Ultimate Guide on Selecting New Casino for Canadian Players

ultimate-guide-on-selecting-new-casino-for-canadian-playersAs the number of new casinos is increasing at the speed of light, players are put before quite a challenging task- finding the most suitable one. Observing just the surface, they all look undeniably attractive, but it’s those things underneath that fancy and glittering layer that matter more.

How can Canadian players be sure that they’ve selected a good new casino?

To be honest, no one can be 100% sure until the reels start spinning, or cards are dealt, or more precisely- until the first deposit is made. But if that specific new facility has a license, fine selection of games, professional customer support, a solid collection of banking methods, it stands chances to gain a positive reputation.

Our insightful guide features all the necessary information on how to pick new casinos for Canadian players, what to take into consideration, and it features a brief comparison between new and old establishments.

Stay with us to find out more!

10 New Online Casinos

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What Are the Most Distinctive Features of New Casinos?

what-are-the-most-distinctive-feautures-of-new-casinos-image1One of the first things that grabs attention is much improved visual aspect, and this is all thanks to the rapid development of modern technologies.

But, aside from that, some other things have drastically changed, so let’s check them out:

  • A more generous selection of bonuses and sign-up offers

Among the main reasons why new brands come up with more rewarding promos and bonuses is the desire to grab as a wider spectrum of the audience as possible at the very beginning.

Whereas back then, the availability revolved around registration campaign or some occasional contest, now you have an entire palette of versatile deals.

Daily, weekly, and monthly boosts, weekend promos, no deposit bonuses, special deals for those who deposit using their mobile phones, exclusive offers for BTC depositors, and many more.

In addition to this, there are various VIP schemes with several levels of advancement, loyalty points, diversity of rewards, and whatnot, all with the purpose of leaving as bombastic initial impression as possible.

  • A multiverse of software providers and new game genres

One more courtesy of cutting-edge technology is a significant growth of content suppliers as well as new types of games.

While those older casinos would usually be equipped with content from one to two studios max, newer ones display ten, twenty, and more. It’s not a rare case to see new venues cooperating with more than 50 different software providers.

As for inventive genres of content…

…this comes as a logical consequence of technology development. Boundaries are pushed continuously, and suppliers are always motivated to bring more value to their customers.

To keep the market fresh and dynamic, studios need to show their inventiveness and creativity at their finest. Otherwise, consumers could easily walk away looking for something more intriguing.

  • Much better cross-platform optimization

Knowing that the predominant number of punters utilize portable devices to access casinos, it doesn’t come as a surprise that numerous brands have adopted a mobile-first strategy.

This means that they adjust their services…

…and products to be perfectly displayed on tiny gadgets and fit various sizes of screens. And switching from one platform to another is so smooth, as the websites are built to look exactly the same. Particular attention is placed on intuitive design.

Leo Vegas is one of the brightest examples of mobile-focused operators.

Old Casinos VS New Casinos- Who Wins the Battle?

old-casinos-vs-new-casinos-who-wins-the-battles-image2Whether to choose a new entertainment venue or an old established facility boils down to what fits your preferences the best.

That will be much clearer when you compare all the segments and give them your personal rankings. Then and only then you will end up with a suitable one.

If we were…

…to take the top three reasons why some players prefer good old ones, and the others are continuously looking for something fresher, the list would go like this:

An older casino is a fine choice for clients who want the following:

  • Simple and plain visual design
  • A modest collection of content providers
  • An enhanced selection of payment options

On the other hand, a newer casino is for those who appreciate:

  • Innovative and interactive design of the platform
  • A wider selection of providers and game types
  • More promotional offers and bonuses

How to Choose the Best New Casino?

When the time comes to select a new establishment, who should you listen to? Those telling that older brands are safer as they’ve stood the test of time or those who claim that new brands provide better chances of winning because they have an amazing selection of promos?

Looking for the best way to help you make up your mind between two new Canadian casinos, we came up with some sort of convenient questionnaire.

Here it comes!

  1. Does it have a license and any approvals from testing labs?
  2. Is the selection of games and providers satisfactory?
  3. Does it have fine promotions and/or VIP scheme?
  4. What about banking policy? Limits for withdrawals and deposits? Cashout time? Fees?
  5. How many ways to get in touch with the support team?

Answer these, and as a result- you will end up with a perfectly and precisely selected venue that caters to your demands.

There’s always a risk…

…be it an old or a new one, but if you do what’s yours to do, then fewer reasons to worry. Aside from checking all the above mentioned segments, never ever forget to go through Terms and Conditions. It’s the only way to be completely informed on your rights and obligations.

Final Thoughts

final-thoughts-some-players-do-it-just-for-the-sake-of-diversity-image3Some players do it just for the sake of diversity, the others want to refresh their gambling activities by testing their skills in some newly joined entertainment establishment.

New casinos for Canadian players will keep coming and coming…

…, and this digital era will undoubtedly bring so many changes and new dimensions, redefining customer experience on a daily basis.

You need to approach all the changes in the same manner-responsibly and knowledgeably. This is the only way to keep things well-balanced and to have pleasurable playing sessions.

Hope our insightful guide helped you!