VIP Rewards for Online Slot Players in Canada: How to Get Loyalty Comps and Perks

In today’s article, we will discuss VIP rewards for online slot players in Canada: from what type of rewards there are to how and where to obtain them. Online casinos have been competing with each other in trying to deliver the best promotions, bonuses, and loyalty rewards to their players. There are certainly a lot of benefits to being in these sorts of exclusive clubs, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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Choosing a Reliable and Regulated Online Casino with VIP Rewards

The first step is to ensure you play at a reliable and regulated online casino with a license. This is very important for you to do, as there are plenty of unregulated casinos that offer very lucrative rewards for their VIP players, but you should never trust those types of websites.

You can easily get manipulated and scammed out of your money, and that is something you will most certainly like to avoid. Narrowing down the choices for an online casino by eliminating those that are unregulated is the first step to getting true and legitimate VIP rewards. The easiest way to look for regulated casinos is to check if a regulatory body licenses them.

You can also look into audit certificates the casino might have. Most trustworthy casinos happen to have some sort of certification, and that’s how they ensure the legitimacy of their games. There have been plenty of instances where players started spending their time on unregulated platforms only to see the casino going down and their winnings disappearing, so please don’t do that to yourself.

Reading the Reviews of VIP Rewards

Once you’ve figured out that the online casino you will spend your time in is regulated, the next thing you need to do is find those that actually offer VIP or loyalty rewards. There are plenty of casinos that don’t have any sort of program that rewards loyal customers, but they usually make that up with bigger bonuses.

Now that you’ve found the one that has everything you need, we suggest that you read up on user and blog reviews for that specific program. Although some online casinos do have VIP rewards, there are those that do it very poorly, and you should definitely avoid those. That’s why reading the reviews from previous experiences can greatly assist you in not choosing those platforms. Since VIP rewards usually require you to spend a lot of time or money in order to earn and progress through the ranks, it can be detrimental to choose the program that is actually worth going through.

How Loyalty Comps and Perks Function

Now you might find this a good thing or a bad thing, but there is no universal rule on how the loyalty and VIP programs work for every casino. Every operator develops their own system to reward their players. Of course, there are exceptions where casino groups have similar VIP rewards, but that’s to be expected as they are all under one wing.

Loyalty comps and perks usually reward their most loyal customers who spend the most time in the casino. Of course, there are those that require certain wagering requirements from players before they can apply to get into the VIP Program. These generally work as video games. Players progress through the program ranks and win all kinds of different rewards. As we’ve already said, this really depends on the type of online casino you are going to be playing at. Some of them have very basic but useful rewards, such as cashback, while some try to make things more exciting by adding all sorts of different features for the players.

What Can Online Slot Players from Canada Expect from VIP Rewards?

As far as rewards go, there are just too many for us to mention. There is the aforementioned cashback that is highly popular amongst all operators, and there are those that provide pure cash once you accumulate a certain amount of points. Players can also expect to get free spins, bonus rounds, and free credit to use in playing online slots.

In most online casinos, there are regular promotions that are only dedicated to the VIP players, and those are the kind of platforms we suggest that you look into if you’re looking to maximize your wins while playing online slots. These types of promotions can range from bonus reloads to even competing in tournaments. There are plenty of tournaments that are specifically designed for loyal customers, and that’s where plenty of slots and table games pros tend to spend their time so they can earn as much cash as possible.

A Personalized Experience

There are those casino operators that make sure their VIP table and slot players are granted personalized experiences over the ones who are not in the club. This can come in the form of players having a personal account manager that can assist them with absolutely anything that they need.

This can also mean that they have personalized promotions and bonuses, which is not uncommon. Those VIP and loyalty programs that do such a thing are regarded as the best in the industry, as there is nothing like being treated specially by the casino operators. In some cases, these types of treatments are awarded to those who have climbed through the VIP ranks for a lot of time. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re in a special club where you’ll be treated as royalty, then we highly suggest you try finding an online casino that can provide you with that. It’s a whole different experience that only some players can enjoy in, and we hope that you do, too if that’s something you want.

Can Canadian Players Get Loyalty Comps Without Big Wagering?

As most of the player base doesn’t do huge wagers, the question about whether or not they can get loyalty comps is common. It is absolutely possible for you to get loyalty rewards even if you are not a high roller. All you have to do is find an online casino that awards players with loyalty points for just playing and trust us, there are a lot of those around.

Although it may be true that these types of rewards are significantly lower than those that award high rollers, it’s still a great thing to earn anything for just playing. Plenty of casino operators have realized that they don’t need to only reward high rollers, as they can attract a lot more low-wagering customers that can be provided with smaller bonuses, which is a win-win situation for both sides. It is a large misconception that you won’t be able to enter a loyalty or VIP program just because you don’t make big bets, all you have to do is look for the specific platforms that will reward you for playing online slots regardless of your deposit amounts.

Responsible Gambling and VIP Rewards

While chasing VIP and loyalty rewards can be a fun experience, you must always remember to practice responsible gambling. You can easily turn your chase into something much darker if you don’t do so. We always say that responsible gambling is of the utmost importance, and we are going to stand by that claim.

If a VIP reward program seems unachievable and you need to spend a ludicrous amount of time and money in order to gain it, then you should probably avoid doing so. People that develop gambling problems do so by excessive gambling without taking any breaks and without setting any wagering and deposit limits, which is something we seriously don’t recommend that you do. Taking breaks and having time-outs is an essential part of having a healthy relationship with online gambling and the only way you can actually feel happy is by achieving those rewards, even if they are difficult to get to.

A Negative Aspect of VIP Comps and Perks

Even though many would agree that there are no drawbacks to VIP rewards and loyalty programs, and that would be almost entirely true, there are small cons to this type of casino feature. In certain cases, some casino operators allow VIP rewards and loyalty points to only be available to those that play certain games.

Now, this might not sound like a huge deal at first, but it can certainly grow into one. Those who are only focused on gaining those rewards will deliberately exclude themselves from playing some amazing games, which is not a good idea. Chasing only the rewards can result in feeling burnt out and bored, which is simply not the end goal. That’s why we always say you should prioritize fun while playing online slots in Canada. You will generally have a better time that way, even if you lose. The same can be said for these types of programs. You will lose the entire fun if you’re only trying to achieve one goal that possibly won’t bring you joy in the end. We highly suggest that you focus on playing at an online casino that allows players to acquire loyalty points by playing any game.


In summary, getting into a VIP program is never a bad idea. You can easily boost your gameplay and anticipate regular rewards based on your playtime, which is fantastic. You might even get a personalized approach to your account with many benefits that will smoothen the entire experience for you. Remember to always read the terms and conditions before applying for any sort of promotion in an online casino, as that can potentially save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.