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Betting Gods Sets Up Home in Malta

The formerly UK-based sports betting platform Betting Gods Ltd. officially announced that it finished the process of its relocation from the UK to Malta on 31st July 2017, aiming to further expand its operation.

The professional sports betting network Betting Gods Ltd. started the process of its relocation in December 2016, as part of the company’s strategy to expand on the highly-valued Maltese market. The company’s representatives did not lose any time and started to pack their suitcases, getting ready to arrive on the sunny Maltese islands. The company’s former headquarter was located in Derby, UK, but following the relocation, Betting Gods acquired a new address in St Julian, a former fishing town.

Besides being an attractive tourist destination, Malta seems to be the top destination also for many industry-involved gaming brands, a great number of which are licensed to operate by the Malta Gaming Authority. The betting companies have good reasons to change their office to Malta.

The first and foremost reason is most probably the tax benefits to operate under a license, issued by the reputable Maltese gaming authority. Another reason for the betting companies to establish their office namely in Malta is the accurate gambling legal framework, which remained relatively stable over the over the course of time.

What is more, Malta is in the casino business long enough to have won the trust of both players and operators. Last but not least is the fact that Malta is an EU member and it has adopted one of the most wide-spread currencies, and more precisely Euro. As an additional advantage is the location of the Maltese island, which is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

The betting platform, which establishes a connection between tipsters and players, undertook this move after having a successful year in the UK. The company’s officials explained that this move is triggered by the company’s strategy to keep on growing. Darren Moore, founder of and Director of Betting Gods Malta Ltd. commented that the relocation of the company will definitely contribute to its success on the market, establishing a solid reputation among its users.

The idea of setting up a gaming company in Malta is attractive for a myriad of betting operators, including Betting Gods Ltd. Now, the sports betting platform is located in one of the most strategic places, working on its further expansion. The company shared its plans for relocation on 1st December last year, and now it seems to finally achieve its goal. The new beginning in Malta opens great opportunities for the company’s expansion.