Online Casinos With Instadebit

E-wallets have become a popular banking method and are extremely easy to use. They help users all over the world complete a safer payment or withdrawal. It is also a secure way of storing your funds and a cheaper one, especially when it comes to online monetary transfers. E-wallets facilitate the whole process of online transactions and help you keep your money safe.

Looking for a reliable e-wallet can be a drag with all the fraudulent websites out there and all the hackers ready to spring their spyware traps to steal your personal data. It is, however, especially hard for Canadians as some of the most popular e-wallets among gamblers have refused to provide their services for them. PayPal, Skrill and Neteller no longer offer their services to Canadians. With these recent developments, players have had to look for alternative methods and InstaDebit has emerged triumphant.

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What is InstaDebit?

instadebit overviewInstaDebit is a Canadian e-wallet that allows you to make online payments with an extreme ease. All you need is a bank account in a Canadian financial institution. Of course, in order to use this service you need to sign up for it. For that, you need to be over the age of 18 and you will be required to provide some personal information for verification of your identity. One of the requirements is the last 4 digits of your Social Insurance Number but rest assured that it will only be used in order to protect your payments as the company has a strict anti-fraud policy.

InstaDebit was established in 2004 and was available to a number of countries, quickly gaining popularity in the gambling industry and over. However, everything changed in 2014. InstaDebit limited their services to Canada only, and despite the fact that USD is an available currency, people from the US cannot use InstaDebit either. This way, the company has become the go-to online banking service for Canadians, specifically tending to their every need. It is now designed for the people of Canada with specific data required, which can only be provided by a person who lives there.

Even if the choice of Canadians is limited, that does not bring down the quality of the service InstaDebit provides. They are on the same level as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller and that should not be taken lightly. So their large number of users should not be written off to lack of choice. They have obviously worked hard to earn their spot on the list of the best e-wallets available in the world. In fact, they should be respected for it. When so many e-wallets turned their back on Canada, InstaDebit turned their back on the world, focusing solely on Canada.

So, InstaDebit is not simply another e-wallet. Their success is due to the fact that they worked hard for it and still do. The efforts they put in making all of their services as user-centered as possible speak for themselves. That is why any reputable casino has InstaDebit listed as an available banking method.

Creating an account at InstaDebit is quite easy and takes no time at all. You do not even need to pre-register – you can make your account while you are making a payment and use it immediately after. The verification process can be a bit tricky and once your account has been created, you will have a transaction limit. It will be increased once your bank account has been verified. You can change any personal information you have given by verifying your identity, so fraudulent activity is even further limited this way.

Do not worry if you are denied a registration at first as the website is just very strict when it comes to fraudulent activities so you may simply need to contact one of the customer service representatives available and sort it out in a timely manner. All of these precautions are necessary in order for your data to be completely safe. You can find all the information that InstaDebit requires for a registration to be completed, so if you are asked for anything more than that, then know that it is not InstaDebit and you should not give out your information.

How does InstaDebit work?

how does instadebit workInstaDebit works like almost any other e-wallet but with some significant additions. You first need to create an account, as we already mentioned and this happens in a few easy steps. If you are about to make a payment or a deposit and decide to use InstaDebit you can make your account then and there and then complete the process in a flash. It is all efficient and secure, but most of all fast. All you need to do is make sure that the website you are using to make the payment for does not require any additional data as this would be a sign of fraud. InstaDebit would never ask for your full SIN number, for instance, so if you are asked for it, know that it is not the real InstaDebit website.

At first you will need to complete a few safety precaution protocols before your bank account is verified and you can freely manage your InstaDebit account, but once that is all completed you can set your own limits and change your personal information. The website is extremely user-friendly and functions flawlessly, so there is no chance of a mistake there. We will get into exactly how reliable it is a bit later, but rest assured that this website is infallible.

All you need to do in order to use InstaDebit is select the option with its name on it and have an account or make one right then and there. It takes 3-5 business days for transactions to be completed. It works both for deposits and withdrawals and is supported by a growing number of casinos. It is incredibly easy to use and user-friendly, so if you are Canadian and looking for the safest and easiest way to play online gambling games InstaDebit is the perfect option for you.

The currencies InstaDebit works with are USD and CAD. However, the service is available only in Canada. It functions like any other e-wallet, but what makes it unique is that all the transactions take place in the same country, so the service is actually much faster. When a merchant transfers money to your InstaDebit account you can either use the money or transfer them to your bank account. It is recommended that you do not keep your money in just any account, so it is a good idea to transfer any earnings to your InstaDebit account as quickly as you can.

It is also extremely easy to use InstaDebit on mobile too. You can do everything you can do on the desktop version. Their website is highly adaptive and allows for a hassle-free registration and use even on the go. It is available on all operating systems and browsers, including Apple, Android and Windows. It is always great to add convenience to quality.

You cannot use more than one bank account with InstaDebit, so you cannot split payments between two different accounts but you can easily track your transactions history on their website. It is a great way to keep track of things but if you want to see things on paper you can also do that as InstaDebit transactions will appear in your bank statement as well under the name or 1-877-88DEBIT.

Online Casino Deposits with InstaDebit

instadebit casino depositMaking an Online Casino Deposit with InstaDebit is quite easy, with the only obstacle that it is not that easy to find amongst the banking options of most casinos. The good news is that this is changing and the number of online casinos that accept this method of payment is increasing. In order to pay with InstaDebit, you need to have the amount of money required on your account and have it in the same currency. You can exchange currencies but there are fees involved. The currency conversion is made at the day’s exchange rates, but you can easily check it on the InstaDebit website.

Otherwise, there are no fees involved when depositing funds or making payments. Of course, this may vary depending on the type of online payment you wish to make and the website you are using. But usually, this is not the case. With InstaDebit all you need to do is select it as the payment or deposit method on your merchant’s website. Funds will be removed from your account almost immediately after your transaction has been approved. One click is all it takes!

You just go to your banking options and select InstaDebit as your desired deposit method, then, when you proceed, a pop-up window will appear asking you to either register or sign in to your InstaDebit account. Once you have done either, you will need to enter the amount of money you wish to deposit very carefully and that is all!

InstaDebit is highly casino-oriented, so players who choose this option can benefit from this fact. They can enjoy instant bets and gambling with a large variety of casino games. You also do not need to pay anything at all when signing up – it is an entirely free process. Some casinos even offer bonuses if you make your first deposit with InstaDebit, which can be free spins, cash or coins for specific games.

Online Casino Withdrawals with InstaDebit

instadebit casino withdrawalsInstaDebit is also available as a withdrawal method in some casinos. The way this works is that first your winnings get transferred onto your InstaDebit account and then you can decide if you want to transfer them to your bank account. The transaction takes up to 5 business days but it is usually far faster, with no fees involved. The exchange of currency fee is the same as with deposits and all else is entirely free of taxation as long as you are using your InstaDebit account. If you wish to transfer your earnings to your bank account there are applicable fees.

The withdrawal process is also extremely easy and goes about the same way – you just select InstaDebit as your desired withdrawal method and sign in, then enter the sum you wish to withdraw. There is no additional information required.

Unfortunately, not all casinos that offer InstaDebit as a deposit method, offer it as a withdrawal one too. You need to carefully look through your options before picking the right website for you. You can always consult the customer service team of either site if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Applicable Fees with InstaDebit

instadebit feesThere are close to no fees with this e-wallet. If you use solely your InstaDebit account there will be no fees, but if you do not you will need to pay a small percentage when transferring money from your bank account. Sometimes, you do not even need to pay the fee as some of the casinos that offer InstaDebit as a payment method will pay the fees for you. As we already mentioned, in case you wish to exchange the currency in your account there are fees to compensate for the currency risk involved in the provision of the service.

Basically, if you use only CAD this is a great banking method for you. It has proven itself as a reliable banking services provider and has already won over many clients with its high standards and low fees. The e-wallet also has an impressive history of partnership with almost every Canadian casino out there as it was established more than 10 years ago.

Also, you should be advised that if you wish to make a payment directly from your bank account but through InstaDebit you will be charged 1.95 CAD. There is also a 2.00 CAD fee to transfer funds from your InstaDebit account to your bank account. But these are entirely acceptable given the level of security and the quality of the service provided.


instadebit securityOne of the most important things to take into consideration when starting any online business is creating a trustworthy and safe environment. InstaDebit has accomplished this by its 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption system for the protection of their customers’ data. 128-bit encryption is a data encryption technique that uses a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data. It is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms and technologies and it is to be found on any reputable website. 128-bit encryption is considered to be logically unbreakable.

All transactions are monitored by leading security certification firms VeriSign and TRUSTe. VeriSign has been a global leader in internet security for more than 20 years, providing their services for more than 146.4 million .com and .net domain names. They protect and manage their DNS infrastructure, thus keeping the world online. They are more than a deserving partner when it comes to creating a website, especially one that involves payments.

TRUSTe (now known as TrustArc) also have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and what they do is they power privacy compliance and risk management with integrated technology. The TrustArd Privacy Platform is the basis of everything — a flexible, innovative, and secure way to maintain privacy. Basically, they are the reason why your information stays your own. Their clients are well-known to the public eye, starting with Apple and HP and going through all fields, reaching to Nestle and even websites like WebMD.

So you see how security is hardly an issue when it comes to outside breaches. As for the inside, the personal information required to create an account is never complete. InstaDebit does not demand your full data, so it does not have anything at hand that can be exploited. Your personal data is used solely for verification of identity and is never shared with merchants, so you do not need to worry about giving it. Of course, all of this is available on their website and is thoroughly explained.

This is only one way of looking at it, though, as the e-wallet itself provides additional security. It is far safer than simply providing your credit card or bank account details to any website. It serves as a middle-man and protects your data and further encrypts is so that it is nearly impossible for someone to steal your personal information. Hacking into two separate SSL encrypted sites is no easy task, so if you make sure the website of either the online casino you have chosen or any online store is also well protected you can rest assured that your data is safe.

If all of this still does not sound secure enough for you we have another addition to the safety of InstaDebit for you. That is the fact that all transfers take place in the same country. Your personal data is never sent to any offshore banks or websites, so it is entirely secure. It is the Canadian PayPal but with more precautions and even better partners. If any e-wallet is to be trusted unquestionably – it is this one.

Pros and Cons of InstaDebit

instadebit pros and consThe positive sides of using this banking method are that it is quick, efficient and safe. It is only for Canadians so having the country’s currency as a default facilitates the whole process of using this service. From the registration to the transfers – it is all made specifically for Canadians and it is not easy to find such a highly personalized service. It is quite commendable that their system is entirely transparent, with no hidden agendas and fees. This makes it reliable and respectable. It is highly recommended for Canadians.

One such example of transparency is that you can find all of the fees and data their services require right on their page. There is extensive information about each and every question that may come to mind. Their FAQ list exhausts every topic and states everything you need to know clearly, without any inconsistencies. Once you have created an account even more options are available to you. You can freely manage your account and make transfers in and out of it in a number of ways, not only through your bank account. For some changes and services you need to contact a member of customer service but this only adds to the feeling that you are in good hands.

All the safety measures that are in place are also worth noting again as the storage of personal information and the rights to it are a very important topic, especially nowadays. InstaDebit takes this very seriously and your information is handled with the utmost care and caution, if you have provided them with it. As we already mentioned, without the additional offshore movements your funds are far safer and the encryption system used is the latest available on the market. Not to mention, that they continue to update their website frequently, so this means that not only do they upload more information and the latest information – they also update their security protocols.

Another great feature is their 24/7 customer service through online chat. You can contact their wonderful team at any point and they can help you with almost anything and answer any questions you may have. You can also contact them via e-mail and the response is quite quick. Not only that but you can also call the InstaDebit phone line free of any tolls. Their team is helpful and leaves you with nothing to worry about so you can have a relaxed and fun gaming or shopping experience.

The negative sides, of course, are that InstaDebit works only with USD and CAD and there is a fee for the currency conversion service. It is only natural that there is one but once we have taken into account the only two options available it becomes a bit of a letdown. There is another small detail to keep in mind, which is that if you wish to transfer money from your InstaDebit account to your bank account they will be automatically converted into CAD. Another unfortunate detail is that the service is currently available only in Canada, or more precisely only to users with a bank account in a Canadian bank.

In conclusion, InstaDebit is a great e-wallet that should be respected for its devotion to Canada and the quality of its services. The safety and security of the website are on one of the highest levels in the world. Trusting InstaDebit with your funds is entirely justifiable. If you have access to this service we highly recommend it and applaud it for its devotion and loyalty.