Craps Betting Tips and Tricks

Craps gaming is a popular pastime activity for many gambling enthusiasts and it is no secret that it is one of the most popular casino offerings in general. Many individuals make an attempt at getting to know more about it, as this could make them proficient and more successful down the road. Today we are going to look into one of the basics when it comes to craps โ€“ the dice.

The renowned casino game requires the use of two dice rolled at the same time. They are the tiny objects that make or break the gaming action for all players willing to participate in a traditional game of craps. This is the case regardless of the location where the game is played โ€“ in a casino venue with the help of a craps table or on a more casual atmosphere.

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Rolling the Dice

Rolling the dice is only what meets the eye in this situation, as the essential part of the game is the probability associated with it. The experienced craps player is well-acquainted with the probability of rolling a given number with the help of the two dice, as well as the odds coming with that.

Bearing in mind that makes it possible for the craps enthusiast to make an informed choice when entering a particular craps game and making their first bet on the craps table. Such information could have a positive impact on their financial state if it is used at the right time. This is the reason why preparation ahead of the actual craps game is crucial.

Understanding which numbers are rolled most often could then make it easier for the individual to scan the craps gaming table layout and place their bet on that particular number. Today we are going to look over some of the most popular bets placed on the craps table, as well as the probabilities associated with craps dice rolling.

Rolling Probability

Letโ€™s take a look at the number two being rolled. The likelihood of this happening is rather small, as the only way it could happen is if both dice roll 1. This makes this number less likely to get rolled and players should be careful when placing a bet on it. The dice rolling probability might remind you of a simple coin flip once you take an in-depth look into it.

The principle of rolling dice is the same, as there are six possible outcomes when it comes to each of the dices involved in the craps game. The number of possible combinations involving two dice amounts to 36 and this number might seem like a high one, but there is nothing concerning.

The two dice could roll eleven different numbers ranging from 2 to 12. The number 1 could not be rolled when using two dice, as the game of craps mandates. Each throw of the two dice together is going to introduce one of the eleven numbers being rolled.

Numbers to Remember

By now it has become evident that the number 1 could not possibly be rolled, however it should also be taken into account that the number 2 is also rolled rather rarely. It could appear as a result of the two dice rolling 1 plus 1. Subsequently, the number 3 comes with two combinations โ€“ 1 plus 2 or 2 plus 1. Following this principle, players should keep in mind all the possibilities coming with every number they place a wager on.

The number7 is one of the most probable outcomes of a two-dice roll, as there are six combinations that could result in it. This often draws players to place a wager on it, especially if they are well-acquainted with the probability. The number itself is associated with good luck, attracting an even wider crowd of people placing their bets on the craps table.

Upon entering a craps game and before even placing a bet, the craps enthusiast has to remember that memorizing all dice combinations is crucial to their success and improved financial state. They should keep into account the dice combinations, the probabilities associated with them, as well as the payouts coming with every bet made during a craps game.

How to Memorize The Combinations

If online craps is your game of choice you have the chance to use some help and make good use of it while placing your bet. This could happen if you print a simple chart with the dice rolling probabilities and memorize them or use it as the game progresses. Such an approach would not be allowed when you play craps in-person but there is a trick that could be used in that case too.

The simple technique involves basic subtraction from the numbers you are interested in. Those could be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, and subtracting 1 from each of those is going to give you the number of possible combinations that could result in it. Letโ€™s take a look at an example representing this. The experienced craps player subtracts 1 from number 6, which results in five.

This is the number of combinations that could result in a 6 being rolled during the game. In its essence, this meant that the chances of you rolling a 6 while craps gaming are five of 36 possible combinations. These calculations might seem complicated but worry no more, as they could make you much richer when used appropriately and at the right time. The next step would be to calculate what percentage is five of 36.

It amounts to some 13.8 percent, making it one of the good numbers to place a bet on. A proficient craps player also knows how to memorize smart. They should memorize the combinations coming with numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6, and bear in mind that they correspond to the number of combinations needed for 8, 9, 10, and 11. Using this simple strategy guarantees that the player is making a well-informed choice when betting.