Evolution’s Crazy Time: How it Became a Casino Hit

Innovation is the single most important factor in the evolution of online gambling games. We have to give this credit to all the software developers out there who try to make our gaming sessions fresh and exciting each day. In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at how Evolution Gaming manages to leverage Crazy Time’s bonus success with its other titles. This provider successfully developed a live game show title that ended up paving the way for other fantastic products players love around the world, simply because it had some of the most entertaining bonus rounds we’ve ever seen… We’ll discuss how they managed to do that, and what kind of impact it had on the rest of their library of casino games.

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A Quick Rundown of Crazy Time

a_quick_rundown_of_crazy_timeFirst, let’s take a moment to explain how the legendary Crazy Time functions for those who might not be familiar with it. Inspired by the predecessor, Dream Catcher, it is a live game show that is being played on a big money wheel, with live dealer hosts leading the whole experience.

Players are faced with options of placing bets on numbered spots or bonus games, but this time, there is an additional top slot that serves the purpose of adding extra excitement to the game by allowing players to get multipliers on their selected bets.

While placing bets on numbered spots is a valid option, most people love playing games for its incredibly interesting and entertaining bonus rounds. As we’ve already mentioned, there are four of them, and each one has unique mechanics and features where players can boost their winnings.

The Cash Hunt Bonus round lets players choose between 108 symbols under which are hidden multipliers, while the Coin Flip bonus round lets them pick between a blue and a red coin that has multipliers attached to them. Besides those two there is the Pachinko bonus game that can also grant players multipliers in a physical Pachinko environment.

Last but not least, we have the Crazy Time bonus takes everything to the next level by introducing an additional huge wheel where players pick between three differently-colored flappers and receive some great multiplier prizes.

All of this combined with a beautiful setting and atmosphere results in one of the best live casino game show titles out there, and it is no wonder why Evolution Gaming decided to expand its features to other games.

Implementing The Bonus Rounds in Other Titles

Considering the wild success of Crazy Time and its bonus rounds, software developer Evolution Gaming decided to try and implement similar features to their other live casino games, which was also proven to be a very good choice.

Most recently the studio released their new take on the Pachinko game by utilizing the knowledge and experience they had with the breakthrough title. In Crazy Pachinko the players are playing an online slot and waiting for three scatters to appear to trigger the bonus round. If they attain three scatters, first they are transferred to a top-up game which serves the purpose of boosting the multipliers in the final bonus Pachinko game that works in the same fashion as in Crazy Time.

Besides Pachinko, these software providers have also taken a chance at transforming one of the most beloved live dealer games in the casino space – roulette. While they already did create multiple variations of this title, this time they’ve outdone themselves.

In a smart combination of their Lightning Roulette and liver game show template, players can now enjoy Red Door Roulette with additional multipliers and a chance to participate in the Crazy Time bonus round. All the punters need to do is pick numbers to bet on. The top slot spins before every roulette round which determines how many numbers will award the bonus round. If you manage to bet on that number, you’ll be transported to the big wheel room.

Evolution Gaming masterfully made the two popular casino games into something entirely different, and it’s no wonder why people have been obsessing over it.

popular_amongst_playersWhile online casinos have been on the rise for quite some time now, and we don’t see their popularity fading away any time soon, some players felt like there was a need for change and innovation in the industry in terms of game variety and entertainment. Veteran punters have been playing the same types of games for years now, and that’s something Evolution Gaming is trying to change.

Since they released Crazy Time, an enormous amount of people have given it a shot and realized that there is a whole different world out there that doesn’t have to include regular online slots or table games we’ve all gotten used to over the years. All of a sudden, gambling didn’t feel so restrictive.

Live casino game shows have become increasingly popular since their inception, and that credit can probably be attributed to all the amazing bonus features and rounds players can anticipate winning. It has been something we’ve only seen in live TV game shows up until now, and all of a sudden everyone can participate with just a couple of clicks.

After implementing said features in other titles, Evolution Gaming began exploring the already established games and spicing them up with newly formed mechanics. This managed to help a lot of people to try something new, while also allowing them to have a familiar feeling during gameplay.

The general player base loves seeing evolution in their casino titles (no pun intended), and we believe that it is a crucial factor in keeping the market fresh and running. Without moving forward and experimenting, the industry will experience stagnation at some point, which can turn them away from the hobby.

Great for Newcomers

One of the reasons why Crazy Time managed to become a cult classic in the space of online casinos is because it’s incredibly beginner-friendly. This is something that hasn’t been considered all that important before, but Evolution Gaming realized that developing an entertaining, yet accessible game, can bring a lot of new players.

Plenty of people tend to restrict themselves in terms of what kind of games they play on gambling platforms, simply because they feel intimidated by what they have to learn to be at a bigger advantage. Here, they won’t have to worry about those kinds of difficulties.

All of the live show games are very easy to pick up and get into. An average player won’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes to learn how everything works. In general, the more simple the game is, the blander it is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in this case.

According to player testimonials and the sheer recent popularity of the genre, this is one of the most exciting ways players can gamble online. It has everything someone would want in a casino product, and that’s why even those who’ve never tried gambling decided to give Crazy Time a chance. The impact this game and its bonus round had on the industry is insane, and it’s only going to evolve in the future.

Creating a Passionate Community

Finally, we have to mention what kind of a social impact Crazy Time had on the gambling community. The sheer amount of people who became engrossed with the stellar features of this game is almost unmatched. People all over the globe love talking about it.

The internet also exploded with various content creators like streamers and YouTubers who are playing the game and sharing their experience, which ultimately led to even more people giving it a shot. There is a real sense of community in this product, and that can be felt by anyone who gives it a shot.

Evolution Gaming knocked it out of the park, especially considering more of their games are coming out with similar features. It’s safe to say that this can already be classified as a standalone genre of new casino titles.

Forging such a strong fanbase around a game is something that not every software developer can do. We don’t have any doubts that this will leave a long legacy of unique live casino experiences that will be played for quite some time.


In summary, Evolution Gaming leverages the success of Crazy Time and its bonus mechanics in a way that’s going to entertain players for many years to come. With the game being a smash hit amongst punters, the studio decided to invest its resources in developing similar experiences, which is surely going to attract an even bigger audience in the future. This is all very pivotal for the industry, as there always needs to be a name that’s taking a step in the forward direction. Crazy time bonuses have revolutionized the way we look at live casino games, and we hope that other studios will take note of this and try to do something refreshing. We, as players, want competition on the market, as that typically results in new and unique ways to have fun.