Booming Games Online Casino Software Provider

booming-games-online-casino-software-providerBooming Games provides casino players with a wide variety of online slots to enjoy. Their design principles are quite simple, always aiming for the modern experience that players are after. What that means in effect is of course a bit more complicated. It’s not just about mobile compatibility or flashy graphics. But we’ll get to the details later on in this article.

The company is currently aiming for Western and Asian markets, though they are active in other areas as well. An ever-increasing array of different licences ensures that the games can offer transparency and guaranteed fair play to all interested players. All this also brings some local talent and influences into play.

Starting as a small studio the team has expanded to cover several locations around the world, with a presence in hundreds of online casinos. At the same time, their catalogue of games has grown considerably, with fresh releases several times a year. Much work is put into making sure these slots offer unique and interesting setups. Have a look below how that works out.

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A Recap of the past

But first, let’s take a look at the ever-important history of Booming Games. The company was established in 2014, with headquarters in the Isle of Man. They operated under the local licence, slowly starting with the release of a handful of slot titles. The success of these led to more releases and partnerships, which allowed the team to take the operation to the next level.

In 2018 the company relocated to Malta. This just so happens to be one of the main hubs of online casino gaming in the world, and another important gambling licence to ensure their games are available via a variety of online casinos. At the same time, the scope of operations began increasing. Europe remained the main area of interest, though more and more slots were released with Asian and other gambling markets in mind.

We can safely say that at this point the company ascended to the cast of medium-sized game producers. While it took years to get to the count of 50 titles, from hereon the company moved to monthly releases. Often releasing several titles per month. This is not to say it’s purely a numbers game for them, rather they diversified their selection. Not all games are for all audiences. This allows for a very localised gaming experience, which caters to many different niches.

Within the next few years more licenced followed. For example, in the Italian, Swedish, and UK jurisdictions. This also led to an increasing number of partners, both online casinos and content aggregators. Both of these include plenty of the biggest companies in the field. This also includes partnerships with other game producers, allowing Booming Games to use licenced mechanics like xNudge from Nolimit City.

It has taken some time for the company to grow to its current heights. Without a doubt, by now they are an established player with a reach that they could only dream of when the first offices opened up back in 2014. Yet, the hard work continues and the team is fast at work making sure that their dedication to innovation and inventive new mechanics continues.

Concentrating on Online Slots

Online slots are the only area of casino games that Booming Games are currently interested in. And they’re doing a pretty good job of getting players interested in these games too. The company has always concentrated on staying in touch with its player base, and that’s what drives most of its development decisions.

New features are paid attention to, but that doesn’t mean classic slots wouldn’t also be part of the repertoire. As we already mentioned, the company has licenced new mechanics from other companies. One such example is the Rodfather Megaways slot, which comes with a maximum win of 34 000 times your bet, and 200 704 winning ways.

Dice, Dice Baby takes a reference that younger generations might no longer be familiar with, but more importantly, brings some innovation to the otherwise stale selection of dice slots. If you’re not familiar, usually dice slots simply replace familiar symbols with the more easily recognised dice symbols. However, this time around the dice comes with a special function, turning reels into wilds.

There is not any one set of reels, symbol positions, or ways to calculate wins that would rule supreme either. In this aspect, like in pretty much everything else, Booming Games likes to experiment as much as possible. You’re sure to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Starlight Riches brings familiar symbols, fruits and diamonds, a multiplier reel, and bonus spins that only bring the major cast of symbols on the reels. Dragon’s Chest uses walking wilds, bonus features, and normal paylines to deliver major wins. Paris Nights in turn delivers neon colours, stacked symbols, selectable paylines and a gamble feature.

There’s this feeling that every game is truly a different experience and not just a rehash of something the company has found to be functional and favoured by the players. Of course, all of this is accompanied by graphics and sound effects that shine through and through. And worry not, it’s all playable on mobile devices just like it is on desktop computers.

What Makes it Special?

Take a look at our full interview of Booming Games to find out what the staff itself thinks of the qualities and reasons why this company truly stands out.

As for our opinion, it’s quite simple. The constant attention to quality on all parts of the game design process. More importantly, they don’t just concentrate on one simple game type to maximise player attention. The company is constantly innovating, even if that means borrowing from their competitors to use features and designs that just work out perfectly on the reels.

To have done this continuously for nearly a decade is an accomplishment in itself. Booming Games is definitely the opposite of stagnation. Combined with the fast release pace they have achieved thanks to their growth, this means that there is always something, interesting and different to try out. And given that most of the older games are still part of the selection, we can be sure that those too have remained spin worthy throughout the ages.

Software Behind the Games

Booming Games might have started as a simple development studio, but they’ve long since surpassed that mark. Nowadays they’re on the mid-cast, and no doubt can soon enough be considered one of the bigger gaming companies. The number of games is certainly growing at a pace fast enough to rival even giants like Net Ent, Playtech or Pragmatic Play.

And all of this obviously means…

…that you need some back-office software to support the games. Here we could talk about how easy it is to integrate the games into the front end, which means the website that opens when you navigate your way to the casino. Or how the statistics show up, how the servers work and so forth. These are details that matter to casinos, but not so much to the players.

But really, what counts for the individual casino players are somewhat simpler things. Like, do the games work on all devices? Or the much more important question, are there any bonuses to be had? So far Booming Games has only ensured that individual online casinos can offer bonus spins, also known as deposit spins, for their games. That means that the sites can give you spins to play for free whenever you make a deposit, or in some cases even without a deposit.

Truthfully, this is something that the company still needs to work on. Today we would expect network campaigns with all sorts of perks, ties to bonus shops and achievements, and the all-important slot tournaments. We’re pretty sure Booming Games will get there eventually, so for now the extra spins will have to do.

Booming Games isn’t currently licenced in Canada. What this means is that the games cannot be offered in Canadian casinos, land-based or online. Luckily, Canadian players are free to play in offshore casinos, or casinos that are simply situated elsewhere in the world.

There’s no need to worry about security or safety in this regard. The company adheres to some of the strictest rules when it comes to online casinos. Their many licences and certifications by companies like Quinel ensure that everything is tested to provide random results as advertised in game details. The company also has partnerships with many of the other gaming producers and aggregator platforms, who in turn do have licences in Canada.

Feel free to test out the games and enjoy some of the best online casinos the world has to offer!