Online Slot Tournaments

Online slot tournaments are a regular event at some online casinos and there is much that you can gain from participating in one. They are popular because the barrier to entry is relatively low and you can take part in one even if you know next to nothing about it.

Moreover, the prize money that you stand to win can really be worth your while and your name will be featured on the casino’s news section for a period of time. There are many different aspects to a slot tournament and we will go more in depth about how this works.

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What are Slot Tournaments

what are slot tournamentsSlot tournaments are hosted from time to time at online casinos on a semi-regular basis. Basically, players compete for a set amount of time to earn the most amount of money on a given slot game. They are a fun way for online casinos to engage their dedicated user base and provide them with an hour or so of high-quality fun, in addition to drawing in some new users. Slot tournaments have become quite popular with the online gambling community and players from all over the globe are able to participate.

Land-based casinos are also known for hosting such events, but on with the development of online casino technology, the gambling websites are able to take them to the next level. There are many different slots which can be selected for the purposes of the tournament and players will be given a different one to play each time to keep things fresh, while giving them a unique experience each time.

Of course, it could not be called a tournament if it did not feature some form of reward for the top players. All tournament events reward those who manage to score the highest amount of points at the end, usually given out to the top three players. This type of events is a great way to make some extra cash without doing anything out of the ordinary. Depending on the cost of entry, you stand to win a good chunk of money at the end, if fortune is on your side.

Not all online casinos host tournaments, but those that do are usually powered by Microgaming, Playtech or Cryptologic, giving you a wide range of potential websites to choose from.

How do Slot Tournaments Work

how do slot tournaments workTournaments are usually set up to be completely accessible by the general user base and just about anyone can participate. Generally, there are several slot tournament formats, but all of them work in the same way. Players can buy in if there is an entry fee or simply sign up if the event is free of charge. When they register for the event, players are given a certain amount of credits to play with and their goal is to score as much as possible before the tournament’s timer runs out.

Tournament credits are not part of your balance and will only be added to your account for the purposes of the event. When there is no time left, the casino will count all points and give rewards to the highest-scoring players. Often, there are small prizes for those who do not score as many points, even if they are not as large as those for the top players.

How Much Do Slot Tournaments Cost

slot tournaments costsThe cost of participating at an online slot tournament will vary between casino to casino. There are many different factors that determine the cost of entry to a slot tournament, most of which are subjective to a particular online casino and therefore, we cannot state how each gambling website organizes their events. However, we can discuss some of the most common trends that you expect to see at online gambling websites. Of course, you may encounter some deviations from this standard so take this information with a grain of salt.

There are many reasons why an online casino may choose to run a tournament, these range from wanting to draw in some extra business to simple customer goodwill. What the casino wants to accomplish with the tournament will also dictate the cost of entry for the players. It is a common occurrence for an online casino to give players free access to a slot tournament. In doing so, it guarantees that the maximum number of players will show up to participate and also allow newer players to become familiar with the format and experience the events at their own pace.

Free tournaments generally feature lower rewards, but then again, the ability to win something by giving nothing is never a bad deal. Alternatively, casinos may also choose to compensate certain players for their participation, which is an excellent way for regular customers to be rewarded for their loyalty. While this way may not cover all players, the lucky ones who are on the list doubtlessly appreciate the gesture.

Finally, there are also the tournaments where you have to pay for your entry. The casinos usually charge a flat fee across the board. By paying, for example, CA$20, you will gain access to the tournament and be put on an even playing field with the rest of the competitors. In such an event, all of the money is collected and placed in the prize fund. After that, it is divided among the top players, according to their scores. Large online slots tournaments can draw in a large number of players, which can result in a massive prize pool. The larger the tournament, the more rounds you will have to go through to come on top, but the end reward will certainly be worth it. Additionally, the online casino may choose to keep a certain percentage of the money for the trouble of setting up the event.

Tournament Strategies

tournament strategiesUsing a strategy on a slot game may sound like an oxymoron at first, given that this game genre is entirely based on chance, but there are certain things that you should probably know before you join one. When playing at a tournament your goal will be to acquire the most amount of points in the shortest time frame. To accomplish this you will have to score some large wins and you can only do this by playing at the maximum wager that the game will allow. Since the credits you use will expire at the end of the event, there is no reason for you to conserve them. You will likely use them up at some point so feel free to bet as much as possible.

Additionally, the average online slot tournament lasts only a couple of minutes, no more than 20 in most cases. This gives you only a limited time to acquire your needed points and thus, it is in your best interest to spin the reels as fast possible. As we have already mentioned above, conserving your tournament bankroll is not something you need to be concerned about so you would do well to keep focused and continuously pressing the Spin button. Moreover, if the casino allows it, you should turn on the Auto Spin and Quick Spin features, as those will give you a lot more spins per minute than simply pressing the button over and over again.

The overall goal here is to maintain focus and not to forget about what you are doing. It may be difficult for some to stare at the screen for half an hour on end non-stop, but if your purpose is to win, you will have to be ready to do anything. All in all, there is not too much that you need to worry about when playing at a slot tournament and all you have to do is simply spend your credits as fast as possible. If, however, you feel that you did not score as much as you initially thought you would, then there will likely be the option to re-buy and get more credits.

Advantages of Playing at Slot Tournaments

slot tournaments advantagesPlaying at a slot tournament can be an excellent experience and you will likely learn something more about the online casino industry. Playing slots for fun is the primary activity of many gambling enthusiasts on the Internet and now you too will be able to engage in this. Moreover, slot tournaments are an excellent way to be introduced to the online gambling scene as you will be able to experience one of the best aspects of virtual casinos.

Additionally, if the tournament does not require a buy-in, you will be able to play a slot game free of charge, at least for a while. This is a great way to become familiar with a game, without actually having to pay for it and since the tournament is bound to offer some reward, you may find yourself winning a nice boost to your bankroll at the end, having paid nothing.

If instead, you have the opportunity to play at a tournament with a buy-in requirement you could really get your money’s worth out of it. This type of tournament attracts a lot of players and the money that they pay to enter gets pooled together to form the winners’ prizes. It is very much like a progressive slot, where each player contributes in their own little way to the jackpot. As a result, these prizes can get really big rather quickly, giving you a shot at winning a good amount of money.

Deposit Methods That You Can Use for a Slot Tournament

If you choose to play at a slot tournament with a buy-in requirement, then you will also need to have at your disposal a good transaction method to pay for your participation in the event.

Unfortunately, you cannot use physical cash, but online casinos support a wide variety of online payment services which you can utilize to quickly pay the entry fee or simply top up your bankroll. Below, we will go over some very useful payment solutions which are commonly found at online casinos.

Credit Cards

credit cards paymentsCredit cards are one of the most convenient payment methods that you could use on the Internet. The development of the online services industry has made credit cards the most widely used method of transaction money online and this has carried over to the online casino scene. Currently, there are hardly any gambling websites that do not accept credit cards as a viable deposit method. Moreover, you can also easily acquire one as every bank provides its customers with cards.

There are many perks to using a credit card over other online payment solutions. For one, any transaction made via a credit card will be processed in seconds, giving you instant access to your money and you can start gambling it immediately. Withdrawals, on the other hand, can take up to several business days to clear, but this is a reasonable time frame. The two most commonly supported brands are Visa and MasterCard. What you should keep in mind though, is that MasterCard holders may not be able to cash in their casino balance due to the MasterCard company’s stance on online gambling.


ewallets paymentsIf you would rather use a different payment service, you should seriously consider the much beloved electronic wallets that the online casino industry has embraced fully. Online gamblers are especially fond of eWallets due to their inherent ease of use, quick transaction speeds and the high levels of anonymity that these services are able to offer. Using an eWallet is quite simple and you will be able to store your money on the service and transact it as you see fit. Moreover, your eWallet is completely separate from your personal bank account, which means that no one will be made privy to your banking information.

Additionally, with an eWallet, you can transact money at a moment’s notice and also enjoy the quickest withdrawals in the industry. Furthermore, eWallets are so widespread in the world of online casinos that you will be hard-pressed to find a website that does not accept payment via this type of service. Overall, when it comes down to it eWallets are one of your best options and with services such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and others you will have no issues when you wish to manage your online bankroll.

Online Banking

online banking paymentsOnline banking is a payment method that does not enjoy the popularity that it deserves, despite being one of the best out there. This type of payment service can offer you a lot of benefits if you actually look at what it can do. For one, online banking is one of the most secure payment solutions on the market. There are multiple security layers that you will have to pass through before you can confirm a transaction and while this would be a simple task for you, anyone else will have a very hard time in getting access to your personal bankroll.

Moreover, any transaction made with an online banking service will be processed immediately by the online casino, giving you immediate leave to gamble your money. This is perfect if you have just discovered that a slot tournament is taking place 10 minutes from now. Withdrawals are also quite speedy, taking only a few business days to clear. As far as availability is concerned, you will be surprised to know that many online casinos do accept payment via online banking. More specifically, you will be able to utilize services such as Interac Online, Online Banking by Citadel, InstaDebit and several others.

Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards paymentsPrepaid services are quite popular with a significant portion of the online gambling community. They are an excellent way to deposit money if you do not want to commit to any particular service. With prepaid cards, you will be able to enjoy full anonymity and very quick transactions, which do not take more than a few seconds.

Prepaid cards can be quite beneficial for players on a budget as well since once they are used up, you will have to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, prepaid cards cannot be used to withdraw your winnings once you are done with the casino. In such an event, you will have to rely on a different payment solution such as a bank transfer. Some of the prepaid services which you may utilize at online casinos include Flexepin, Paysafecard and more.


cryptocurrency paymentsCryptocurrencies are one of the newest payment methods to be accepted by the online gambling community and they are significantly different from other payment solutions. For one, cryptocurrencies are not governed by any centralized entity, rather by the community that uses them. Moreover, since they are decentralized they can be used by anyone, anywhere, without regard to regional laws or regulations. Another great advantage of this payment method is that it provides users with full anonymity since cryptos are separated from any form of traditional banking and do not require you to submit any personal information to be used.

Deposits made via cryptocurrencies usually clear within a minute or two, while withdrawals will reach in the same time frame as soon as the casino sends the transaction. However, there are several negatives which you also have to take into account, such as the inherent volatility of each individual currency. Due to the tumultuous nature of the crypto market, there could be a major change in a currency’s value on a daily basis. Additionally, since only a small number of gambling websites accept them, you may not be able to deposit at your favorite casino. Popular cryptocurrencies supported by the online gambling industry are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and others.


Overall, online slot tournaments are a wonderful feature of any online casino. They provide players with a form of entertainment that is different, but not entirely unfamiliar. Tournaments are a great way for online casinos to engage their community in a bit of friendly competition and give out some rewards along the way.

Depending, on how large the prize pool is, online casinos may choose to charge an entry fee, but there are plenty of free slot tournaments for budget players to enjoy on a regular basis. Users who have participated in such events only report positive experiences and based on this we can safely conclude that slot tournaments are fun and engaging, without being too demanding on users. If your online casino is hosting one in the near future, we highly recommend that you take part and see for yourself how enjoyable it can be.