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Looking for cryptocurrencies to use across Canadian casino sites, whenever you see Cardano being offered, choose it right away. This is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies, offering next-level experience, which was created not so long ago. It further revolutionized digital transactions and has become the third-best digital currency we know of, right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, since it offers some of the speediest transaction times. Why choose to use Cardano over any other cryptocurrency across Canadian online casinos?

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About Cardano

As introduced, Cardano is a next-generation cryptocurrency designed to make crypto transactions the fastest and most convenient ever. It was actually designed in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum, therefore, it should come as no surprise it has been dubbed as the third-best crypto, right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the leaders on the scene.

As such, it is based on the Ethereum model, but it differs from any other digital currency in one crucial aspect: its blockchain was developed from scratch by a group of people withacademic backgrounds, professionals that wanted to create a third-generation blockchain that combines the best features of the two previous ones, Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s blockchains. It was also reviewed by peers before it was launched, and that’s why its native token ADA premiered two years after the launch. The team of experts needed time to perfect it before it was put live.

It was actually founded by three organizations, the one that supports developers who develop blockchain solutions, startups and enterprises, Emurgo, Hoskinson/Jeremey Wood’s Input-Output Hong Kong, and its sister organization called the Swiss Cardano Foundation.

Now, one fun fact about its name. The solution was named after one of the world’s biggest polymaths, Gerolamo Cardano, while its native token was after the British mathematician Ada King. The two provided massive contributions to the world of programming, so the founders of the crypto paid homage in a very sweet way.

While all of these pieces of information are interesting, you must be wondering what makes this crypto so unique. Now, as said, its blockchain, developed from scratch, combines the greatest elements of the two previous blockchains. It uses Ethereum’s smart contracts and it is decentralized and open-source, things pioneered by Bitcoin. But, as said, it was designed with an academic approach, so its chain is data-driven and reviewed by peers. When it was first tested upon its launch, it managed to process 257 transactions per second, which was impressive, considering Bitcoin processes only 4.6 and Ethereum 15 to 20.

Having this speed in mind, you should not be surprised that the online gambling industry was one of the first industries to embrace it. Players and operators alike are fascinated with what it has to offer, and that’s why you’ll see an ever-growing number of Canadian sites accepting it. If you’re interested in getting started with it, stay with us to learn all the details.

Getting Started with the Solution

You should know right away that this crypto shines in speed, and security but also cost-efficiency. Its developers, since they designed the blockchain from scratch, made sure to create it to be one of the most convenient cryptos for users to use. And if you explore its official website, you’ll understand how they did it and how is it possible for the crypto to offer such incredible processing times. The site, by the way, is impressively informative, so make sure you give it a visit anyways.

In short, though, you should know that the token cannot be mined. Since it doesn’t use Bitcoin’s PoW consensus model, but smart contracts, you won’t need to mine it and pay proof-of-work fees. This is how cost-efficiency is achieved. The fees you’d need to pay with it are charged by the stalking pools but these would be unnoticeable, and you’ll be charged no other fees on its part. And since it works on network nodes and staking pools to achieve consensus, there’s always an updated copy of the blockchain’s state for verifying transactions, that’s how security is achieved.

To get started with it, therefore, you’d need to create a wallet account first. You can explore many crypto wallets, such as Trezor, Ledger, and Daedalus, or you could go with Coinbase, Kraken or Gemini and even purchase your coins there. These are some of the most popular exchange platforms, but you can choose any other to obtain some coins, which is the next step.

Now, here, you should know that you won’t be able to buy ADAs using fiat currencies. This is another difference compared to other cryptocurrencies. You can only use stablecoins like BUSD, USDC and USDT, as well as Ethereum and Bitcoin to purchase ADAs.

Assuming you’ve purchased your coins, created your wallet account to store them, and gotten your keys, the alphanumeric sequences you’d need to use for transactions with it, you’re equipped to start using it across online casinos.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Do not worry, as you’ll be able to find this crypto across some of the best Canadian sites, many of which are listed here, such as BC.Game CasinoWOW Casino1Red CasinoPlayfina, and, among others. The number of casinos that offer it is a growing one, considering the token was launched only five years ago, compared to BTC and ETH, for instance.

So, find the suitable casino for you, register an account with you, and start using Cardano for deposits, do the following:

  1. Go to the casino’s Banking/Cashier page.
  2. On the Deposits page, look for Cardano’s logo and press it.
  3. Copy the casino’s wallet address.
  4. In the pop-up, enter your crypto wallet and specify how much you’d want to have on your casino balance.
  5. Paste the casino’s wallet address in the designated field and confirm the transaction.
  6. In an instant, you’ll receive the coins on your casino balance.

Although instant, you should know that transactions with this crypto won’t be reversible. Just like with any other crypto, you must double-check all the transaction details before you confirm it. Otherwise, one wrong letter or digit and your coins are lost forever.

Withdrawals with this crypto are also instant and really easy to make. Basically, you’d need to go through the same steps as just described for depositing, only this time you’d need to enter your wallet address and specify how much you’d want to cash out. After the operator ensures your request is legit, it will send you your winnings directly to your crypto wallet, and they’ll arrive instantly.

Applicable Fees

We said that fees will be charged by the validator network, by the stalking pools. These fees would be barely noticeable, but you should know that they will be charged either way.

Also, you’d be charged fees for buying ADAs by the exchange platform you’ve chosen. All exchange platforms charge fees, so these would be inevitable. The good news is, online casinos never charge fees for transacting with cryptos, so you’re all cleared here.

Accepted Currencies

You cannot purchase ADAs using Canadian dollars, believe it or not. You can only use, as said, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and stablecoins like BUSD, USDC and USDT.

No fiat currencies can be used like they normally are for purchasing other cryptocurrencies, and that’s one of the main differences between this crypto and other digital currencies.


It goes without saying that Cardano is a cryptocurrency offered globally, with no country restrictions on its part. And since Canada, as well as countries like Malta and El Salvador, among others, have embraced crypto, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use it freely, with no obstructions.

Of course, there are such countries, like China, Qatar and Russia, who have forbidden the use of cryptocurrencies to their citizens. Players from these countries are not encouraged to use this crypto.

Customer Support

We mentioned that Cardano’s official website is extremely transparent, detailed and informative, offering guidelines for every single step of the way, from how to get started with it to how to store your coins. Therefore, if you’re looking for such pieces of information, you will definitely find them there.

However, in case you’re in need of assistance when it comes to the depositing/withdrawing processes, your casino’s Customer Support team should be able to help you out. The agents are usually trained in providing assistance with deposits/withdrawals with any payment method available at the site, cryptocurrencies included.


As a Canadian player, you have no obstacles to choosing Cardano as your online casino payment method. It is allowed in your country, it is accepted for both deposits and withdrawals, and transactions with it are faster than with any other cryptocurrency. It surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two best cryptocurrencies in the world, in speed and security, therefore, you can rest assured that your experience with it would be unrivalled. Sure, you won’t be able to purchase it with Canadian dollars, but since no fiat currencies are allowed, you’d probably be able to get past this. Therefore, make sure you give the world’s third-best crypto a try, as you won’t regret it.


You’ll find plenty of crypto bonuses and promotions offered across Canadian casinos, but whether you’ll be able to find a Cardano offer, is up to you and your research skills. Sure, there are such casinos that offer crypto-specific promotions, but whether one for Cardano users will be available, is all up to the casino sites you’re visiting.

No, not really. This is not a standard banking method you could use via an app, but a cryptocurrency you can use via a crypto wallet. The wallet app would be the only one you’d need to download on your device, and perhaps the online casino’s app if it offers one.

The most used wallets by ADA holders nowadays are Yoroi and Daedalus, which can be downloaded on any mobile and desktop device and used with ease, but you have plenty of others that support ADA to consider. You need to do your own research to find the most suitable wallet for you.

No, unfortunately, just like with any other decentralized crypto, it does not offer human Customer Support, even though its official website is quite informative.

There sure is a community you could join to find out more about it and get the peer support you need, but the solution is also available on YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Meetup, so you’ll have plenty of options to explore it.