Don’t Overlook Craps Don’t Pass Bets

Getting to know craps and its specifics is the key to success if an individual wants to be successful on the gaming table. Knowing the basics of all bets available during this game helps the player to make an informed choice when it is time for action. And they should keep in mind that the pace of this game is a rather quick one.

Players should be capable of thinking on their feet as the action progresses. Today we are going to review everything intriguing about the Don’t Pass Bet, one of the rather unusual wagers that could be placed on a traditional craps table. This is because players betting on it win when everyone else on the table is losing.

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Don’t Pass Bet Basics

There are so many wagers that could be made within a single craps game that players often end up feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of options. Don’t Pass is one of the bets that could easily be distinguished among several possibilities. It is quite popular among players, as it is able to give them a whole new perspective on the traditional craps game.

This betting offering makes it possible for the patron betting on it to win when everyone else is losing at the role of the dice. The individuals who prefer to wager on this type of bet are commonly referred to as “wrong” players. They are able to win big while other people on the table are probably losing their money.

This results in a mixed situation when some people around the craps table are cheerful while others are disappointed. Betting against the shooter is what is taking place in this situation. The position in which the winner of a Don’t Pass bet is a rather controversial one and it could lead to heated situations around the table. Players betting on it are advised to keep their wagers to themselves.

Don’t Pass Nature

Craps experts have made it clear in the past that people who wager on this controversial should keep their choice to themselves. When most players win that would spell a loss for the Don’t Pass fans. There are some similarities between this bet and the Pass Line bet, another intriguing option available on the traditional craps table, but the two are almost exact opposites.

Experienced craps players might have also noticed this similarity. The Don’t Pass bet available is a rather independent way to approach the dynamic craps game, as it allows the players to place it by themselves. It is a self-service bet, meaning that the dealer does not have to contribute to the bet placement. All patrons have to do is make up their mind and place their chips in the Don’t Pass area of the craps gaming table.

The bet itself could be placed on several numbers to the likes of 2, 3, or 12. The player who has chosen this specific type of bet wagers on one of those numbers appearing on the table when the dice roll. Those numbers are of utmost importance for craps players, as rolling them means that the patrons is a winner. When they have placed their bet on them, the players will lose if the numbers 7 or 11 come out.

What are the Odds?

Professional craps players are known for their detail-oriented thinking. This is why every individual interested in craps gaming should be well-acquainted with the odds coming with each and every one of the bets available. When it comes to the Don’t Pass bet, it pays 1:1 odds. This makes it one of the most preferred wagers placed on the craps table, as this is also the fairest bet one could be making.

The bet itself is known among craps enthusiasts as the one with almost even payout, which is why many individuals choose to commence their craps gaming adventure with it. It comes with some tweaks that could make it an even better choice for the people wanting to win it all. There is the Don’t Pass odds bet they could also make good use of. In this situation, the house edge reaches zero.

We have discussed house edge in the past and for those of you interested to learn more about the advantage of the casino itself, there is a publication available. Every casino benefits form the house edge coming with its games, as it should be able to continue its operation and pay wages, while also creating a premium atmosphere for its patrons.

There are some bets that allow the players to take advantage of a non-existent house edge. However, it should be taken into account that even in those situations, the casino is still winning. It uses the so-called vigorish taxes to benefit and stay afloat. When it comes to the Don’t Pass bet, the house advantage amounts to some 1.36 percent. The Don’t Pass Free Odds bet is not featured anywhere on the traditional craps gaming table.

Some Specifics

Players should be aware of its existence and selling points ahead of the craps gaming session. The Free Odds bet is placed following the initial Don’t Pass bet. It is all in the hand of Lady Fortuna from that point on, as the dice roll starts. When it comes to the mathematical side of things, players choosing this type of bet wager against the natural numbers 7 and 11.

They have to rely only on the craps numbers 2, 3, as well as 12. Depending on the policy of the particular casino they are playing at, players might not be considered winners if the number 12 is rolled. Those casinos consider the bet to be a push (also known as a draw) and they return the player their money wagered. The exception of the rule is usually clarified on the craps gaming table with the special Bar 12 zone of the layout.