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Canada is no stranger to excellent modern payment solutions that prioritize convenience above all else. While these types of services have quickly become a staple in the online gambling space, and beyond it, there are a few small issues that arise while using them. While their premium traits like speed and safety keep them at the top, some users are miffed by the small manual mistakes that can occur while making a transfer. What’s more, these solutions aren’t always as flexible and convenient as they present themselves, often making things harder than they need to be when common life changes occur in their users’ lives. If you’re looking for a service that takes all of this into consideration, a growing Australian behemoth is one to keep an eye on. In this review, we’ll dive into Pay ID, its general offer, and what it can do for you in the online gambling space.

About Pay ID

Like many of the modern payment solutions we mentioned in the introduction, Pay ID is a payment method that focuses on offering a safe, quick, and user-friendly service everyone can get behind. Of course, there are a few minor details that give this particular service a bit of an edge. These traits are tacked from the user’s perspective, taking note of common issues users run into during regular use. This includes features to reduce common mistakes users make when transacting and more freedom when life gets in the way.

Before we talk about this interesting set of perks in-depth, some basic information on Pay ID comes first. The service was launched in 2018 in Australia. It looked much different than today, but it quickly grew, adapting and changing to please its growing audience. At its core, the payment method is a B2B transfer service. It allows users to make transfers directly between bank accounts, relying on traditional banking. Of course, it’s modernized this type of offer for the current climate. Transfers are instant, and it offers an excellent online platform for easy access.

Thanks to its excellent overall offer, Pay ID grew very quickly. The service is now supported by more than 100 banks in Australia, making it one of the most frequently used services in the region. For now, this solution remains an Australian juggernaut. While we’d love to see it expand and grow to encompass an international audience, we haven’t heard any news that points to such a thing happening. Still, with how quickly the brand has been expanding, we wouldn’t be surprised if this type of effort is in its plans for the future.

We’ve covered some of the backgrounds of Pay ID, now it’s time to discuss its many perks. One of the biggest things players worry about when gambling online is safety. That’s a non-issue with this service. Since it works with some of Australia’s biggest banks, it uses high-end security to ensure transfers go smoothly. Another big perk is the method’s speed. Unlike many other similar services, this one is instant! With a few exceptions when additional security checks need to be performed, the service fosters lightning-quick deposits and withdrawals.

While these pros are more than excellent, the true magic of Pay ID comes from a few different advantages. Of course, we’re talking about its insanely user-friendlyplatform. This service is unique as it allows users to switch their bank accounts if the situation calls for it. This means you don’t need to waste time opening a new account or requesting a transfer through a lengthy Customer Support-facilitated process. Another big pro is the confirmation step added to the transfer process. When making a payment, users receive a confirmation alert they need to review. This ensures fewer user mistakes that can lead to big trouble.

Of course, even Pay ID isn’t perfect. While the service is easily one of the best solutions you’ll find in Australia, there are a few cons that originate from its region-specific use. Naturally, we’re talking about the limitations this imposes when online gambling comes into play. Since the service is only available in Australia, it doesn’t have access to many online casinos. Players can choose from a small list of providers, which might not be up to their standards. Additionally, its exclusivity means that players in other countries, such as Canada, can’t use the solution.

Getting Started With the Solution

Pay ID might pride itself on convenience, but getting started with the service can be a bit more work than most users anticipate. One of the most important things about getting started with the service is a bank account. Since the service works with local banks, a bank account is a necessary part of it all. Before opening one, we recommend doing your due diligence on the banks in the payment method’s supported networks. They all have varying offers, so choose one that fits your particular needs best.

After choosing a bank, the next step is making your way over to its physical location. When you get there, request to open a bank account at the front desk. The bank clerk will give you a few forms you’ll need to complete. These require some of your personal information but don’t worry, all of it is kept confidential. After you finish filling up the forms, hand them back to the clerk. You’ll also need to hand them a valid form of photoID to complete the identity verification step. The bank will look everything over and notify you when your account is open.

Up next, you’ll need to activate your bank’s online banking service. While some banking operators do this automatically when you set up a bank account, others require you to make a request. When you get your hands on your online banking details, log into your account and find the Pay ID tab in its interface. Click on the registeran account button and begin the process. Here, you can use several different identifiers for your account. We recommend signing up with your email or phonenumber, as they’re the best options.

The final step is linking your bank account to your Pay ID. To do this, simply choose your account from the options listed and confirm the action. Another thing you’ll need to do here is entering a display name. This is how others will view you, so don’t go with something silly. With that done, you can use your Pay ID freely! To do so, choose the Pay ID option at checkout, and when prompted, log into your account. When you do so, a confirmation request will arrive on your app. Review the information, and if all looks good, confirm the payment. That’s all! The transaction will go through instantly.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Depositing with Pay ID follows the same streamlined process you get with most payment methods at online casinos. While this step is pretty easy, there is something you should take note of when using this service. Since the solution is only available in Australia, you have a pretty limited pool of casinos to choose from. We suggest looking these venues over in detail, checking out their offers and legitimacy before you settle on a winner. Once you’ve found one you feel fits your needs, here’s how you can start depositing:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposit/Payment Methods page
  2. Find the PayID logo and click on it
  3. Enter your PayID login details when prompted
  4. Enter your desired deposit amount
  5. Confirm the payment through the app
  6. The money will arrive in your casino balance soon!

Withdrawing with Pay ID is nearly identical to depositing. The process is very similar, with a few small differences you’ll know how to handle intuitively. When withdrawing with the solution comes into play, you’ll encounter one of its biggest perks. Of course, we’re talking about speed. Pay ID withdrawals are instant! The moment the operator approves your withdrawal request is the same moment the money is sent your way.

Applicable Fees

A lack of fees is a blessing Pay ID users don’t have to worry about. The service itself doesn’t charge any fees, and unlike most other similar services, neither do most of its supported banks. While a few banking providers might, it’s not hard to avoid these institutions with proper research. Still, fees seem to be an unavoidable part of the online gambling space. While it rarely happens, some operators still charge users a fee when depositing and withdrawing. When choosing a casino, be mindful of this.

Accepted Currencies

We’ve mentioned a few times how Pay ID closely collaborates with local banks. Since the service is exclusive to Australia, the main supported currency in these banks, the Australian dollar, is the one the service supports too. If you’re hoping to deposit or withdraw in other popular currencies, such as the US dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, or euro, we have some bad news. Sure, your transfers will go through, but they’ll likely be subject to currency conversion fees!


Unfortunately, this is where the worst news about this payment solution steps in. Pay ID is exclusively available in Australia. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Canada, Europe, or the US, you can’t sign up for an account with the service unless you’re an Australian resident with a valid regional bank account. While highly disappointing, there might still be hope for international expansion. Pay ID has grown immensely in a short period. Thanks to its incredible success in such a short amount of time, we believe the brand might consider taking things beyond Australian borders.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another area where the banks connected to this service take center stage. Since Pay ID doesn’t have a dedicated Customer Support team, the only way to get help with the solution is through your banking provider. Now, this is where things get a bit complicated. Not all Australian banks offer the same level of service. While some are known for their professionalism and care, others don’t have the best reputation when Customer Support is in question. The service you receive can vary drastically based on your choice of banking provider.


It’s not hard to see that Pay ID is a premium payment solution that meets pretty much all the requirements for a top-tier service in Australia. Players get a slew of benefits that make their online gambling experience easier, including quick payments, a convenient online platform, high-end security, constant updates, and much more! The service might be excellent, but unfortunately, it’s only excellent for a specific niche. Since it’s exclusively available in Australia, only users in this region can experience the joys of having it by their side.


Pay ID is available through various banks in Australia. At the moment, it’s offered by over 100 different banks!

Yes, you do. Players need a valid bank account with one of the supported banks in Pay ID’s network and a subsequent Pay ID account.

Pay ID is exclusively available in Australia.

Yes, it is. The service fosters instant deposits and withdrawals.

Yes, the service is safe. It uses the top-tier bank security its associated banks offer.