A Complete Guide To Gamified Casinos

Considering the fact that the online gambling industry is exponentially growing each day, changes and improvements are something to be expected. In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at a new form of casinos that are getting more and more popular – the gamified online casinos. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about these places. If you’re looking to break the monotony and try something new, we highly suggest that you read through what we had to say, as we think you will most definitely like it in the end.

What are Gamified Casinos?

First and foremost, let’s talk about what these types of casinos actually are and what they look like. On the surface, you won’t notice a huge difference in comparison to their traditional counterparts. Chances are you might’ve spent some time on one without even noticing.

They basically function the same as normal casinos. There are online slots, table games, and everything else you would expect, except that there is an added layer of gamification on top of it.


What we mean by this is that there are additional features that players will find entertaining and exciting. The point is to make the whole platform feel like a virtual world, and that’s what gamification is all about.

Instead of only playing the games, punters can take part in many other activities which in turn can reward them with various benefits. Casinos are becoming much more than just a play to gamble, and that is something we absolutely love.

There isn’t a clear-cut standard on what operators need to implement for this, which in turn gives us many different takes on gamification. This is great news since casino owners are experimenting with different ways to engage players, which gives everyone a lot more variety.

Progression Systems and Achievements

Let’s talk about the most frequently used gamification technique in the online gambling space – the progression systems and achievements. These are the kind of mechanics you could see even a couple of years back. Some would agree that this is how the gamification of the industry started.

Progression systems allow punters to feel the progress of their playtime and account in general. There are usually many milestones for them to overcome, and that’s usually done by actively playing and engaging with the casino titles. 

This gives people a reason to stay on a certain platform. It incentivizes someone to spend more time on one casino rather than going to a different one as soon as their welcome bonuses expire and they become bored. These systems end up rewarding the players with many different rewards and benefits.

One of the most popular types of progressions systems are the loyalty programs. Even if you’re only starting out with online gambling, you must’ve seen these features before, as many casino operators tend to implement them. They acknowledge and reward players who are committed to staying there, and we think that’s absolutely fantastic.

Apart from progression, achievements are also a fantastic way to gamify an online casino. These closely resemble the ones in video games, as individuals receive rewards for accomplishing various milestones. In most cases, achievements and progressions systems are locked in together.

Player Missions

player_missionsApart from progressing your account and earning achievements, there are usually the options of completing various missions and quests. As you can probably already tell, there are a lot of inspirations from video games that casino operators use to gamify their gambling environments.

Player tasks come in many different shapes and forms. In most cases, it requires players to play certain games, which is a great way to try out something new, especially for those who have the tendency to play the same games over and over again.

Of course, these missions come with appropriate rewards, and that’s why some are harder than others. Having something to accomplish and earn benefits in without having to rely on luck is definitely why players love to complete various tasks at gamified online casinos.

The main problem here is that some platforms have rather shallow quests, and that’s why we highly recommend that you thoroughly research casinos before deciding on which one you’ll end up joining. There certainly are places where your time and effort are going to be compensated, and where completing these tasks is actually going to feel great.


The aforementioned missions and quests can sometimes come with narratives and storylines. While this is certainly something that you are going to see a lot less frequently, we believe that you should definitely give a shot at a casino that has a similar feature.

These storylines are, in most cases, lighthearted and not too serious, but they still have enough charm to entice players to continue playing on. This means that on top of mission objectives, you’ll be following a story over the course of months, and that can be very exciting.

There are great casinos that have evolving stories that don’t have a beginning and end, which allows the casino community to experience it as everything unfolds. This is extremely interesting and we can’t wait to see more operators do this.

The Social Aspect of Gamified Casinos

Athe_social_aspect_of_gamified_casinosnother very important thing to mention is that these casinos usually have very lively communities where players are encouraged to communicate with each other and make friends.

The social aspect of gamified gambling platforms is definitely a huge reason why most the people give them a shot. Of course, these aren’t traditional social casinos where players can’t play with real money.

Punters can also customize their profiles with different avatars and other options. Some of these social systems are so advanced that they can sometimes resemble social media.

Taking all of that into account, gamification is something that is definitely going to change the trajectory of the entire casino industry, and we are absolutely sure that players are going to welcome the change with open arms.

Enjoy Gamification Responsibly

Gamified casinos are an extremely fun form of online gambling. With that being said, if you’re thinking about giving one a shot, we’re seriously urging you to do so responsibly. Since it’s incredibly fun and exciting, players can have a lot of trouble if they are not careful enough.

Getting occupied with all the aforementioned features can sway your mind from thinking about whether or not you’ve crossed your budget limitations or if you’ve been having very long gaming sessions.

Make sure that you take regular breaks and set clear budget boundaries that you’ll have to respect. While the main goal of gambling is to have fun and potentially earn some money, you should always put your safety first.

Don’t forget to use all the responsible gambling tools if the casino you’re playing on has them. These can be of great help, especially if you’re someone who has a difficult time setting boundaries by yourself.

Finding the Right Casino

finding_the_right_casinoNow, the thing about gamified casinos is that you have a lot of those that only use gamification techniques in a very surface-level way. This means that they are practically a traditional casino with just a speck of game-related features.

That’s why finding the right platform to experience gamification can be a little bit tricky for some. We recommend that you extensively read up on casino reviews and user testimonials, as that is the best way to find out if something is going to be worth your time and money.

These types of reviews are easily found, as there are lots of them on the internet. If you’re eyeing a specific gamified online casino, make sure that you google the reviews first and you’ll get all the answers in a matter of minutes.

The Future

In terms of what we can expect from these gambling environments in the future is something we don’t know. All we want is for the operators to keep on experimenting with gamification so we can have many different options to choose from.

Standardizing solid things and rules is great, but that can turn something special into something very ordinary. This is only the beginning for gamified casinos, and who knows what kind of fun and exciting mechanics we can see going forward?

With the explosion of artificial intelligence, changes are coming in very rapidly. Casino owners can now make adjustments and conduct updates a lot more frequently. It’s impossible to predict what the future will look like, but we somehow believe that it is going to be incredibly bright.


In conclusion, gamified online casinos are definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to the evolution of gambling. We believe that every single punter should give them a shot at least once, as we’re almost certain that they’re going to like it. Obviously, there is a big need for casinos to offer a lot more, as the market is only getting bigger and bigger, and that’s exactly why we believe that this is an immensely exciting and important time in the gambling history.