Here’s Why You Should Play Wazdan Extremely Light Slot Collection

In recent years, people have been trying to become more efficient and less damaging to the environment in many different ways, and this movement has also been seen rising in the world of online gambling. In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at why you should play Wazdan’s Extremely Light slot collection. There are many reasons why we believe this can be a perfect choice for one-armed bandit fans, from great entertainment to reduced energy costs, and we’ll talk all about it. It’s fantastic to see that some software providers have been a lot more conscious recently, which in turn can allow players to be more responsible for the environment, even when they are spending their time enjoying slots. Here is everything you need to know about this interesting collection.

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What is the Wazadan Extremely Light Slot Collection?

Before we get into why you should give them a shot, let’s talk about what extremely light Wazdan titles actually are. As the name suggests, these are online slots that have been modified to be more light and easily accessible.

Now, you’re probably thinking that these are new online slots that the software provider has produced in recent times, but you couldn’t be more wrong. These are all the previously created titles from Wazdan that have been modified and optimized to work under “light” conditions.

This means that if you happen to love some of their games, then playing these light versions can bring you lots of benefits. In general, the extremely light slot collection aims to provide players with a much more eco-friendly and less eye-stimulating game experience, which many will appreciate.

They are light in every sense of the word, and more and more titles from their library will be receiving the same treatment. This isn’t to say that you won’t be able to play the originals, as you can boot them up at any time that you see fit.

Wazdan decided to reiterate some of their most beloved games in an eco-friendly way, so their current fans can enjoy something that’s a lot more environmentally conscious, and a lot quicker and explosive at the end of the day.

This will also draw in a number of new punters who tend to prefer those providers that willingly and actively do things to make the world a better place, on top of making some incredibly entertaining and exciting games for everyone to enjoy.

Energy Efficient

energy_efficientOne of the main reasons why you should consider checking out the Extremely Light Collection of Wazdan online slots is the fact that they consume less energy. This is both beneficial to you personally and to the environment.

These titles consume less energy, and they do that by cutting down on animations and bringing the lighting down. You can see right off the bat how great this can be for those who are looking to be more conscious when it comes to their environment.

While you are consuming less energy to be more eco-friendly, you are also saving battery life for yourself, which can in turn be used to play more games or to basically do anything else.

This is especially useful for people who prefer playing their online slots on mobile devices. How many times has it happened that the game you are playing is draining a ridiculous amount of your battery life? Probably plenty. These titles will allow you to play for hours on end without worrying about whether or not you’ll have battery left.

While all of this certainly does deplete some entertainment due to animations being cut down, we would honestly say that in general, you gain more than you lose. We highly recommend checking these games out if you’re looking to be more helpful to your environment while still having loads of fun.

Lower Data Consumption

Apart from being energy efficient, Wazdan’s Extremely Light collection of online slots also draws less data when you are playing. This is another extreme advantage that thousands of players across the globe will appreciate.

Not everyone has an incredibly fast and reliable internet connection, and this is especially true if you are using your mobile data. By playing some of these titles, you’ll be able to lower your data consumption, which means even those with very slow connecting times will be able to enjoy the games.

Whether you prefer playing games during your commute, work breaks, or in your backyard, saving your internet data is something everyone appreciates. This also broadens accessibility, as many people from countries with low internet speeds will finally be able to play some fantastic games.

Even when playing while connected to the Wi-Fi, many of us tend to experience bad connectivity, which these casino games might not provide. Having a bad internet connection can ruin and take out the fun of playing slots, and by playing these products you can easily avoid that.

Faster Gameplay Experience

Another benefit of playing this collection of games is that you’ll be able to play the games in a much quicker fashion, unlike other games like blackjack or poker. While this isn’t necessarily something that everyone will find appealing, there are people who prefer enjoying quick sessions of slots.

Since the animations are cut down and everything is more efficient, the entire experience can be played through in a much faster manner. This means that if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to gaming, these titles allow you to have a decent amount of fun really quickly.

Some would agree that animations are the key to enjoying good online slots, but some people would substitute that for faster gameplay. A lot of punters want explosive and quick gaming sessions that they can fit in during their work breaks and small leisure time windows.

All in all, this isn’t a groundbreaking benefit of this collection, as there are plenty of titles out there that allow players to increase the speed of the spins, but it is certainly worth mentioning for those who love quick games.

Feature-Rich and Entertaining

While it is certainly true that all of the games in the Extremely Light collection are purposefully developed to be energy efficient, quick, and generally downscaled, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun and entertaining.

Quite on the contrary, these titles tend to have loads of exciting features and mechanics for players to enjoy. Wazdan is a well-respected software provider name that has been putting out quality online slot titles for quite some time now, and that quality has also translated to this collection.

We also believe that this is a perfect way for someone to actually dip their toes into the Wazdan library of games. If you’ve never tried some of their titles, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

These guys are known for bringing in new and innovative mechanics that shake up the way we know and play slots, while also being able to deliver some classic titles reminiscent of the good old times.

They can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the industry’s giants, as they have put some seriously great titles that will be played for years to come. It’s more than obvious why so many punters love their games, and we highly suggest you give them a shot if you consider yourself a true one-armed bandit fan.

Games to Try

games-to-tryNow that we’ve taken a look at what Wazdan’s Extremely Light online slot collection is for and how it can benefit everyone, let’s dive into which titles you should consider trying first.

There are several great products for you to try out and enjoy, with varying themes, features, mechanics, and genres. We also must mention that the library is constantly growing, so we can only expect to see more Wazdan hits being released in their extremely light version.

Hot Slot™: 777 Coins Extremely Light

This is the most recent title that has been released in this new and innovative form. This is a retro-themed slot with beautiful graphics, even when it’s toned down. Here players will be able to experience features such as Cash Out, 9 Coins Jackpot, and Chance Level.

Sizzling Eggs™ Extremely Light

Next up we have a very famous and popular title from Wazdan with a cult following. Sizzling Eggs is an explosive and incredibly fun title in which players can enjoy various mechanics such as Free Spins, Collect To Infinity, and Bonus and Collector symbols. Punters can also customize volatility, and levels, buy bonus features, and possibly win up to 2500x the original stake.

Burning Sun™

Finally, we would recommend that you try out Burning Sun in the extremely light version, as it is an incredibly competent slot experience with lots of features packed in, including the famous Sticky to Infinity Mechanic. Besides that, there is the Hold the Jackpot feature with a massive max win of up to 5,000 times the original bet.


In summary, we believe that you should absolutely try Wazdan’s Extremely Light slot collection. They have packed some of their most memorable and exciting titles for you to try out, while also providing you with the ability to be more helpful to the environment. It is also a great way for you to have more game time, or to enjoy some games on lower-end devices which you couldn’t do before.