Top 7 Live Casino Myths

Throughout history, myths regarding gambling games have always been present. With games based on luck, it’s only natural that people will have superstitions when it comes to outcomes. This also translated to the online space of gambling, and that’s why in this article we’ll talk about the top 7 live casino myths. What follows is all the things you should never believe, as myths are ultimately a bad thing for the community -they can have serious consequences and negative effects on both financial and mental stability.

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Live Dealers Can Impact The Outcome

Arguably one of the most popular live casino myths is that the dealers can impact how the game plays out. Whether we’re talking about blackjack, baccarat, or roulette, this is simply not true. The dealers don’t have anything that can alter how everything plays out, and that is a fact.

For this to be true, software providers would be taking an enormous amount of risk. If only one incident happened where dealers were caught impacting the game, the whole reputation of the studio would instantly collapse. It simply doesn’t pay out to integrate something like this, as they are already enjoying massive success.

This type of superstition probably comes from the fact that similar cases happened in certain land-based casinos, but that doesn’t translate into the world of online gambling. 

Another reason why these types of myths arise is because everything is being played through the internet. People believe that it’s easier for studios to rig the games in an environment where they are the only ones present, but that simply doesn’t happen.

All the games have a house edge, and that’s the only thing that brands need to earn a lot of money. You can rest assured that nobody is setting up live casino games, but we must mention that you should always play in regulated gambling environments with respectable software providers.

You Need to Have a Big Budget/Be a High Roller

you-need-to-have-a-big-budget-be-a-high-rollerWhen it comes to misconceptions that regard players’ budgets, the biggest one is definitely that you need to spend a lot of money to enjoy live casino games. This is not true, as most of the punters who spend time playing these games don’t play with big bankrolls.

While it is true that there are players out there who prefer playing on bigger budgets, most online casinos offer live dealer titles in rooms specifically designed for small wagers.

You will be able to experience all the fantastic games with the same level of quality, without having to break the bank. This myth usually stems from the fact that in most land-based casinos, you usually need considerably more money to access a poker table for example.

Online gambling has been made to be accessible and easy to get into for everyone, and there wouldn’t be any logic behind gatekeeping all of the live dealer games just for those who spend bigger amounts of money. Getting more players on board is the ultimate goal.

Losing Streaks Can Indicate a Future Win

Now let’s talk about a myth that has been popularly present for a very long time. Many people believe that having a losing streak means that a win is around the corner. This never has to be the case. While it is certainly unlikely to have a neverending loss, believing that just because there’s a losing streak you’re bound to have a win is something you shouldn’t do.

While being popular, this superstition also has an incredibly negative effect on punters. Those who believe it might continue placing bigger and bigger bets just so they could compensate for the losses, but instead they should’ve quit a long time ago.

Trusting in this myth can bring you nothing but gambling problems and addiction, which is something we highly recommend you avoid. All of these games are based on percentages, and that’s how you should look at them. It is possible to have 15 consecutive red landings in a roulette, and it is also possible to have 20 consecutive on black, however the small chances might be.

This can be similarly applied to those who keep on placing money on a specific number thinking it raises their chances, but in fact, their chances are always the same. Keep all of this in mind and don’t let it fool you.

Skill is Necessary

skill-is-necessaryThis is a superstition that serves to gatekeep new and arriving players who’ve never given live casino a shot. While it is true that you can become a better player by practicing blackjack or poker strategies, those games are still very much playable by beginners.

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy these titles. All you have to do is grasp the rules and you’ll be ready to go. There are certain strategies that you can pick up and learn along the way, but they will never be something that can guarantee you a win.

At the end of the day, everything is based on luck, and the most important thing for you should be to have fun and to play something that you will honestly enjoy. Your skill will grow only if you love playing something, so make sure that you put entertainment as your top priority. Of course, the skill ceiling also depends on what type of game you end up playing.

Live Casino Games are Slow

live-casino-games-are-slowWhen you’re playing a game like blackjack or baccarat in a land-based casino, it usually takes a bit of time between the rounds, but that isn’t the case when you are playing in an online casino. While there are a lot of people who still believe that these types of games require you to spend a lot of time, that is because they haven’t given it a shot.

Software providers like Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming even produce unique versions of their games that are specifically designed to be faster than their traditional counterparts. These titles are aimed at those who don’t have a lot of time to play. If you’re on a break or a commute, you can easily play a couple of rounds on your mobile device.

Industry leaders realize that the majority of the players are looking for a quick and accessible way to gamble, and that’s why it’s a myth that live casino games are slow to play.

There’s No Variety

A common misconception among people is that live casino games are that games don’t have any variety and that they quickly get boring. This might be true if you only play the base versions of popular casino titles, but there is an abundance of product variations many people don’t know about.

These versions either completely overhaul the game by adding new features and mechanics, or they have small chances that significantly impact how everything is played, like the aforementioned quicker variations.

There are countless unique and interesting titles you should try like XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Golden Baccarat, and Infinite Blackjack. Besides many variations, there are a lot of unique live casino games that you should give a shot at.

The notion that live dealer games end with a couple of old and known titles is not true. Games like Crazy Time, Wheel of Fortune, and Mega Ball bring something entirely new to the space, proving that table games don’t have to constrict themselves.

There Is No Social Aspects

Last but not least, we would like to debunk the myth that playing live casino games in an online environment doesn’t involve any social interaction. This type of myth usually comes from those who only play in land-based casinos, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Almost every live dealer game allows you to chat with other players and the dealer. You will always find someone to talk to, exchange tips with, and cheer each other on. The dealers can also read the chat so you can communicate with them as well, just like you would in a traditional casino setting.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who prefers playing in a more introverted way, you never have to type anything. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game you are playing.


In summary, there are always going to be myths about live casino games. Some of the myths aren’t dangerous and they won’t bring any harm, but some can significantly impact your experience, or even worse, help in developing addiction. Make sure that you always do your research when you hear some type of information or superstition. In most cases, if something sounds too good to be true, or if it seems illogical, then it probably is. Play games to primarily to have fun and to entertain yourself. Chasing loses and trying to get rich by following superstitions won’t help you in any way.