Craps Free Odds Bet

The popular game of craps has been among the preferred casino offerings for many years, as it offers the players the chance to feel part of a close-knit community placing wagers on the craps table. Before doing so, every individual should be well-acquainted with each and every craps bet available and they should keep in mind that there are many opportunities for wagering.

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Today we are going to look into the very core of the Free Odds bet allowed on the craps table. Understanding its nature is bound to make players more confident while playing craps, as well as recognizing when the right time for this wager might be while they are engaged in live craps gaming.

Setting the Tone for Free Odds Bet

It really does not matter whether we are talking about an in-person craps gaming session or an online activity, players could rely on this craps bet to make their gaming session a positive one, the Free Odds bet is among the hidden gems craps enthusiasts should know about, as it could be used for improving one’s gaming experience for good.

One of the things that make this craps bet so important is that it comes with no house advantage and thus is could substantially support the player’s bankroll if it ends up being a winning wager. The Free Odds bet could not be used in any situation, as it comes with several special conditions. Leaving this aside, it is still a positive booster for the craps fans.

The wager itself should be introduced to the table as one of the elements of a bigger pattern. The first step of it is the placement of a Pass/Don’t Pass bet or a Come/Don’t Come wager. Without these two, the structure itself would not be possible. Once they have been placed and the craps crew has been notified about them, the player could place a Free Odds bet.

Free Odds Bet Basics

The lack of house edge I probably the main selling point of this wager, but players should know it well before placing it. Nowhere on the craps table is there an indication making its payout clear, but this should not discourage players from exploring everything it has up for grabs. Combining this wager with a flat one such as the Pass bet or the Don’t Come one reduces the house advantage coming with the latter and makes for a more favorable situation.

Every craps enthusiast could add as many Free Odds wagers to their flat bet and progressively reduce its house edge for their own benefit. When it comes to placing it, the steps player should follow are rather simple. Once the point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) has been established, Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets could be placed. The Free Odds wager should be placed in multiples of their initial bet in order for it to work.

In most cases, this means multiples of 1x, 2x, or 3x the original wager, but some casinos have special policies regarding this particular situation, Upon placing a Free Odds wager, one should also consult with the specific rules, as some casinos allow multiples of 10, 50, and even 100 times bigger. They tend to further lower the house edge. In order for this Free Odds wager to be a winning one, the established point number should come out before a 7.

Free Odds Bet Combinations

So far we have established that the popular Free Odds bet always comes as an addition to one of the flat ones. Now we are going to review everything happening when this is a Pass Line one. In this case, the craps enthusiast could slap a Free Odds bet on it and indicate their belief that the shooter will make a point. When it comes to the payout odds, for the numbers those are 6:5, whereas, for the numbers 5 and 9, the odds amount to 3:2

There are also the point numbers 4 and 10 and since they tend to roll least frequently, their payout odds amount to 2:1. Players should also note that placing their check behind the Pass Line bet is crucial for this multiple-step wager. Another situation involving the Free Odds bet is when it is in combination with a Don’t Pass bet. Once a point has been established by the shooter, a Free Odds bet could be added and this move is commonly referred to as laying odds.

The Don’t Pass wager is a specific one, as the craps enthusiast has to wager against the numbers 7 and 11. They want the shooter to not make their point and it often happens that they are cheerful when everyone else around the craps table is disappointed. If this similar pattern involves a Come bet instead the very conditions have to change. For instance, players will have to indicate to the dealer that they would like to take odds on the Come wager, further explaining everything around it.

Players also have the right to dynamically change the Free Odds bet as time progresses, meaning that they could reduce or increase it, as well as completely remove it and rely on the Come bet solely. This gives them the freedom to change their mind whenever they feel like it and act accordingly in order to protect their bankroll and swerve the craps action to their benefit.

The last option for benefitting from this special wager is if the craps fan combines it with a Don’t Come wager and thus lays odds on it. It works the same way as laying offs on a Don’t Pass wager and players will have to seek the assistance of the dealer in order to place it. Once again, the player also has the freedom to operate with its Free Odds bet the way they like and act accordingly.