Are Craps Variations Easy Money Guaranteed?

Craps gaming is versatile enough that it could meet all expectations while also being as flexible as possible. This makes it more likely for a wider range of people to explore everything it has in store and find the most suitable craps variation for them. Knowing each and every one of the most lucrative of those is essential for craps enthusiasts.

It is never too late to learn something new when it comes to the gambling world, as the new information could end up being quite helpful when the situation calls for it. Today we are going to go over some of the craps variations there are and recommend the most lucrative among them, striving for excellence as usual.

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Craps Variations

The game of craps itself has been first devised centuries ago and this long history inevitably comes with the influence of many gambling experts and cultures. This makes it possible for the game to be enhanced, improved, and diversified throughout the years. Individuals exploring its offerings should be able to find the most suitable one for their personal gambling style.

One of the main influences leaving their lasting impact on the game of craps have been different cultures coming in contact with its basic form and reshaping it to fit best the local preferences and particular style of in-person gambling people showcase there. What should be noted when it comes to craps variations is that many casinos stick to one particular variation of the traditional craps in-person game.

More often than not this is the characteristic regional variation and patrons should be informed on its specifics ahead of their gaming session. Each craps variation comes with its unique lingo distinguishing it from other variants. They have different rules and wagers available, which might not be available in other craps variations. Individuals exploring them will notice that they also bear no resemblance in their structure and approach.

The Most Common Craps Variation

Before diving into the vast world of craps variations, we should take a moment to thoroughly explore the very basic one, the so-called Bank craps. Individuals broadening their horizons when it comes to craps should know that this is the most common craps variation out there and many individuals prefer to call it โ€œcrapsโ€ for simplicity.

Most casinos around the globe prefer to stick to this type of craps, as it has been established as the most popular one and more patrons are likely to be familiar with its rules, bets, and specific language used around the table. They also had to be unified around the globe, so that every casino resorting to this Bank craps variety offered the same set of rules and equal chances of winning big for all.

One of the important steps which differentiated Bank craps from the notorious Floating craps was the introduction of a set of dice that was used for craps gaming only. Players were not allowed to bring their own dice and use them while gambling, as this could lead to increased fraud risk.

Contradiction in Terms

The second craps variation we are going to look into today comes with a name that could confuse even the most weathered gambling enthusiasts out there. It goes by the name of Crapless craps, but there is nothing confusing about it, at least once you get to the core of things.

The main distinctive point of this particular craps variation is that players simply cannot lose a Pass bet on the come-out roll. Even though it might sound highly lucrative and like a dream come true, this craps variation has a hidden side that ends up doing more harm than good to the players ready to explore it. The rules to it are different โ€“ for instance, the Pass bet we have discussed in the past no longer considers 11 to be a winning number.

The odds and the house edge coming with this craps variation are also considered harmful for the individuals, especially for the enthusiasts making their first steps in the craps gaming world. The house advantage, in particular, is amplified up to five times, meaning that the casino benefits a lot from this variant. Players are advised to refrain from Crapless craps, as it could negatively impact their bankroll, essentially limiting the amount of time they spend around the craps table.

Casino hotspots in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the United States seem to be the right place for this offering to be implemented. Their target audience is ready to try something new and challenge themselves, so if you are willing to experience Crapless crap, you should make your way there.

Going to the East Coast

Speaking of East Coast and West Coast representation, the craps world also features this sort of geographical distinction. The last craps gambling variation we are going to review today is no other than the popular New York craps variation. It is one of the most distinctive variants of the original game and individuals with an eye for detail could notice the unique features it usually comes with.

The New York craps variation comes with its unique layout of the gambling table, facilitating the different approach characteristic to it. There are two dealers located on both ends of the table, with the stickman and a lookman between them, completing the craps dealersโ€™ crew. The lookman is there to carefully follow all wagers placed, as well as monitor the dice rolls. Craps fans in the New York State region, as well as in the United Kingdom are among the main supporters of this variation.

The thing that makes it especially appealing to them is the complete lack of Come and Donโ€™t Come bets on the table layout. This is because they are not accepted while playing this variant of the craps game. Individuals exploring the New York craps variant can place a wager on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. They should keep in mind that along with the house edge supporting the casino, it also bags five percent from every winning bet players place.