iPhone Slots

Mobile gaming is reaching ever higher levels of popularity, with smartphones and tablets becoming more ingrained in our lives. Online casinos have not failed to take this into account and have already started development of their mobile platforms several years ago. This had led to the rise of on-the-go gambling and users are not able to play their favorite games, without the need to be chained to their desktop computer.

One of the most popular smartphone types out there is the Apple iPhone, which was instrumental in bringing smartphones into the mainstream back in 2007. Nowadays, it is one of the most widely known consumer devices and it has reached almost cult-like levels of popularity.

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The iPhone is one of the most prestigious smartphones that you can own and there are also quite a lot of casino games which you can play with it. In this article, we will discuss mobile gaming on the iPhone and even give you examples of some of the most popular games which you can play.

Differences Between iPhone and Desktop Slots

slots differencesNaturally, there is a significant difference between the slots games that you play on your iPhone and the ones that you access from your mobile device. These will become quite noticeable when you load the games for the first time and you will find that the mobile versions have their own unique features and appearances. One very noticeable difference between mobile and desktop games is in their user interfaces. Whereas the desktop version can benefit from a full-sized monitor, mobile games have much less to work with, often being portrayed on 4- to 6-inch displays. This alone is enough to warrant a change in how the slot looks and feels.

When you open a slot game on your iPhone, you will immediately recognize that it the user interface has been adapted to fit on the smaller display. Menus have been adjusted to be more legible on the small smartphone screen, thus making the experience better. Each section of the game has to be refitted to be usable and software providers have done an excellent job in making this possible. Moreover, you will also find that mobile games feature a minimalistic design language and less clutter on the screen, giving users more use out the smaller screen real estate.

Most changes made to mobile games are purely cosmetic and will not have a significant effect on the general gameplay. The differences are mostly on the surface and you will hardly notice them when spinning the reels. Each mobile game still comes with the same rules and pay tables as its desktop counterpart. In fact, the changes are so minuscule that you will be able to play for hours on end before you see any significant differences. Software providers often put in a lot of work to make sure that iPhone player get the full user experience and their efforts are to be commended.

Online Casino Apps on the App Store

online casino appsUnlike its competition, Apple has decided to embrace online gambling, fully endorsing the inclusion of online casino apps on its app store. There you will be able to download and install a great variety of application which will give you access to several of the best online casinos in the industry. It is one of the most convenient ways to play on your iPhone device as you can look up an online casino and simply install its app. This is not possible on any Android device, as Google has taken a stance against real-money gambling apps on its Play Store.

Alternatively, if you do not wish or are unable for any reason to download and install a dedicated application to your iPhone, you could always access an online casino via its instant play interface. This works exactly as it sounds; basically, you load the casino website within the window of your browser, select your favorite slot game and start spinning its reels. It is simple, convenient and anyone can do it.

Advantages of Playing iPhone Slots

slots iphone mobileThere are many advantages to playing slots on your iPhone device as opposed on your desktop computer and here we will acknowledge some of them. One such advantage is the ability to play anywhere, regardless of time and place.

Smartphones have given us access to the Internet from just about anywhere in the world and this is quickly becoming something that we cannot live without. The same is true for online gambling, as well. Whereas before we were limited to our desktop computers to enjoy our favorite slot titles, iPhones have gives us the opportunity to take our games wherever we go. Now we are able to spin the reels of our favorite slots during our morning commute to work or while waiting for a friend to show up. Passing the time during boring moments has become much more exciting ever since slot games become available on our iPhones.

Something else that most players do not consider at first is that some of the most popular slot games were developed at a time when smartphones and tablets were not a factor. In order to satisfy mobile users, software providers had to adapt these games after they were already created and in doing so they also had to update them for the new high-resolution screens that mobile devices came with. This means that mobile users will be able to play slightly better-looking games than desktop ones.

Disadvantages of Playing iPhone Slots

iphone slots disadvantagesSince nothing in this world is perfect, there are also some disadvantages that also have to be taken into account. For one, you will need a constant connection to the Internet to be able to play slot games on your mobile device. This is less of a problem than it was several years ago, now that data plans are widely available. However, you may find yourself in a location with poor reception or an unstable connection, which will prevent you from playing your favorite games.

Something else that you also have to consider is that when playing on your iPhone you will be limited by the device’s battery charge. The iPhone is notorious for having less than ideal battery life and you may find yourself looking for a power plug to charge your phone. Of course, this negates the purpose of playing on a mobile device, as you would have to stand still while your iPhone charges. Power users may not be fully satisfied by their device’s capabilities after an hour or two of play and may prefer to play on their desktop computer instead. Power banks have become a common feature exactly for this reason and they can now be purchased on the Internet or at most retail computer shops.

Finally, there may also be the possibility that your favorite slot games are simply not available on your iPhone. Unfortunately, only a fraction of all online casino titles can be played on your iPhone and while software providers are hard at work at making new games both desktop- and mobile-accessible, many older titles will not be upgraded to support the mobile format. If your favorite games were developed before smartphones and tablets entered the mainstream and are not already updated to support them, then there is a good chance that they never will be. Software providers have already adapted their most popular games to be available on mobile devices, but for every one that they adapt, they abandon five more to only the desktop format.

Having covered the important aspects of iPhone slots, now it is time to give you some examples of what you can actually play. Since there are so many slots out there, we have done the grunt work and listed some of the most popular titles on the market, so that you can start playing as soon as you wish to.

Each of the games found below has stood the test of time and is commonly available at many online casinos. We can guarantee that playing these games will provide you with many hours of fun and excitement, all without the need to sit at your desk.

Age of the Gods

age of the gods slotAge of the Gods is not a single slot game, rather it is a whole series of titles, developed by Playtech. This selection of games are some of the most popular on the market and can be found at a wide variety of Playtech-powered online casinos. They all feature a slightly different Greek Mythology theme, portraying various gods and mythical figures.

Moreover, you will have a chance to win a progressive jackpot that is linked across all Age of the Gods games and across all online casinos that feature this series. While we cannot go into detail about every single game in the series, we can say that they are some of the best that the online casino industry has to provide

Book of Dead

slots book of dead play n goBook of Dead is one of Play’n GO’s most popular slot games, which you can easily play on any mobile device, including your iPhone. This game comes with 5 reels and 10 unique paylines, upon which winning combinations can be formed. The betting limits of Book of Dead are quite liberal allowing you to wager up to 50.00 units of currency per spin. The maximum number of coins per payline is 5 and those can have an assigned value between 0.01 and 1.00 units.

The theme of the game is about Ancient Egypt and we are treated to various imagery of gods and other relics from this era. The graphics are beautiful to look at, while the background music is quite immersive and striking. There are multiple symbols in the game, but the Book symbol is the most important one. It serves as both a Wild and Scatter, substituting for any other symbol on the reels and also paying out regardless of its positions on the grid.

Book of Dead also has some excellent features which will make your gameplay much more exciting than your average slot game. Spinning 3 or more of the Book symbol will trigger a round of 10 free games, during which the Expanding Symbol feature will also be activated. This feature will cause a certain symbol to expand and cover all 3 positions on a certain reel, allowing you to win up to 250,000 coins if you are lucky enough.

Avalon II

avalon II slotAvalon II is the follow-up game to Microgaming’s hit Avalon game. It quickly became one of the most popular games on the market soon after it was released and is enjoying a special place in any Microgaming-powered online casino. The Arthurian legends are everyone’s favorite and Microgaming brings them to the slot format. Avalon II comes with a 243-way-to-win system rather than traditional paylines and it also comes with relatively accepting betting limits, with players being able to wager up to 7.50 units of currency per spin.

The theme of the game is mostly self-explanatory as everyone is familiar with the Arthurian mythos. The symbols in Avalon II also contribute highly to the overall look and feel, portraying various characters from the stories, such as Morgan, Arthur, Merlin and others. There are also several special symbols in the game such as the Wild which substitutes for all other symbols on the paylines or the Scatter which can pay in any direction and trigger the many bonus rounds.

Avalon II takes a different approach to its bonus mini-games when compared to other titles in the genre. Rather than offer a static and linear feature, Avalon II will have you go on a quest, progressing through all of the bonus levels and earning worthwhile rewards along the way. It is truly remarkable and will make your experience very memorable.

Mega Moolah

progressive jackpot mega moolahMega Moolah is arguably the most popular slot game to ever come out of Microgaming’s development studios. It can be found at any online casino that works with Microgaming software and is an all-time classic. Mega Moolah features 25 paylines on its 5 reels and will allow you to wager up to 5 coins per line, with a value ranging from 0.01 and 0.05, resulting in a maximum bet of 6.25 units.

Mega Moolah sports a lighthearted animal theme, which will have you smiling every time you spin the reels. This is also showcased in the symbols of the game, which portray various members of the animal kingdom. Out of those, the Wild Lion and the Scatter are the most important, with one substituting for others symbols on the reels and the other being the key to triggering a round of free spins, respectively.

However, the most worthwhile feature of this game are the progressive jackpots, which are pooled from all online casinos where the game is available. The bonus game can be triggered randomly on every spin and you will have your chance to win one of the four jackpots. Mega Moolah is very popular which also directly result in the jackpots constantly rising in value.

Epic Ape

epic ape slotEpic Ape was only recently released to the general public but it is already drawing attention from both players and critics. This slot game was created by Playtech in 2018 and has generated a lot of excitement. It comes with 6 reels and a 4096-ways-to-win system, meaning that you will be able to form a large number of winning combinations when spinning the reels. The game also has very loose betting limits, allowing you to wager up 200.00 units of currency per spin, making it inclusive to both high rollers and casual players.

The theme of Epic Ape is about the jungle and all of its animalistic dwellers. The symbols portray various animals found in such an environment and include leopards, pumas, iguanas and many more. Visually, Epic Ape is as good as they come, featuring high-definition graphics and buttery smooth animations. There are two symbols of great significance, namely the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild can stand in for any other symbol on the paylines and while it does not have its own paytable it can multiply winnings up to five times. The Scatter, on the other hand, will reward you with a round of free spins when you spin 3 or more of that symbol at once. The number of free spins is entirely dependant on the number of Scatters involved and you can receive more by spinning more Scatters during the free games.

Ice Cave

ice cave slotsIce Cave is one of the newest slot games to be released by Playtech, only becoming available in early 2017. The game is quite interesting and features a fun and compelling theme. Norse mythology is quite common in the slot genre and Ice Cave makes excellent use of it. The game is also characterized by its amazing graphical fidelity and immersive background track.

Betting limits in Ice Cave are as liberal as possible, with the game giving you the option to wager up to 200 units of currency on each spin. Upon the game’s 5 reels we find a great variety of symbols, such as various figures from Norse legends.

The game does not rely on any mind-blowing features, rather it draws from its excellent base gameplay. There are multiple Wild symbols in Ice Cave and they have a habit of sticking to the reels. They also interact with each other, making the experience memorable and rewarding for you. Ice Cave is one of those rare games that does not seem like anything special at first sight, but once you get around to playing it you cannot help but fall in love with it.

Game of Thrones

game of thrones slotsGame of Thrones is one of the most popular television show currently available and Microgaming has also adapted it into the slot game format. This title features 5 reels and 15 unique paylines, as well as, decent betting limits. The game will allow you to wager up to 10 coins per payline, with the value of the coins ranging from 0.01 to 0.10 units of currency.

The theme of the game is obvious, it portrays the world of the Game of Thrones TV show. For one, it includes the iconic soundtrack of the series and you will hear it as soon as you open the game. Moreover, the symbols represent the Great Houses, such as the Baratheons, Lannisters, Starks and more. The game’s logo serves as the Wild symbol which can stand in for any other on the reels, while the Iron Throne symbol acts as the Scatter.

While the game does not come with too many features the base gameplay is more than entertaining and will give you plenty of hours of fun and excitement. The Gamble feature will give you the option to double or quadruple your winnings, provided that you are willing to risk them. The Scatter symbol is the key to unlocking a round of free spins and there are four types of free spins to choose from. Each type represents a different Great House and will provide you with different rewards. Overall, the Game of Thrones slot is one of the best adaptations of a television series to the slot format and Microgaming deserves our commendation for making an excellent job.