Craps Buy Bets Essentials

Craps gaming is one of the most entertaining and dynamic casino gaming offerings available at every respectable casino location. Its pace is something craps gaming is renowned for which is why quick reactions are crucial for all players ready to win big once the dice begin rolling. One thing they should be especially well-acquainted with is the various types of bets this game comes with.

The proficient craps player should be familiar with the pros and cons of every possible bet taking into account the traditional craps table layout. One of the popular types of bets many individuals prefer is the Buy bet. Today we are going to go over the basics of this type of bet, as we make an attempt at better understanding its very nature.

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Buy Bets

Upon making a bet on the craps table, the players should be aware of the consequences this might have on their financial state and their overall position in the game. This is one of the main reasons why they should be able to recognize a good bet from a bad one when they see one.

The Buy bets very much resemble the Place bets also possible when craps gaming. This is one of the reasons why players often get confused, as the resemblance between some of the bets could get confusing. When it comes to the aforementioned Buy bets they come with true odds, which is also one of their main selling points.

There is a special area part of the traditional craps table layout and this is where players have to place their bet. For the most part, this bet resembled the Place bets. It should also be pointed out that players are not allowed to place this bet themselves. Only the dealer has the permission to carry the bet otherwise it is not considered a valid wager.

Buy Bet Specifics

There is a special set of steps the player should follow when placing a Buy bet. Craps gaming is known for its fast pace of action and for many people it might even seem like there is a sort of chaotic energy around the craps table. However, this is not the case, as every trained craps player knows just what is taking place.

In order to attract the attention of the craps dealer, they should be as articulate as possible. They have to place their chips in the special Come box area of the table. This notifies the dealer that they need their attention and a different kind of bet is about to be placed. Once this first step is done and contact has been made, the craps player has to tell the dealer that they would like to Buy.

Next up, the dealer would move the chips of the player to the designated area they would like to bet on and so far there is nothing special about this bet. But here comes the special part โ€“ then the dealer is going to place a Buy button on the chips and signify that this is a Buy bet.

Buy Bet Variations

The Buy bets are known for being some of the most favorable for the people wagering on the craps table. This is because they have minimal house edge coming with them. However, it should be noted that the casino is still able to profit from them, as it applies the popular vigorish taxes.

The vig is one of the ways this fee could be referred to. Some people call it juice, under-juice, or the cut, but in its essence, it is the fee a bookmaker charges when accepting a specific wager. It represents a sort of risk management, as the bookmaker is looking for ways they could turn a profit while a gambling operation is in progress.

When placing a Buy wager on the 4 and/or the 10, the house advantage slightly drops from 6.67 percent to 4.67 percent. Players are encouraged to place their Buy bets on either or both of there numbers, but there is the commission payment that is mandatory. It amounts to 5 percent and this is the only way for the casino venue to benefit from this wager.

If the dice rolls four, resulting in a winning bet the casino has to pay 2:1 odds. It should be taken into account that there are several chances given when it comes to the Buy bet. If the dice fail to roll 4 after several tries, the craps enthusiast has the right to take their bet down and receive back the 5-percent commission they had paid ahead of the dice roll.

Less Favorable Buy Bets to Make

Wagering on 5 or 9 is not as good as the previously described situation. Players making their first steps in the craps gaming world should keep this in mind when they pick a number to place a Buy bet on. The true odds of this particular bet are 3:2 when placing a Buy bet on them. It should also be noted that the house edge increases to 4.76 percent once the bet is placed.

There are bets you should be drawn to and others that are best avoided when making your first steps in the craps gaming world. Placing a Buy bet on 6 or 8 is one of those wagers what should be avoided. It is not considered as favorable one by craps experts, as the true odds are 6:5. When compared to the Place bet on the same numbers, the former leaves a lot to be desired. The odds associated with a Place bet on 6 or 8 are 7:6, making it a more favorable one.

The Buy bet itself often gives craps fans a better feel about the game in general and themselves as players. Their chances of winning big are also improved with the help of this wager, ultimately achieving its original objective. The true odds they pay come at the cost of the aforementioned vig tax, but this does not take away from the appeal of the wager.