SkillOnNet Software Review

skillonnetSkillOnNet is a multifaceted company that is involved in a little bit of everything when it comes to iGaming, or in other words online gambling. Their game development is concentrated under the GVC brand, and in this area, they do a little bit of everything from slots to live casino games.

What else the company offers, what they offer to players and casinos, where they come from, and what sort of licenses they hold are but a handful of the details we are going to go through in our review. You’ll find all the necessary information here, as well as the best possible list of online casinos that are run on the SkillOnNet platform or run their casino games. Join us as we have a look!

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The Origins

The company first started operating in 2005. They didn’t start as a white-label provider at first, and in fact, didn’t operate in the gambling industry at all. It only took a year or two for them to change their mind, and set them on their current course. That change was obviously a fortuitous one, as SkillOnNet is one of the major casino platforms today. Not because their solution would be the most used, but because it offers one of the highest quality experiences for casino players.

Originally located in Cyprus, they have since expanded to several locations in Europe. Though the early years of the company saw continuous success, it also included issues and problems. One of these was a rather big scandal with one of their games, which seems to have procured results quite unlike those advertised. Whether this was international, a mistake or something else was never clarified. No such scandal has arisen again, yet the fact that it was never addressed remains.

That little misstep aside, the company has done a good job of expanding into different fields. They’ve built their own casino games, slowly and surely, whilst also starting fresh online casinos, and providing a platform for all interested online casinos. This first started around 2010, with the company acquiring national licenses in Europe.

They then started expanding their own gaming portfolio, and finally, a year or two later started adding big names to their selection. Today they are partnered with some of the best-known gaming companies like Net Ent, NextGen, Evolution Gaming, Playson, and many more. Individual casinos can add thousands and thousands of different titles to the ever-expanding collection of casino games.

When it comes to online casinos, the company has kept the selection quite small. They have a handful of powerful brands of their own, such as PlayOJO, which launched in 2017. On top of this, the platform is used by third-party operators to run their own online casinos. Here too quality seems to triumph over quantity. It’s not surprising that this has led to the company raking up industry awards, such as the best white-label provider.

There’s not much more to the history of the company. As usual, it’s just a story of hard work and constant innovation to stay on top of the game. And from what we can tell it’s working out pretty well. This also seems to work in the players’ favour at times, as the casinos on this platform tend to offer stuff like bonuses without wagers. So it’s not all about software, and we’re eagerly waiting for future additions.

Online Slots and More

online-slots-and-moreWe’re not going to mention the thousands of slots, live dealer games, and other products that are available from the partnered companies. Those are left for other reviews, here we will simply concentrate on the games that the company itself has produced. As mentioned, their in-house brand is called GVC (which seems to stand for Green Valley Games).

Three-reel and five-reel games are pretty much the two combinations at play. There’s not much experimentation when it comes to prize systems either. It’s just paylines in various different configurations. You can expect pretty much the standard experience in this area. Luckily, the RTP also goes for the standard, which is north of 96 % these days. Betting options are pretty diverse, from a mere cent to hundreds of dollars. Remember to play according to your bankroll.

Special features aren’t entirely surprising either. Wilds, scatters, and bonus spins make up most of it. Sometimes you get other modifiers, such as wins that pay from both sides. Bonus zones, multipliers, and other such modifiers are also available. Whilst this isn’t the most adventurous selection it still manages to keep the spins interesting for the player. And naturally, some pretty big wins are available.

Card and table games offer a couple of dozen different options to choose from. There’s obviously a handful of roulette and blackjack variations, but also a bit less known titles like Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, Craps, and others. Scratch cards likewise give you a couple of dozen options to choose from, some with pretty incredible wins. The gameplay might not be diverse, but that doesn’t mean you would get some pretty exciting scratches out of all this. Finally, a selection of extra games is available. These are rather simple, offering wheels of fortune or dice games as ways to calculate wins. Some of these games also offer jackpots.

What Makes it Special?

what-makes-it-specialAs you can tell, the gaming selection isn’t really at the top of the list. Not that these games wouldn’t be bad, or they wouldn’t compete with plenty of other games. Simply that the company doesn’t really produce the kinds of games that would make the news, or gather awards.

So to find out the special part, we need to look at the other products. That is the casino platform and the company’s own online casinos. It’s pretty obvious that we get to bonuses and promotions when talking about this subject. You have your usual assortment of bonus cash and bonus spins promotions, both obviously up to the individual casinos to decide on.

Something that we have noticed to stand out is the no wager requirements. That is true if you check out the company’s own casino site. Spins and cash tend to come with no restrictions whatsoever.

Attention to high quality seems to be one of the major aspects that this company concentrates on. And that’s true whether it is about customer service, trust in high-end licenses, cooperation with all the best payment providers, the most valued selection of casino game producers as partners, or the best loyalty bonuses and promotions.

Other Solutions

These aren’t as important, or interesting, for the player, though they are essential for online casinos to function properly. This so-called back office software is what keeps the casinos running, and allows them to handle the needs of the player in the best possible manner.

One of the aspects that SkillOnNet has paid attention to is personalising marketing, loyalty and bonuses for individual players. This means that the casinos automatically get a pretty good picture of what you are doing at the site, and can then choose to do their best to cater to your needs.

The company also offers a complete customer support solution. In other words, they have dedicated teams that serve different brands, often in a variety of languages. For Canadians, that means that French and English are both sure to be covered. Live chat, email, and phone are all options that individual casinos can choose to offer to their players. Whilst their own gaming selection isn’t the most impressive one, they more than make up for it by perfecting every other part of the casino experience.

And naturally, all of this comes with complete mobile support. The whole setup has been consistently developed since 2005, and it’s no surprise it’s one of the best ones available today. You too will notice this no matter which SkillOnNet online casino you end up trying.

the-legal-side-of-thingsThe list of licenses for SkillOnNet covers pretty much all the important ones from Europe and a couple of other ones on top of that. Their own casinos have also been approved for the Ontario market, which means that they are a legit option for Canadian players. And you can find all the casinos that this applies to right here.

One of the first licenses the company applied for was the Danish gambling license. To this, they seem to add one or two other licenses per year. Today they hold gambling licenses in the following major jurisdictions: Malta, the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Spain. They are present in other countries, and continents too. For example, they’re one of the first producers to run online casinos in Mexico. You can add in all the licenses their partners have, ensuring that this is a fully legal and reliable game producer.

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