the frequently rolled numbers on the dice. However, these bets are notoriously known as some of the most harmful to any casino patron’s bankroll, especially to the more inexperienced among them.

When all is said and done, the Big Six and Big Eight bets allow the players to place a wager that the number six or eight will be rolled before the number seven appears on the dice. Once the wager has been placed, the craps team member taking care of the dice rolling commences this process as many times as the situation requires. This means that the dice are being rolled until the casino patron wins or loses.


Rolling six or eight before the rolling of the seven means that the player is a winner now. They can proceed with their next wager or exit the game with their payout. However, if the number seven is rolled before six or respectively eight, the player is a loser and they lose the money placed on the bet. The payout for both wagers is 1:1 classifying it as a rather risky one.

Players lose six bets for every five bets they win, reserving this wager for the most experienced players trusting their gut while gaming. The house edge for the Big Six and Big Eight wagers reaches a whopping nine percent, a detail very few players know while making their first steps in the craps gaming world.

The high probability of rolling six or eight does not correspond well with the nine-percent house edge if you lose. It should also be noted that the experienced craps player always monitors where the place bet is placed on the craps table. This is important, as it eliminates any dispute that might occur when it is time for cash payouts.

Buy Bets

Players interested in further exploring the game of craps should also take into account the popular Buy bet which bears a resemblance to the Place bet. What is important to remember when it comes to the Buy bet is that it pays true odds, making it a preferred one by many craps players. The dealer has the task to carry it out, meaning that the player has the responsibility to attract the attention of the busy dealer before them.

Craps’ pace of action is notoriously known as quick and the action should be well-planned. The player puts their chips in the Come box they see right in front of them on the table layout. The next step would be to clarify to the dealer the particular number they would like to place their wager on. The dealer then proceeds to collect the chips and move them to the point box of choice.

Then a special Buy button is placed on top of them. As the game progresses, the experienced craps player could increase or decrease them and make more informed choices down the road. When the come-out roll of a new game comes, these particular Buy bets are off. Many individuals making their first steps in the craps gaming world often resort to this bet, as it does not come with a house edge. It pays true odds and it is capable of benefitting players regardless of their level of experience.

The casino still has a way of benefitting from those Buy wagers, as there are the vig taxes. There are certain numbers that could result in a more lucrative craps game. Buy bets on the numbers 4 or 10 appear to be more lucrative than similar bets on 5 or 9. The house edge is reduced when betting on the former numbers. Let’s say it had been 6.67 percent before the wager, once the wager has been made it drops to 4.67 percent.

This is one of the reasons why many proficient craps players decide to place a Buy bet on 4 and/or 10. Upon betting on those numbers, the player has to pay a five-percent tax also known as a vigorish tax. If the stars align and it is a winning bet, the casino has to then pay the odds of 2:1.

Vigorish Taxes

The vig is one of the ways this fee could be referred to. Some people call it juice, under-juice, or the cut, but in its essence, it is the fee a bookmaker charges when accepting a specific wager. It represents a sort of risk management, as the bookmaker is looking for ways they could turn a profit while a gambling operation is in progress.

The amounts wagered should be kept balanced at all times. This is why the disproportional vigorish is often implemented balancing the betting line of 1.90/2.00. As a result, the payout grows while the wager can remain small.