Come Through with Craps Don’t Come Bet

Getting to know the game of craps is exciting endeavor players are often interested in. One of the reasons for this is the quick pace of the game, as well as the special lingo it comes with. Proficient craps players feel like part of a community that has its own language oftentimes indecipherable for the outsiders.

Every craps enthusiast has to learn the game in detail and to be capable of using the knowledge when the time comes. Knowing how to use the knowledge for your own good is essential. Today we are going to review the craps Don’t Come bet many people prefer when they participate in craps gaming. This will equip players with yet another tool for winning big.

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Don’t Come Bet

Many players interested in craps gaming resort to this popular wager, as it is among the basic ones and it doesn’t bring complication to the game. Even individuals that have never learned how to play craps know about the four basic bets coming with this table game – the Come bet, the Don’t Come bet, the Pass bet, as well as the Don’t Pass bet.

Craps fans also prefer it because it brings to the table mathematically good chances of attracting a windfall once the dice roll has come to its end. This increases the chances of winning for every player that chooses this wager instead of anything else. Another thing that should always be taken into account when it comes to any craps bet, is the house edge. This so-called house advantage could make or break a bet.

Players making their first steps in the craps gaming world should know the percentage of the house edge and protect their bankroll by choosing wagers with lower house advantage. The house edge helps the casino venue to stay afloat and it is what eventually supports its operation and the wages paid to its staff.

Playing it Safe

The Don’t Come bet is often associated with safe gaming, as its house edge amounts to 1.04 percent. This ranks it among the most beneficial bets for beginners. What also makes this game among the popular ones is the part the shooter plays in it. The Don’t Come bet is accepted whenever the shooter has come out and a Point has been established.

The true nature of this wager is quite simple and easy to explain to the people interested in it. It is an extension of the Don’t Pass bet. What actually differentiates the former from the latter is that the Don’t Come wager could only be placed once a Point for the Pass Line has been pinpointed. Players should also keep in mind that this bet is not accepted on the shooter’s come out roll.

Craps fans interested in placing a Don’t Come bet have to do it by putting their chips in the betting box placed in the upper corner of the traditional craps table layout. Knowing it well is going to optimize the process, so you don’t have to look for a particular area. Memorizing it ahead of time could be useful for every craps player willing to go far in their efforts of getting to know the game well.

What’s Up For Grabs

The Don’t Come Bar 12 area of the table is what you need in order to place this bet. Now let’s take a look at the wording itself. In this context, the word “bar” means that craps number 12 is prohibited from winning in this situation. Players win if the numbers 2 or 3 are being rolled on the first round. Rolling the numbers 7 or 11 equates to a loss for the enthusiasts that have placed a Don’t Come bet.

The number 12 is among the craps numbers, but in this case, it is barred, to prevent players from taking advantage over the casino itself. This bet covers two rounds and the second one is more riveting. If 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, or 11 is rolled during it, it automatically becomes a Point. If a 7 is rolled before the Point, the craps fan instantly wins. The bet itself is a rather simple one, hence its popularity among beginners and people taking care of their bankroll.

Its odds are also something they should be well-acquainted with. This helps them make decisions as the game progresses. In this case, the odds are in your favor, since they’re rather low. The house advantage associated with this wager amounts to some 1.40 percent making it a preferred bet just like the Don’t Pass one. Players should also keep in mind the very nature of the Don’t Come wager.

Don’t Come Bet Hacks

It is a negative approach, as players essentially wager on something not happening. This leads to some curious situations around the craps table – when everyone else is disappointed and losing, the people choosing this bet celebrate their win. This is why people choosing this approach are advised to keep a low profile so that they don’t stir the pot on certain occasions. There are certain approaches that would help you reduce the house edge and they are worth memorizing.

Putting two and two together is crucial in this situation. Combining the Don’t Come bet with a Free Odds bet is going to substantially reduce the percentage of the house edge. Once this combination is made, the house advantage slumps to 0.83 percent. This approach is simple – once they have placed their Don’t Come bet, the player has to let the dealer know that they want to lay the odds.

This backing of the original bet with some free odds guarantees them they’ll receive true odds. Depending on the casino policies in place, players could lay up to 25 Free Odds wagers in addition to their original Don’t Come one. Players could find out about the maximum number of Free Odds allowed via a card located on the inside of the craps table, where everyone can see it.