Craps Bet Progressions: The Key to Success

The craps gaming world is a vast universe that keeps on giving. Individuals interested in exploring it are in for a treat, as its diverse nature could bring them tons of entertainment. Knowing the game well makes it possible for them to make the right decision when the time comes.

This is the reason why players should know every bet available on the gaming table and when it is the best time to put them to good work. But players should also be well-acquainted with the bet progressions existing in the craps realm, as those are of utmost importance as well. Some craps experts consider this the next level of mandatory knowledge for many players.

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Bets Progressions Basics

Learning everything there is to know about bet progressions could eventually result in a great gambling session both in-person and online. They help players manage their bankroll while gambling around the craps table, keeping things balanced for longer. It is important that they understand them well, as this could have a positive impact on their experience down the road.

There are various bet progression systems out there and just like with everything else, some of them have a better influence on a player’s gaming sessions than others. In its essence, a progression is an approach the player has to implement to their gambling session and expect a gradual and sustainable experience. It teaches players a particular gaming pattern they should follow, but first, they have to find the right one for them in particular.

The ultimate goal of every bet progression is to benefit the bankroll a player has while gambling on the craps table. The strategies have been tested in numerous situations and some of them have proven to be useless or even damaging to the player. Today we are going to review some of the best bet progressions out there and give the full information on each of them,

What’s the Impact?

There are two types of bet progression on the craps table and individuals should get to know both, in order to make the right choice when the time comes. Those are the positive and the negative bet progression many players have heard of at some point. The negative bet progression advises individuals to increase their wagers whenever they are on a losing streak. This approach is expected to bring them a great windfall at the end of the day, but in reality, the situation is rather different.

Craps fans end up losing large amounts of money quite quickly, eventually leading to the untimely end of their gambling session. On the other hand, positive bet progressions recommend players to raise their stakes whenever they are on a winning streak. As a result, they can attract greater payouts with every bet made and quickly amass a good sum.

What is important for the craps enthusiasts making their first steps in the gaming world is practice. They should get to know the positive bet progressions and get a good grip on them ahead of a real craps gaming session. Maintaining a level bet size is also important for the longevity of one’s gaming session, as this means that the player is making the same wagers regardless of the outcome.

Positive Bet Progression

This approach is considered the most budget-friendly one for players, as bigger bets could result in bigger payouts during a winning streak. It all comes down to maintaining a low level of losses and optimizing the winnings coming our way. Individuals interested in applying this progression have to increase the size of their bets while they are winning.

In the meantime, they will also have to keep their stakes at the minimum whenever they end up losing. Sticking to this craps gaming strategy is essential for the players that want to keep their money and not end up losing everything in a matter of minutes spent around the craps table. Before picking the most appropriate bet progression for their particular bankroll, players have to take a good look at the varieties out there and give them a try.

While increasing may sound like a good thing when all is said and done, players might want to refrain from raising their bets with 100 percent every time and instead increase them with less than that percentage. Increasing them with as much as 50 percent could also have a positive impact on the overall payout a player could leave the casino with. The important thing here is not the particular size of the increase, but instead the action itself while a winning streak is in progress.

For instance, players could opt for increasing their bets at a decreasing rate. Such a bet progression could result in a smaller overall loss while on the craps gaming table. They can place bets such as $5 – $10 – $13 – $16 – $18 and maintain a healthy bankroll in the meantime.

Other Bet Progressions

Craps enthusiasts should also keep in mind another bet progression they could benefit from and it involves the Pass Line and Come. Placing a bet in either of those two areas of the gaming table should be perceived as an individual wager. If the placed wager ends up a winning one, they can then increase the next one. If a winning streak happens, the player is encouraged to continue increasing their bets only when they are winning.

The Paroli Betting System should also be taken into account, as it makes it possible for players to choose a stopping point of the bet increasing they are willing to do. Once this point has been reached, they have to return to the minimum bet they have placed at the very beginning of their craps gaming session. The recommended approach in this case could see players place up to three increasing bets before going back to the initial minimum wager placed.