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Even though there are so many other innovative payment solutions available across online casinos today, many players stick to the more traditional ones, such as prepaid cards, so if such a player, make sure you check out AstroPay Card. This is a virtual prepaid card that is available across many markets worldwide, Canada included, even though its focus markets are Latin American. It can be incredibly useful for online casino gambling transactions since it is super-easy to get started with and comes in many denominations. Deposits with it are fast and convenient and using it, you never get to share any banking details with the online casino. Why use AstroPay Card as your online casino payment method?

About AstroPay Card

In 2009, a company based in UK, AstroPay Global Corporation LLP Group, launched a virtual prepaid card that took over the world. The company, even though with London headquarters, aimed at making the solution available across the globe, for international transactions. The first two markets it targeted were China and, of course, Latin America, which remained its predominant, key market. Considering it was super convenient to use, the card caught straight up and became a huge hit among the users from these two markets.

Being such a success, the company decided to broaden its scope and start offering the card to other markets, as well. It expanded to the European market, but also across so many other markets, Canada included. We’ll cover the availability soon, but you should know that the card has reached all parts of the world. For that reason precisely, it allows for multiple denominations and currencies to be used upon purchase. Canadian dollars are an option, but so are many others, to be elaborated on soon. The best part is, purchasing it comes with no extra costs, no fees whatsoever!

The main product, the virtual prepaid card, is perfect for online casino transactions. The denominations it comes with can suit any player’s budget, even high-rollers. Since you can fund your card from $25 to $500, it means you’ll be able to make some of the highest deposits at an online casino. You should know, though, that the company has also started offering other products, the AstroPay Direct service, the debit card and the eWallet service. As implied by its name, the Direct service is a direct payment solution, a product rolled out a few years after the original prepaid card. The debit card was launched in collaboration with VISA, while the eWallet functions on its own, but you need to have an active mobile number to get started with it.

Now, about online gambling transactions. We said that the solution is convenient, but is it available across many Canadian casinos? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, you’ll find it across the best Canadian casinos, some of which are reviewed here on our site. Therefore, since you have no obstacles when it comes to using it, stay with us to learn how to start using it right away, to make the smoothest online casino deposits!

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionLet’s start with the secondary products so that we can focus more on AstroPay Card prepaid card later since that’s what we’re interested in.

The direct payment solution is available to anyone with an online banking profile. You don’t even have to register an account with it. You just need to request a transaction via it at a chosen platform, say, the online casino, and thanks to the background process involved, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’d need to choose your bank, and specify how much you’d like to transfer. This would be like a regular bank transfer, only done via AstroPay Card’s system. The debit card is like a normal debit card, only virtual and available on your mobile device, to be used wherever VISA is accepted. The eWallet solution is global, of course, and it functions basically like any other eWallet. This is the newest solution rolled out by the company, so it’s yet to reach its peak.

Now, let’s get back to our prepaid card. You can purchase it via any iOS or Android device, either via your browser or by downloading the respective apps on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also use a desktop device, whichever suits you. Just visit its official website or install the app, and start the registration procedure. You’d need to provide your full name, email and address, and select your preferred payment method to fund your prepaid card. Then, you’d need to select the denomination from the range of options available, and proceed by paying. You’ll receive an email containing important details about the card, such as the number and code you’d need to enter whenever using it, and the expiration date.

Speaking of which, the card comes with an expiration date, so you need to use your funds before it expires. Don’t worry, though, since you have 12 months to make sure to use your funds. Since it is not reloadable, you cannot add more funds to it. And, speaking of the card number, this is a 16-digit code that you need to keep safe as this would be your key to making transactions with your card.

And when it comes to the payment methods you could use to purchase it, you have some of the world’s most used payment solutions such as debit and credit cards, direct bank transfer, as well as cryptocurrencies Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, to name a few. But as you could gather, the best thing about the AstroPay Card prepaid card is, even though you will use different methods to purchase it, your banking details will never be shared with the online casino. So, let’s continue by sharing how to use it across Canadian online casinos.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We said that AstroPay Card is today accepted across many casinos and that you already have some reviewed here at There are actually over a dozen premier Canadian casinos offering it, including Blazzio Casino, Betstro Casino, BetsAmigo Casino, LuckBox, and DexterBet, among others. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of choices to explore in your search for finding the proper casino for you. As soon as you do, create your account with it.

To make a deposit with AstroPay Card, go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Payment Methods page.
  2. From the list of Deposit methods, find AstroPay Card’s logo and press it.
  3. Enter the card details, as well as the 16-digit code and the CVV number.
  4. Specify how much you’d want to deposit.
  5. Confirm the transaction and see the money being transferred to your casino balance instantly.

As you would assume, since this is not a reloadable card, you won’t be able to make withdrawals with it. If you check the reviewed casinos that accept it, you’ll see that it is not offered for withdrawals but only for deposits. Therefore, to cash out your winnings, you’d need to check out for some other solutions. You could use its own eWallet here, but you’d need to create an account with it.

Applicable Fees

We mentioned this already, but we have to emphasize that AstroPay Card comes with no fees whatsoever. You won’t be paying fees upon purchase or for transactions.

And since there is an expiry date and the card is not reloadable, you even avoid maintenance fees. Therefore, this is a completely fee-free solution to use.

Accepted Currencies

Canadian dollars are, as said, an option to purchase the card. Of course, we said, since the solution is global, there are so many other options, including US dollars, euros, Indian rupees, Great Britain pound/sterling and Japanese yuan, among others.

But as we mentioned, you can even purchase the card using several cryptocurrencies, therefore, you have a lot of options as a Canadian player, if you’re also holding some crypto coins.


Canada is among the eligible countries, but AstroPay Card is available across the globe, even though LatAm is the predominant market.

You will find it in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, therefore, but also Germany, Greece, Finland and Croatia, among many, many others.

Customer Support

AstroPay Card has a really thorough official website you could explore, as mentioned. On it, you’ll find a Contact page, containing a contact form that you could fill out, and someone from its team will reach out to you with an answer in no time. You’d need to provide your name and address, the subject of the message and the message itself. There’s also an extensive FAQs page you could explore in the search of answers.

Of course, you can also reach out to the casino’s Customer Support team. They should be able to guide you through the depositing process, if that’s what you’re having issues with, and even provide guidance on which withdrawal method would suit you most as a Canadian player since withdrawals with the card are not an option.


As a player from Canada, AstroPay Card should be a payment method you should consider using for deposits across online casinos. It can be purchased with Canadian dollars and cryptocurrencies, it is available across the finest Canadian casinos, and it comes with no fees whatsoever. Your banking details will never be shared with the operator, so it is perfectly safe to use for online gambling transactions. Therefore, all you have to do is explore a few casino options, join one that accepts the card, and start making the smoothest deposits ever!


The unused funds, as transparently said by the solution, will be collected by the service and you won’t be able to retrieve them. Therefore, make sure you use all of your funds before the card expires.

The apps, regardless of whether you need to download the iOS or Android app, are free to download, therefore, it won’t cost anything to give them a try.

It sure is. You will find the solution on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Just write its name in the search bar on any of these social media outlets and you’ll find its respective profile.

The company behind the card, AstroPay Global Corporation LPP, is authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, under the Electronic Money Regulations of 2011. Therefore, you can rest assured that the solution is overseen by proper authorities and is allowed to process money the way it does.

If you were hoping to get support in French, don’t get your hopes up. In addition to English, the Support agents do speak other languages, though, such as Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish.