Amatic Industries Online Casino Software Provider

amatic_industries_online_casino_software_providerAmatic Industries has been around for quite some time. The roots of the company go deep with land-based production, which still remains one of its core areas. The main product in both online and offline gaming are slots, though you might want a roulette or some other such game here and there. Video poker and other such casino games have also been part of the catalogue in the past.

The selection of games is pretty extensive, and we’ll do our best to cover all the details you need to know to choose the best one. The company itself is located in Austria, but most of their customers come from around the world. This includes Canada and Canadian players, both in online and land-based casinos. In recent years they’ve been extensively networking with online casinos.

The Story So Far

The company was established in 1993, and they still remain in their original location in Austria. Though the company might not be the biggest when it comes to the number of employees, they are listed as one of the leading companies to emerge from the country. Since the beginning, most of the products have been made for exports.

The only big chance to have affected the company was the emergence of online gambling. Amatic was relatively slow to jump on this bandwagon, and arguably the first few batches of games were more along the lines of ported versions of their land-based success stories, rather than true online slots. They first started providing games online around 2014.

But in due time this changed too, and the company even built their own software solutions to make it easier for online casinos to add the games to their portfolios. Other than this, the story and history of the company has been rather uneventful. They simply keep concentrating on producing quality games, year after year.

What’s Up for Grabs?

whats_up_for_grabsArguably, the selection is going to be greater in the land-based sector. Regardless of the numbers though, you are going to see the same core groups of games presented both offline and online. Slots are the most important of these, followed by table games and video poker titles.

Though land-based gaming is often seen as perhaps a step or two behind when it comes to technology and software when compared to online gaming, nothing could be further from the truth today. It’s simply that solutions for these products are more local. Amatic has its own solution for video lottery terminals, where everything is basically controlled online, and even linked directly to relevant authorities. All this is naturally certified by the proper independent test laboratories to ensure reliability.

The solutions go far beyond this, with all sorts of tools and systems to operate a casino. This includes not only games from Amatic but from other manufacturers too. It’s quite an amazing array of solutions. They do have similar tools for online casinos, but not quite to the same exact depth. Both areas see continuing improvement.

What Makes it Special?

The thing that makes Amatic Industries stand out amongst other casino producers is their dedication to classic casino games. That’s not to say they only produce three-reel slots. But, you can bet that most of these games will be using five reels with three symbols, and a handful of paylines to count the wins.

All this is pretty heavily connected to their video gaming terminals, and how they have managed to modernise land-based gaming. Some of their other solutions, like multiplayer roulette, is something we’d love to see brought into the space of online casinos too.

Though this company doesn’t hold court so to speak, and is often not present when it comes to industry awards and events, they have managed to partner up with some pretty impressive names. These include EveryMatrix, SoftGamings and names big and small alike. The games are available in hundreds of casinos, and we’ve listed here all the ones that are fit for Canadian players.

Online Slots

amatic_online_slotsThe whole selection runs upwards of one hundred individual titles. Some of these games are similar in land-based and online casinos, but both also have their own unique casino games. Perhaps the most popular slots from this producer are Bells on Fire, Arising Phoenix, Fortunas Fruit, Magic Forest, Book of Aztec, Grand Fruits, and Admiral Nelson.

All the games are up to date, and include the latest when it comes to supporting play on mobile devices. Of course, this depends a lot on which game you end up picking. The early games are not quite so easy on the eye when it comes to interface, something that the company fixed along the years.

Something else that has seen a massive upgrade over the years is the graphics and sound effects. From rather simple, even pixelated graphics, to one’s fitting for all screens, even with some simple animations. Still, the style is very distinctive

Wins tend to be heavily concentrated on the basic paytable. This is then combined with paylines, which do vary in numbers, but don’t aim to come up with anything too exotic or revolutionary. On the same note, it’s not surprising that features are quite rare. You do have the gamble function on pretty much all the titles. Wilds are of course there, and they can often get special functions, like expanding through the reels. In the later games the company has added a bit more bonus content, but the experience still heavily relies on good old reelplay.

More Casino Games

Most of the other game types available from this producer are not available online. For example, they have several different roulette tables. These are automated setups, where several players can play live, whilst the machine takes care of running the numbers. In fact, these can even be linked to slot machines, which makes it possible for hundreds of players to bet on the same roulette wheels.

Similarly, the company does offer jackpots too. But these are not yet available in online casinos. These are progressive pots, and they can link several machines and different games to each other. The final step would be linking these games across online casinos, but we’ll have to keep waiting for that to happen.

Video poker also seems to be part of the selection, but these games are likewise hard to find. Jacks or Better, Fruit Poker, Multi Win and other similar games were part of the selection in the past, but the availability of these games seems to have suffered over the years. And unlike online slots, the company has not concentrated a ton of resources on improving and reinventing this line of products. But who knows, maybe they’ll make a comeback soon enough.

How the Software Works

amatic_how_the_software_worksWe’ve touched on this subject already, and something we can tell you is that Amatic Industries seems to be more in touch with what land-based casinos need, than what online casinos do need. This isn’t really all that surprising, given that this is where the majority of their business still comes from.

However, it is a bit strange for now that all the advances and software solutions they’ve come up with for traditional casinos haven’t quite made their way into online casinos as such. Of course, these casinos do have all the support and software they need to integrate the games as part of their selection, and even some tools to check which games are popular amongst players. But things like bonus tools for some bonus spins and bonus cash seem to be largely missing.

Hopefully, Amatic, or Amanet as the online business is known, will continue to make improvements in this area. We likewise hope to see further titles being transferred to the online space, where they are within easy reach of all players. Some other games would do well with a re-do, to enjoy the standards the company has achieved throughout the years.

Responsible gaming is something that naturally derives from strong partnerships and adherence to the legal standards set by different national bodies. Amatic Industries holds licences from trusted bodies like the UK Gambling Commission, which they gained in 2017, as well as from Romania and Malta amongst other countries. The games are also certified for countries like Sweden, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Colombia and many others. Even further, individual casinos and operators have their own licences and certifications to ensure that the games are compliant.

One has to remember that this is an Austrian company, and as such their response to responsible gaming issues stems from local laws and practices. And those are very strong there, with the company in fact working together with different organisations. There is plenty of information available on any such issues on their very own website, as well as on their partners’ sites.