Craps Put Bet: Is there a Dark Side?

Craps enthusiasts around the globe want to learn more about the gaming opportunities this popular casino game brings to the table. Knowing the game well makes it easier for the player to enjoy it in its entirety and to explore everything it has in store. The Put bet is one of the many options there are when playing craps.

Today we are going to thoroughly review everything about this wager and find out what makes it a valuable part of the overall craps gaming experience. Players getting to know it could benefit from it, as it has gained popularity over the recent years, making it possible for a relatively old wager to benefit people at the right time.

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When a player wants to get to know a particular craps bet, they should dig deep into its core and see the positive impact it could have on their bankroll. The Put bet has been among the popular wagers in the past, but its popularity experienced a drop for quite a while. Only recently it has become more popular with the introduction of better odds.

Players have the chance to experience its impact while gaming both in-person and online. What they need to keep in mind is that this particular bet can be placed as a pass line one. This optimizes the action and results in a quick-paced game, something the craps game is renowned for. Some casinos feature a special notification making it clear that Put bets are allowed on their premises and this applies to both online platforms and land-based venues.

This lets players know that this wagering approach is despite being less popular than other more mainstream betting offerings. In its essence, the Put bet is a Pass Line bet which is available for placing after the come-out roll and the point has been established.

More Specifics

Keeping up with its speed, the Put bet is here to change the game. The way it is done, a player places the bet on the pass line and implements the strategy for their benefit. It often happens that the individual joins the craps game at a certain point and simply does not have the time to wait until its end. This is when they can prefer to place the Put bet on the point number, but this will inevitably result in the surge of the house edge.

A much more appropriate move in this situation would be if the player places a Place bet on the point. When placing the Put wager, a player misses out on the advantage coming with the come-out roll. Individuals should approach this particular type of wager with caution, as they could end up doing more harm than good if they are not used in an adequate manner.

Regardless of whether the wager has a positive impact on your bankroll or not, the casino would probably allow you to place it and benefit from the potential loss that could occur as a result of it. The house edge coming with it eventually helps the casino stay afloat and supports its future operation, as well as the wages of its employees.

Put Bet Odds

This also allows it to remain as premium as ever. There are, of course, ways in which the craps enthusiast could turn things around and make the best of the situation when placing a Put bet and this happens when the house actually brings good odds. For instance, if the casino brings a 50x odds to the table, placing a Put bet could end up having a lower house edge when compared to a Place bet or a Buy bet.

This approach is viable when the player brings a hefty bankroll to the table and is able to sustain the odds coming with it. Players could also make an attempt at benefitting if they add a Put wager to their Flat Pass Line one while gaming. This approach starts by making a $5 Flat Pass Line wager and then making a good use of the maximum odds coming with it, pumping it up to $20.

Listening to your gut feeling is essential and players should use the right time to place a Put bet and add some $5 to the original $5 wager. This is namely the Put bet which could result in $40 of odds bet, doubling the initial amount. Knowing the dark side of this wager could spare you unnecessary harm to your bankroll. It will also make it possible for you to make an informed choice once the right time for action comes.

Other Scenarios

Placing a Put bet could happen in another scenario, this time involving a Come bet. With its help, the player does not need to wait for the come-out roll coming with that wager. This could happen once the craps enthusiast places their chips in the Come box on the traditional craps table. Then they have to indicate to the dealer that they would like to place a Put wager on a Come. Just like every other thing on the craps table, there is a special lingo for that.

They have to say โ€˜Put me on the [insert a number here] Coming with Oddsโ€™ and they could use the number their gut is telling them will roll next. By choosing not to go through the Come bet, the player willfully gives the house a bigger advantage. An alternative in that particular situation would be if the individual places a Place bet on the number 9 and keep their fingers crossed with the better odds in their favor.

Having all this information, every craps gaming enthusiast could come up with the right strategy and sequence of bets to be placed once the game is in full swing. It all depends on their gaming style and the particular craps game in progress.