Best Roulette Systems

The number of the casinos has dramatically grown recently. Players from all over the globe go to casinos in order to win a life-changing amount of money or just because they want to try their luck. The development and the improvement of technologies over the past few years brought about numerous changes in the gambling industry as well. The technological advancement made casinos even more accessible to players from numerous countries all over the world as a large number of the reputable and established casino operators decided to move their products online, thus further developing them.

Most of the brick-and-mortar and web-based casinos strive to offer extremely broad gaming collections that offer classic casino games along with some of the latest titles. Of course, this is in gamblers’ favour as they are given plenty of options to choose from.

Roulette has undoubtedly become one of the emblematic games for the gambling industry. It is anything but surprising that players can find the game and its numerous variations in almost every casino, be it a land-based or a web-based. In fact, roulette is among the most well-known casino offerings that attract both seasoned players and inexperienced ones.

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Roulette’s Origin

history of rouletteIf we have to be honest, hardly there is a more recognizable game than roulette. In fact, during its long existence, the game has become a real symbol of the gambling industry. As you may expect, there are various theories about the emergence of the game. Some consider that it was created by a monk who wanted to get distracted from the boring daily routine in the monastery. As the most common theory goes, Blaise Pascal–a renown French mathematician–invented the game. rumour has it that he came up with the idea of the wheel, which to this day is used in Roulette games all across the globe.

Yet, some consider that he invented the game accidentally while he was trying to create a machine that is in a perpetual motion which means that he wanted to find a way to keep the wheel spinning without any outside influence. No matter how the game first appeared, it endured throughout the years and became one of the most sought-after casino games.

In fact, there are sources which show that roulette was played in its current form in France in the 18th century. In essence, it is considered that two French brothers modified and improved the wheel as they introduced the layout, the single-zero pocket, as well as the alternating black and red pockets. Still, some people think that roulette is the Devil’s game due to the fact the numbers on the wheel add up to 666.

Nevertheless, roulette quickly started gaining popularity not only in Europe but it even crossed the Atlantic and reached America where it also gained prominence. Many people consider that the double-zero pocket was added to the wheel in America. In fact, both, the variation with a single-zero pocket and the one with a double-zero pocket originated in France.

most popular roulette variationsRoulette has undoubtedly evolved throughout centuries and has managed to become one of the globally popular casino games. As you may know, there are three roulette variations. Each of them features a roulette table with a wheel and a betting layout. The main difference between roulette variations, however, is that European and French variations have a single-zero pocket, whereas the American has a double-zero pocket. In roulette, the zero pocket shows the advantage of the house over players. The fact that European roulette is more widespread comes hardly as a surprise as the house edge the game offers is only 2.70%. The American variation, on the other hand, comes with a 5.26% house edge.

As previously noted, the main difference between roulette variations comes from the second zero pocket that can be found in American roulette. The European wheel consists of 37 pockets that contain the numbers from 1 to 36, and a single-zero pocket. The American wheel respectively has 38 pockets that again contain the numbers from 1 to 36 plus two zero pockets. In both of the variations the black and the red numbers alternate.

Still, when looking at the European and the American wheel, you will probably say that the numbers of the first variation are placed randomly. In fact, the numbers are positioned in such a way so that each of them has a chance to become a winning one. The single zero pocket is green and the rest of the numbers are divided into 18 black and 18 red. Interestingly, if we split the cylinder from the zero, we will see that all low black numbers and all high red numbers are situated on the left side. On the right side will remain the high black numbers and the low red numbers.

When you take a look at the American wheel, however, you will notice that the sequence of the numbers is different and that they are arranged in another way. There are 18 black, 18 red pockets, and two green pockets. Here, the two green pockets are positioned at the opposite sides of the wheel. Consecutive numbers’ position is also based on the same principle as they are also situated at the opposite sides of the wheel.

When it comes to the colours, they should always alternate.This is a must for both variations. The numbers from 1 to 18 or the low numbers as they are also known, and those from 19 to 36 or the high numbers, should also alternate. This requirement is not met only in European roulette where 5 is positioned next to 10. The American wheel features many adjacent low or high numbers which explains why the European wheel is said to be more balanced.

French roulette is one more variation of the traditional game. It is considered that this variation is similar to the European ones. The French wheel has 37 black and red pockets. There is also a single-zero pocket that is green. What sets French roulette apart from other variations of the game is that it comes with more betting options. Players are enabled to make call bets on certain groups of numbers. That is why there is an additional betting area.

Best Roulette Systems

Roulette has been around for quite a long time but it has gone a long way before it became the game we know today. It has become one of the casino mainstays that enjoy great success on a global scale. That is why the game has become a subject not only to various studies but also to odd analysis. In its core, the game is quite simple and you do not need to have any special skills in order to win a big prize. After the game appeared, many players have been trying to find a strategy that can help them win. Gamblers will come across tons of information about the various ways to win at roulette. Here, we have tried to compile some of the most popular roulette strategies you can apply while enjoying your favourite casino game.

Still, gamblers need to bear in mind that casinos will not offer a game that can be so easily beaten as this will mean that they will lose money. When it comes to casinos, one thing is for sure, the house always wins.

As far as roulette is concerned, gamblers can take advantage of several strategies that can help them increase their chances of winning. Yet, you need to bear in mind that in roulette, chance plays a major role and there is no such strategy that can guarantee that you will win. By and large, roulette systems can be divided into three major categories. There are progressive, non-progressive, and physical ones. Let us start with the progressive systems.

The Martingale

Their aim is to return you the money you have lost after you have made several unsucessful bets. Here, your next bet is determined by the size of the previous one. One such system is the Martingale. In fact, this is one of the most widespread strategies simply because it is extremely straightforward and easy to apply. It requires you to double your bet after every loss which means that when you win you will recuperate the money you have lost and you will start with your initial bet.

Still, many players consider that the system is rather risky due to the fact that the size of the bets you place rises quite fast, thus exhausting your bankroll. For example, if you bet $1 and you lose five times in a row, this will mean that you will have lost $31 and if the sixth bet is a winning one, you will get $32. Thus, you will have recouped your losses and your profit will be $1. This is how it looks like $1+$2+$4+$8+$16. The disadvantage of this system is that overall profit is relatively small.

Roulette Martingale Betting System
Spin # Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winning
1 50 Win 50
2 50 Lose 0
3 100 Lose -50
4 200 Lose -250
5 400 Win 150

The Fibonacci

The Fibonacci betting system is yet another progressive system that is based on the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers which looks like this 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. According to this system when you lose, your next bet needs to be the sum of your previous two bets. The Fibonacci betting system will enable you to get through more losing bets. Still, when you get a winning bet, it will only recuperate the money from your previous two wagers.

So, if you have wagered $5 and unsuccessful bet follows, you need to move a step forward in the sequence in order to estimate the next wager. Which will mean that you need to move to the second number one and if a losing bet follows, you will need to wager $10. After a winning bet, however, gamblers need to move two numbers down in the sequence.

Roulette Fibonacci Betting System
Spin # Sequence Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winning
1 1 1 Win 1
2 1 1 Lose 0
3 1-1 1 Lose -1
4 1-1-2 2 Lose -3
5 1-1-2-3 3 Lose -6
6 1-1-2-3-5 5 Win -1
7 1-1-2 2 Win 1

The Paroli

The Paroli betting system is also among the progressive betting systems. Still, unlike the Fibonacci system, the Paroli system’s purpose is to make the player’s profit larger. It is quite simple and easy to use. Gamblers need to start by betting a smaller amount of money. After a win, they need to double their bet. If you win 3 consecutive times, you need to collect your winnings and start again. If your bet was a losing one, you will have lost your first bet only.

This betting strategy allows players to win larger amounts of money by making smaller wagers. What is more, it also limits the losses substantially. For example, if you wager $1 and you win four times this will mean that your profit will be $16 as each time your bet increases.

Roulette Paroli Betting System
Spin # Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winning
1 50 Lose -50
2 50 Win 0
3 100 Win 50
4 150 Win 200
5 50 Lose 150

The d’Alembert

Roulette lovers can also take advantage of the d’Alembert System. It is a system that is quite easy to understand and it is based on the idea that you will win almost the same number of bets you have lost. Before making your first bet, you need to choose a base stake which you need to stick to. Here, the stakes are increased after a loss which means that if you have started with wagering $5 for example, and you lose, your next bet should be $10. If you lose one more time, you need to wager $15.

Still, after winning bets, gamblers will need to decrease the amount they are wagering by $5. This system’s advantage is that gamblers are not likely to spend larger amounts of money as wagers do not increase that fast. Still, this system is based on the balance between the losses and the wins. If you fail to reach this balance, you will probably lose.

Roulette D’Alembert Betting System
Spin # Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winning
1 50 Win 50
2 50 Lose 0
3 100 Lose -50
4 150 Lose -100
5 200 Win 100

The Labouchere

Those of you who prefer using a betting system while playing can also make use of the Labouchere betting system that requires writing a sequence of numbers like, for example 1, 2, 3. According to it, the players’s profit will be equal to the value of the numbers or $6 in our case. The bets you place should be equal to the value of the first and the last numbers from the sequence or $4. If you win, the first and the last numbers from the sequence need to be removed. If you lose, however, you need to add the amount of your bet to the end of the your sequence.

It is extremely popular among roulette lovers as it enables players to recoup their losses and even to gain a profit. Still, if you have decided to use precisely this system, you need to bear in mind that a solid bankroll is a must.

Roulette Labouchere Betting System
Spin # Sequence Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winning
1 10-20-30-40-50 60 Win 60
2 20-30-40 60 Win 120
3 30 30 Lose 90
4 30-30 60 Lose 30
5 30-30-60 90 Lose -60
6 30-30-60-90 120 Win 60
7 30-60 90 Win 150

Flat Betting

When it comes to non-progressive systems, it should be noted that your bet is not determined by the results from the previous ones. Instead, gamblers bet several times one and the same amount of money. This system is also known as “flat betting”. It is predominantly used by players who want to play longer, by people who want to make smaller bets, or by players who prefer placing the minimum wagers casinos offer.

Betting Hot and Cold Numbers

Playing the hot and cold numbers is one more option gamblers have. This time they wager on certain numbers that have not come up recently as they will be drawn eventually. Many players think that if an event has not occurred for certain period of time, it becomes overdue, thus it will probably happen soon. Yet, there are also gamblers who prefer wagering on numbers that have appeared in some of the previous rows.

Physical Systems

Physical systems, on the other hand, may depend on the way the croupier will throw the small white ball. Here, gamblers need to pay great attention to details. Some players watch extremely carefully what is the angle at which the ball is thrown. Still, even the slightest movement can change this angle which means that the result may be quite different than you have predicted.

Can You Use a Roulette System While Playing Online

online roulette playerOnline casinos have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years as they provide gamblers with the desired freedom. It is anything but surprising that the number of the online casinos has grown so dramatically recently. When casinos started emerging, be it brick-and-mortar or land-based, players have been looking for ways to improve their overall chances of beating the house.

When it comes to playing roulette online or in a land-based casino, gamblers need to aware of the fact that if they use a certain system, the odds will not turn in their favour. In essence, this is not how betting systems work. As it was already mentioned, roulette is basically a game of luck and players are not able to turn the game entirely in their favour. Still, players who prefer a more systematic way of betting should bear in mind that the above-mentioned systems can be used both while playing in a land-based casino or over the Internet.

Yet, betting systems can help you manage your bankroll at least to some extent as they give you directions how to play. This means that if you have decided to apply a betting system, it will neither guarantee that will win, nor it will decrease the house edge. Still, betting systems can help you make better decisions as each betting system comes with certain steps that need to be followed. If you have decided to play roulette over the Internet, you can also make use of these systems as in some cases they can help you recoup your losses.

Yet, players will need certain time in order to gain more experience in using the preferred betting system. In fact, applying a betting system in your gameplay involves some pre-planning, so if you prefer making spontaneous decisions, they will not appeal to you as they offer a structured approach to roulette. In other words, betting systems can be used even while playing over the Internet and will definitely help you make wiser decisions as you need to stick to the steps the system comes with.

Pros and Cons of Using Roulette Betting Systems

roulette betting systemsWhen it comes to roulette betting systems, the coin definitely has two sides. In practice, they can help players recuperate their losses. As you may have noticed, this is possible only over the long term which means that you will profit from the game after you have made numerous bets. This, on the other hand, means that you will need a solid bankroll in order to keep on playing.

Some betting systems like the Martingale require you to increase your bets at quite a fast pace. As the size of the bets you make increases so fast, it may eventually turn out that you have spent all the money you have or you have reached the bet limits of the particular table. In this way, you may leave the casino with some really big losses.

As previously noted, it does not matter which betting system you will apply as the odds will not improve. They will not improve even in the long term. Gamblers need to bear in mind that as they play longer, their chances of losing also increase.

Still, betting systems are appropriate for players who are not that spontaneous and who prefer a more systematic approach to roulette. They can also appeal to players who are more disciplined and strive to manage their bankroll while playing.

online roulette variationsAs new online casinos are constantly emerging, casino operators are looking for various ways to grasp gamblers’ attention. That is why almost every established online casino operator strives to offer broad gaming collections that comprise not only casino classics and their numerous variations, but also some of the latest titles released by software developers.

One of the most popular roulette titles is the Immersive Roulette. It is so popular as it features an extremely high video quality. It features HD video streaming that will provide you with a second-to-none gaming experience. Still, what sets the game apart from the rest of the roulette games is that there are multiple cameras that provide you with views from different angles.

Multi-wheel Roulette is also among the most sought-after titles. As the name hints, the game provides players with the opportunity to bet on the outcome of more than one wheel. There are games that offer six or eight wheels at the same time. There is a single betting table which means that you place one and the same bet on all the active wheels. The objective of the game is again to predict where the small white ball will eventually come to rest.

Multi-ball roulette definitely breathes new life into the traditional roulette game. As its name implies, the game comes with more than one ball. Players can come across games with up to ten white balls. Still, the wheel itself and the betting layout resemble the one of European roulette.

Gamblers can also indulge themselves in 3D roulette. Yet, it is to a great extent a standard roulette game as the betting layout and the wheel do not differ from those in traditional European roulette. What will undoubtedly grab your attention are the high-end graphics and the superb animations 3D roulette features.

Of course, this is only a small part of the long list of roulette titles. If you are a real roulette fan, you can be sure that you will be given plenty of options to choose from. You simply need to find the game that corresponds to your preferences and you will be able to put into practice one of the betting strategies you consider the most appropriate.