American Express

american-expressThe list of available payment methods across Canadian online casinos is huge, and one method that it’s almost always offered is American Express. This is one of the oldest and longest-standing payment processing providers, with a long history, which offers all kinds of products to users. Of course, the most popular product and the one that it’s most used across online casinos is the credit card. Therefore, stay with us to learn all the perks you’ll get for choosing precisely this card as your online casino payment method. Why use American Express across online casinos?

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About American Express

As introduced, American Express is one of the oldest payment processors, based in the US, that has been operating for ages, really. Its story began way back in 1850, as an express post delivery service. The fact that it was launched in the 19th century and has managed to stay on top for all those years speaks volumes, but let’s review its roots and beginnings to get you to the point it is today.

Even though launched as an express post delivery service, being efficient in processing payments without much effort, the solution started being used for many other purposes and expanded to other industries, as well, continually improving its services and evolving.

In fact, it managed to be at the forefront of the banking scene, stealing the spotlight and becoming one of the hottest solutions to use across the US. In 1952, when it merged with another major financial institution, Wells and Fargo, it became even more attractive to both users and businesses, and its nationwide success was guaranteed.

As years went by, the company behind it managed to launch many other services we know today, and this was mainly because there was a serious lack of methods to use to transfer money from and to Europe at the time. By the end of the 20th century, it underwent many other mergers, but when it started issuing credit cards, the product we use today, it got global attention. It became a name known to everyone across the globe, a symbol of credibility and fiscal stability, as it expanded its reach to a variety of other industries, the travel industry included.

Today, it is a solution that offers cards tailored for any business or person. Whether you’d want to get issued with a personal credit card, cashback card, gift card or get all types of travel miles, all you need to do is apply for it! Once you’re issued your card, you get membership points as well as many other privileges you can save to use later. The card, moreover, will be crafted to suit your preferences and needs, therefore, you’ll feel like royalty whenever you’re using your special card. Plus, you can create an account with it to be always in control of your spending and have an insight into your transactions.

Having all of these great things in mind, it should come as no surprise that American Express is one of the most popular credit cards used across online casinos, especially by US and Canadian players. This is a card that is really popular across Canadian online casinos, so if you’re willing to get started with it, stay with us as we’ll explain the process next.

Getting Started with the Solution

 getting-started-with-the-solutionEven though you’d be applying for a credit card, to get American Express, you won’t need to physically visit a bank. Contrary to other methods of its type, to apply for a credit card, you’d only need to go to its official website.

You’d need to choose from the many credit card types offered, so our advice would be to spend a bit of your time exploring your options, as each card arrives with different terms of use and many different perks and benefits. The Platinum, Blue Sky, AmEx Gold and Simply Cash Card are some of the most popular card options, so you might want to have a closer look at them. Welcome Bonus points, discounts at hand-picked retailers and travel miles are just some of the perks you’ll get.

You’re probably aware of this fact, at least seen it in movies, but the Black AmEx card is the it-card. This is a card that can only be issued to those who meet the high-standard requirements, a select pool of elite users, and is not commercialized, so you best not have your hopes up, unless, of course, you’re a millionaire that meets the preconditions.

To apply for a card, you’d need to provide your income source, total taxable and non-taxable annual income, social security number, home number, mobile phone number, email address, full name and date of birth. Then, select whether you’d want to be sent a one-time SMS informing you whether your card is approved. Finally, accept the Terms and Conditions, after you’ve read them, of course, and submit the application.

The company, in collaboration with credit bureaus, will review your credit history, and review many other factors before it approves your application. Don’t worry, though, it won’t take it more than 30 seconds to quickly vet the details you provided; that’s how efficient the solution is! Should your application be approved, you’ll get the Decision within 30 seconds, and the card in a few days, at your home address. After you’ve received your card, don’t forget to create your online account to get better control of your transactions, by following the intuitive steps as explained on the website.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We said that the credit card is incredibly popular in the US, not only because it was established there, but also because of the new card codes across legalized states have been implemented, offering further security. But, we also said that the card is the number one choice for users in Canada, too. And available across most, if not all, Canadian casinos. Therefore, as a Canadian player, you should not worry about the choices at your disposal; you should take your time and invest it into finding the proper casino to join. As soon as you do, make sure you create your account with that casino, and you’ll be ready to start depositing!

To make a deposit with American Express, you would need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Cashier/Deposits page at your chosen online casino.
  2. Look for the American Express logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter the card number, expiration date, card security code, and the amount you’d like to deposit.
  4. Confirm the transaction by pressing the Deposit to Account button and your deposit will arrive on your casino balance in no time.

It is no rocket science, as you can see, since depositing with AmEx is like depositing with any other card. After you’ve played your preferred games and you’ve won something, you’d want to cash out your winnings. With American Express, withdrawals are incredibly easy. You’d need to go through the same steps as explained for depositing and specify how much you’d like to withdraw. The money will arrive on your card as soon as the casino approves it.

Applicable Fees

We cannot sugarcoat the fact that American Express comes with fees. Depending on your creditworthiness, the type of card you’re using, the type of service, and the transactions you’re making with your card, these fees can vary, but usually, the following are the fees charged: penalty fees of up to $40, APR (annual percentage rate) of 15.99% to 22.99%, a fixed fee of 1.33%, a 5% or $10 of the amount of cash for using cash advance services and a $250 annual membership fee. To make sure which fees would apply to the card you’re willing to apply for, visit the official website.

Accepted Currencies

accepted-currenciesWe said that American Express is a global solution, therefore, as expected, most mainstream worldwide currencies are offered.

The Canadian dollar is, naturally, offered for both settlement and submission, but so are US dollars, New Zealand dollars, Swiss francs, Swedish krone, euros, UK pounds and Australian dollars, as well as Hong Kong dollars, Japanese yens and Norwegian krone. Other currencies available across the globe are only for submission.


Accepted across over 130 countries globally, it is safe to say that American Express is truly global. You’ll find it almost everywhere, Canada included, and all it takes to check whether it is an option in a country, you’d need to visit its website and check the provided list of accepted countries.

In addition to the US and Canada, the following are some of the countries on the accepted countries list, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Latin America, among others.

Customer Support

Being a leading payment processor, AmEx offers an extensive and detailed Help page where you could find answers to problems and questions in a matter of seconds. You can explore the page in the search of answers, though, you can also contact its trained and experienced Customer Support team.

You can use the Chat With Us option by logging into your account, or you can choose the Call or Write option and dial 1-800-528-4800. You have plenty of other numbers and options to get in touch with the team, depending on your inquiry. The team is at your disposal 24/7, so whenever you’re into trouble, make sure you contact them.


American Express is, without a doubt, one of the most convenient methods to use as a Canadian player, both across Canadian and international online casinos. It is almost certainly an option for deposits and withdrawals, it allows for transactions in Canadian dollars, it is easy to get started with and use, and it offers exceptional Customer Support service. Sure, fees apply, but they always do with credit cards. Therefore, if you still haven’t, make sure you apply for your AmEx card, to enjoy all the perks it comes with.