Why Live Roulette is the Most Popular Live Casino Game

In the live casino space, numerous titles garner the attention of players. There have been new and exciting products that deviate from the table games we know and love, but none of them don’t even come close to the popularity of roulette, which is arguably the most played live casino game. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing why this title is universally loved all over the world and what drives players to keep on coming back to it even if fresh things are coming out every day. Roulette has been popular for more than 200 years, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, as online casinos and software developers keep on releasing innovative versions of the game.

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How Live Roulette Works

First and foremost, let’s explain how live roulette works for those who are unaware. In essence, it is exactly like the game you can expect to see in a land-based casino, but only from the comfort of your own home.

The game is being played out on a wheel that is filled with numbers ranging from 0 to 38, and they are either attributed to the red or black color, except for 0 which is always green. Every round the wheel is spun and a dealer drops a ball in it. Players are faced with a multitude of different betting options as they try to guess where the ball is going to land.

You can try to guess which color or specific number the ball is going to land on, but you are never restricted to how many bets you can place for each round. Of course, guessing a specific number will reward you with a lot more money than if you were to guess the color.

And, that’s it. Once you figure out how much every bet pays out and what kind of bets suit your playstyle, you’ll be ready to go and enjoy roulette to the fullest potential. The game is incredibly flexible and rewarding, and with just a little bit of luck, you can expect to see huge payouts.


Beginner-FriendlyWithout a doubt, the biggest reason why roulette is the most popular live casino game is due to its simplicity. Amongst all the other table games out there, roulette is the only one that doesn’t require you to have any knowledge or strategy to enjoy it.

Even if you’ve never tried a live dealer game before, you’ll be able to get into a round of roulette in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, your success won’t be the result of your knowledge and experience, as everything is entirely based on luck. We would go as far as to say that roulette is the most luck-driven game in the industry, except for online slots.

The popularity of this game certainly correlates to this fact, as a lot of beginner players can give it a shot without feeling intimidated. Sometimes punters are scared of trying out tiles such as poker or blackjack because they know there are strategies associated with them, which can diminish their chances of winning or having fun.

We highly recommend that you try out roulette if you’ve been staying away from table games because you feel like you won’t be able to get into it. This game is very accessible and easy to grasp, which can also lead you to try out other titles in the future.


Usually, people believe that you need to have a lot of money to enjoy certain table games, and for some products that might even be true, but certainly not roulette. This product is incredibly budget-friendly, and you’ll be able to enjoy it whether you like spending small amounts or big amounts of money for your gaming sessions.

In general, online casinos tend to have separate rooms designed for various betting sizes, and you can find ones that suit your budget the most. You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to experience everything the game has to offer.

What’s even more interesting is that even if you’re playing with smaller stakes, you can still attain some pretty big wins if you are lucky enough, which is a huge appeal for many. Plenty of punters around the world had the biggest cashouts in roulette.

Most of the live dealer casino games can be played with smaller budgets, but it’s rare to find one that can reward you as much as roulette can even if your wallet is currently a little thin. It is a true product meant for every type of player out there.

Quick and Explosive

Another huge reason why roulette has been so popular in the realm of online casinos is its quick nature. In the age of fast living, many people want to play something fast and easily accessible.

Roulette offers unprecedented quickness when it comes to its gameplay. You can join in on the fun in a matter of seconds, and the next round is always around the corner. Plenty of table games take up a lot of time since in most cases you have to wait for other players’ decisions, but not here.

Every round is being played at a regular pace that never slows down, which makes this a perfect game for someone who is trying to get in on fun quickly and wind off. What’s even better is that most roulette products are perfectly suited for mobile devices. With just a couple of swipes, you can place bets and enjoy yourself without any hassle or waiting time.

Great Community

Great-CommunityAdditionally, we’d like to mention that roulette has an outstanding community surrounding it. Whichever room you end up joining, there is going to be a chat where you can communicate with other punters, share ideas, and cheer each other on.

It’s rare to see a casino product besides poker have such a dedicated fanbase. This is especially interesting as there are no significant strategies to be discussed, instead, people are usually talking about their daily lives or simply commenting on the state of the wheel outcomes.

Those who have been looking to find something to play socially should consider giving roulette a shot. On the other hand, if you like to play by yourself and not communicate with anyone, you are always free to do so, You won’t be at any disadvantage if you decide to do so.

With such huge popularity surrounding the game, software providers started developing various versions of roulette with unique mechanics and features that either completely change how the game is played or slightly alter the ruleset. These are the most popular variations that you should check out if you’re looking to try new takes on the genre:

Quantum Roulette

Quantum roulette is an interesting take on the game by introducing multipliers which are assigned randomly to 5 numbers every round. These multipliers can go up to x500 the original bet, which can result in some pretty ludicrous winnings.

Lightning Roulette

Similarly, Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming also introduces multipliers to the already-known formula. This title features some impressive visuals to go alongside it, making it an atmospheric spectacle for punters.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

An extension of our previous entry, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette adds two features named chain lightning and double strikes, which further enhance the experience by providing players with additional multiplier numbers and a chance to win up to x2000 the original bet. In general, this is the “Lightning” version players tend to play.

Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette is a well-rounded iteration of the table game that introduces mega bets which are group bets specifically designed for this title. It also incorporates mega multipliers and mega wins, making it a favorite amongst fans.

Super Spin Roulette

Super Spin Roulette is another version that boasts multipliers, but only this time, straight number bets aren’t the only ones being affected by them. All inside bets also count towards the assigned multipliers, raising your chances of winning.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette is one of the original variations of the game that introduced multipliers and increased winnings. While most players tend to play some of the aforementioned versions, we still believe that you should give this one a shot.

Apart from these, there are also countless other roulette products that players love to play in online casinos. They are a great way to spice things up and try something new and fresh.


In summary, roulette is without a doubt the most popular live casino game. It has everything that punters love. The game isn’t difficult to play at all, so even the most novice players can jump in on the fun. It also doesn’t require you to have a big budget to enjoy it, furthering its accessibility. Those who love being part of a community will also enjoy their time playing it, as roulette has arguably one of the most social fanbases out there. We highly recommend that you try playing this fantastic casino product if you haven’t before.