Taking it to the Streets with Street Craps

Street Craps is among the most popular gaming offerings out there, as it intertwines the thrill of fast-paced gambling and the convenience of the informal situation. Players are drawn to it when they are in a group with their friends, making it a great gaming activity for the evenings when friends are seeking for a little bit of thrill via a friendly game.

Due to the street nature it has, this gambling form comes with various different names. Some people call it Shooting Dice while others commonly refer to it as Ghetto Craps. It is important to know that regardless of the particular name players use to refer to the gaming offering, it all comes to similar gameplay.

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History of Street Craps

Street Craps first became extremely popular as a gaming opportunity towards the end of the 20th century. Players in neighborhoods needed a new riveting game to play while also wagering. The cash factor is always a selling point for every gaming offering. It draws more players to it and makes them more invested down the road. They engaged in the new game on sidewalks and street corners, usually bringing together people from all over the neighborhood.

One of the earliest information related to a craps-like game could be dated back to the Roman empire, where soldiers used pig knucklebones as a primitive dice and threw them on their armor shields. They were the flat surface every craps game requires. Another theory claims that the origins of craps go all the way back to the Arabs, whose merchants popularized the game and transported it to Europe in the 12th century.

The 17th century saw this game become viral across French taverns where people were playing crouched on the floor or the sidewalk. They bonded with their friends, found new ones, and nevertheless won money while also being entertained by the new gambling activity. Its simple nature is what made it so popular and widely spread.

Street Craps Rules

This informal type of craps game has its slightly different rules that should be respected when players are involved in it. The wagers in street craps are made against the money players put up against each other. This factor should be taken into account upon entering the gaming zone. When it comes to the dealers’ crew, every game could come with a different set of players performing their duties.

The shooter is the individual shooting the dice while the game is in full swing and they are capable of setting the pace of the game. This happens with the initial bet they place, which is then followed by the remaining players until they have covered the wager announced by the shooter. What happens next is the come-out roll that could essentially make or break the game, as rolling 2, 3, or 12 could spell a loss for the shooter and those betting for him.

In the meantime, rolling 2 or 3 means they are set for a win. Highlighting a Point number is also crucial for the game of street craps. It depends on the Come out roll, determining a number different than the aforementioned five numbers. Players have to roll the Point number before rolling 7, also known as the Out 7. This would guarantee them staying in the game and continuing the action. Rolling the Point number spells win for the player who has done so.

Difference Between the Casino and the Street

There are some things that should be taken into account when one participates in street craps gaming action, as the latter also comes with a more casual feel to it. A group of friends gathers around a flat surface allowing them to gamble and throw the dice without anything getting in the way or obstructing the action. In addition to that, the street version of the popular craps game does not feature a banker.

There is no individual taking the role of the banker, who handles the money throughout the entire game. The banker’s role in casino craps action is to keep a close eye on all the bets taking place on the table, a task that requires their full attention and quick reactions. Casino craps is known for its dynamic pace of gaming joined by the keywords being yelled for the dealers to hear. The banker is also taking care of the payments to the players once they become eligible for a cash payout.

Street craps does not feature such individual and players have to take care of those tasks on their own. Closely monitoring the action is crucial for the hassle-free pace of the street craps, as this warrants all players receive fair chances of winning big. Another thing to be taken into account is the absence of a craps table. This makes it impossible for some more complicated bets to be placed which could be limiting for the individuals engaging in this pastime activity.

Street Craps Specifics

As a result of the fairly simplified gaming action and setting, players have the opportunity to place their bets on the Pass and Don’t Pass wagering zones only. Many other betting options available in a traditional casino craps game are unavailable while participating in the more casual version of the game. Just like many gambling activities held between friends and in a more casual setting, street craps is unable to provide the needed protection to its players.

This means that in the case of conflict of interests or other unfairness, a player has nobody to turn to. The gaming activity is considered illegal and it is an unregulated one, which explains the controversial nature it might have. Craps players should be wary of the fines they face if the authorities find out there is illegal street craps action happening.

As it often happens, players disregard the warnings and participate in the riveting offering regardless of them. It is a way of creating bonds, fortifying existing ones, and generally having a good time with friends. Many individuals perceive is as a way to work on their skills and quick reactions until they feel confident enough to participate in casino craps action.