Online Casinos With Boku in Canada

It’s been years since gambling went online, and a lot has changed since then. The technology has improved so much and made online gambling way more accessible than before. Today, you can gamble online using any device you own, be it a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, or any desktop device.

This has, in return, created an excellent environment for new payment methods to appear, methods that could use any piece of technology in their advantage. One such method that has made the best out of the popularity of mobile devices and used it as the basis of their existence is Boku. Why is Boku a popular online payment method?

Boku – The Basics

boku-casino-the-basics-image1Boku is a payment processing system that completely and utterly made use of mobile devices’ popularity. Considering people nowadays are not separating from their mobile devices, they are the perfect means to process money with and use for their everyday purchases and payments. A group of Californian professionals with backgrounds in major brands such as American Express, Bank of America Amazon, VISA, AT & T, and Intuit, among others, came up with an idea of how to use mobile devices and create a special payment method to conduct secure transactions with.

The mobile payment method…

…was born somewhere around 2003 in San Francisco, taking the SIM card and turning it into an individual ID to successfully identify every user. Initially, it was solely a pay-by-phone service, but later on, it managed to extend its services and allow users to access it via any tablet or desktop device, too.

What’s special about it is the security…

…level with which all operations are processed. Since it is operating in collaboration with mobile phone operators, it managed to create an extremely secure environment for payment processing. In addition to encryption and other high-end protection measures, Boku eliminates the need of sharing any private or banking information. The fact that it uses the phone number as an ID and charges the purchases and payments you make to your mobile phone bill at the end of the month completely eliminates the need of sharing any information. Add to that the mentioned security measures it employs, and you’ve got yourself a bullet-proof safe payment solution.


…precisely for all of these reasons, Boku is one of the top payment methods available across Canadian online casinos. The solution is available in around 70 countries all around the world, Canada included. It supports both English and French, as well as Spanish and Dutch among others, and offers a Customer Support service in more than 20 languages. Judging by all of this, it should come as no surprise to find it available in virtually any Canadian online casino you may want to join. Continue reading to figure out how to get started with it and why to use it across these sites.

Getting Started with Boku

getting-started-with-boku-image2It is evident that Boku is a world-class payment solution that you can access at both mobile and online platforms. But, you should know that it offers two types of solutions, Boku Direct and Boku Checkout. Boku Direct is available on both online and mobile platforms, while Boku Checkout is entirely web-based. The former gives you the chance to log into the system by entering a phone number, while the latter allows you to make single payments with your phone number. They are both extremely useful, depending on what you need them for.

To get started with it…

…you first need to register it as your payment solution on the site you wish to make a payment to. You would need to go to the website and provide your phone number, of course, and your email address. You will be contacted by the company via a text message on your mobile device. You would need to verify your identity that way, and in just a few taps on your device, you can start using it across online casinos.

Your phone number…

…will be your ID and you won’t need to provide further documents to prove your identity, as long as you’re paying with your mobile device. Once you confirm your identity by responding to the authentication SMS on the mobile phone number you listed, you are ready to start using it however it suits you.

Using Boku Across Online Casinos

boku-casino-imageAfter you’re done with the straightforward getting started procedure, you can start searching for online casinos to join. Luckily for you, there are many excellent online casino sites that accept it, which also accept Canadian players. Once you’ve found the one for you, you can continue with the next step, depositing.

To make a deposit with Boku…

…you would need to go to the casino’s Banking/Cashier page. From the list of offered methods, either click on the “Pay By Phone” option or look for Boku’s logo and click on it. You would need to choose from a list of partnered mobile phone operators to continue with the procedure.

Access the service by entering your credentials, ergo, the phone number and password that you created upon registration, and enter the amount of money you wish to deposit at your chosen online casino.

Boku would require…

…from you to confirm the transaction. The dual-factor authentication is done via SMS, where you’ll need to confirm the transaction via SMS, in order for the service to process it and add it to your monthly phone bill. As soon as you do that, you will see the money transferred on your online casino balance.

As you would assume, though…

as-you-would-assume-though-withdrawals-with-boku-are-not-an-option-image3…withdrawals with Boku are not an option. Considering it is a pay-by-phone solution, withdrawals with it are not facilitated. Due to its nature, it only executes one-way transactions from your phone bill to your online casino. There’s no return address. However, you have plenty of alternative withdrawal methods for Canadians to use if you want to keep your online gambling experience safe, like eWallets or cryptocurrencies, which also require as little information sharing as possible, and as good security measures to keep both your private and banking details protected.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage…

…you get by using Boku, and its strongest suit for that matter is the security you get by using it. Most online casino players are using it precisely, for this reason, to avoid sharing any further information but a phone number. The security standards set by the service are exceptional, so whenever depositing with it, you can rest assured that your sensitive details are completely safe.

Another positive aspect of using it is the lack of fees. This mobile payment processing service charges no fees at all from you as a user, as it has found a source of sustainability that would require users to pay nothing to use it. Add to that its availability across around 70 countries and around 200 carriers, and you’ve got yourself a solution used by over 3 billion users across the world.

And then, we have the compatibility with all devices and the fact that it processes transactions in an instant. When using Boku to play across online casino sites, you can access it via any desktop and mobile device, and start playing your favourite games right away, as the minute you confirm your transaction, it is available on your casino balance momentarily for you to enjoy Android or iPhone slots, mobile video poker or any other game you want.

On the other side…

…there are two major disadvantages and one minor. The fact that it cannot be used for withdrawals is one of the more serious downsides since you would need to look for an alternative method to cash out your winnings. And the fact that it limits the transaction amount that can be processed in a single transaction to $30 is another huge drawback. Therefore, it is suited best for casual and novice online casino players, and certainly not high-rollers wanting to make massive deposits and play high stakes games like blackjack, for instance. Finally, the regulatory restrictions imposed by some countries like the USA, forbid its services across online gambling platforms, therefore, some players are restricted from using it across online casino sites.


No. Considering it does not require registration, the only thing it collects is your phone number, which is treated with the utmost privacy and discretion.

When you visit its official website, you will see that Boku offers an entire Support page you can explore. In there, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. But, there are also separate on-site contact forms you can use to explain your issue and wait for the support to contact you with the details on how to resolve it.

Sure. Bonuses are available to any player, regardless of the payment methods they use. But, you may find special bonus offers for Boku users, too, if the operator is encouraging the use of the mobile payment service and recommending it to players.

When you make a wrong transaction, try resolving the problem with the online casino first. If that doesn’t help, you can file a claim directly with Boku, should there be a dispute for any payment.

Yes. Boku ensures to keep a record of all transactions you’ve made with it, which are added to your phone bill. However, as an added layer of protection, it does not disclose any details about the casino platform you’ve used or other information that could be misused.