Slot Payout Fairness and RNG

One of the questions that frequently pop up amongst new and veteran online slot fans alike is whether or not slot machine payouts are really random and fair. That’s something we will discuss in today’s article by delving into all the specifics that concern fairness and randomness in our games.

The answer isn’t always black and white, and that is exactly why we need to dissect this question by analyzing everything that goes on when we play online slots. Knowing how everything functions and what we can do in order to maximize fairness is a really important thing to do as a player.

The History of Fairness in Slot Machines

Before we start talking about how and why slot machines today operate in terms of fairness in randomness, we first need to take a look at how all of this looked before, when technology wasn’t as advanced and impressive as we know it today to be. Way back, slot machines had to use very simple analog devices that determined the probability and claimed randomness in games, which didn’t always guarantee that.

In the 1960s, the gambling industry somewhat started utilizing computers in land-based casinos in order to further increase the fairness of the games. This also didn’t make a huge difference, as more and more people were skeptical when it came to certain types of slot machines, and land-based casinos, especially since they didn’t know how the systems function.

The introduction of RNG in the 1980s was something entirely different, though. Finally, there was a system that apparently guaranteed the randomness of symbols during gameplay. All of this happened once regulatory bodies started being more involved and realized that there is an absolute need for something like that.

What is RNG and How Does it Ensure Randomness?

Now, we need to understand what RNG truly means so we can determine whether or not slot machines are really fair. RNG (Random Number Generator) is a tool that should in theory guarantee that every single spin is randomly generated without any patterns at all. Taking this into consideration, the fact is that nothing human-made can truly be random, and that’s why technically we could never achieve that with slots.

Although that may be the case, engineering allowed us to create programs that can imitate randomness. There have been quasi-random RNGs that appear random but are actually following a pattern, and later on, there have been pseudo-random RNGs that are statistically independent, but at the end of the day, still not truly random. In technology, the closest we have come to artificial randomness is with Hardware RNGs, which are also used when encrypting data and maintaining security protocols. These types of RNGs generate numbers “physically” and that is the reason why they are the most similar to natural randomness.

The Importance of Trustworthiness in Online Casinos

For us players, we always want our games to be truly random and without any control by the casino operators or others. That is the reason why you should always play on credible and trustworthy online casinos when you’re gaming. As there are thousands of platforms out there, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one would be trustworthy.

That’s why we would suggest that you always do your research by reading reviews of the specific online casino before you start playing there. By reading through what others had to say, you can easily avoid casinos that are trying to scam people with unfair games, or something even worse. Another thing we urge you to do is to always check if the online casino has a license and if it has a regulatory body overseeing it. This is detrimental for you to remember, as you should most definitely avoid those that don’t have a license and are not regulated. In most cases, these types of platforms are rigged and unfair, and nobody wants to play on those, as it is a waste of money, and ultimately time.

The Role of Regulatory Bodies in Slot Machine Payouts

Since their appearance, regulatory bodies were the sole saviors of integrity and fairness when it comes to online casinos and players. Regulatory bodies are pivotal in overseeing and regulating how online casinos work and function, and fairness plays a huge role in that goal. In order to issue licenses to the casinos, these bodies require operators to use certain software such as RNG if they want to legally own an online gambling platform.

Once an online casino is licensed, it is subject to random inspections and audits from the regulatory body that oversees it. This adds an extra layer of control to regulatory bodies over operators, which allows the gaming environment to stay fair and safe for the players. These are just some of the reasons why you should always play on regulated platforms, even if their unregulated counterparts sometimes seem more tempting with their casino bonuses, which are probably fake at the end of the day. Those are the biggest traps new players seem to fall into, but fortunately, more and more online casinos are being regulated every single day.

Independent Certifications for Casino Operators

Another factor to consider in an online casino is whether or not they have certification from third-party audit firms. This is something many respectable and credible operators tend to seek out in order to be able to showcase their legitimacy. Associations such as eCOGRA and TST can make sure there is no unfairness on a gambling platform. They conduct thorough research and test online slots for operators that wish to be certified by them.

These types of validations also test advocacy and features for responsible gambling and keep track of everything that revolves around credibility and general security. It’s crucial to remember that operators need to request these certifications, and that shows the operators’ willingness to provide fair gaming to all players. If the online casino you are looking to play on has been certified by some of these associations, then you can be certain for a fact that randomness and fairness will be guaranteed.

Land-Based Vs. Online Casino Slot Payout Chances

Since the inception of iGaming, there has been a discussion amongst players about which type of slot gambling is better and whether or not there are some differences between online and land-based titles. During the time when online casinos were still young, many thought that their land-based counterparts have more credibility, simply because it was a more “physical” experience. Also at that time, there were many unregulated operators, so many people found it safer to just stick to what they’ve already known without risking too much. There wasn’t a lot of faith in the future of online gambling.

In today’s time, it’s more than obvious that even most land-based classic slot machines use RNG in order to make sure that randomness is always achieved without any errors. When we take everything into consideration here, we can objectively say that there aren’t any differences between the two when it comes to fairness and randomness in slot titles. Of course, there are other differences such as immersion, comfortability, and portability, but those have no effect on the core gameplay of one-armed bandits.

Artificial Intelligence for a Fair Gaming Experience

In the most recent times, we have seen artificial intelligence and machine learning being used in advancing and improving the RNG systems in online slots. More and more casinos have been implementing games like these. With AI and machine learning, we can easily detect if there are any patterns or errors when it comes to the RNG system. The system can evolve, learn, and detect if something is wrong.

The fact is that by each passing day, we are getting closer to that natural randomness, even if it never may be completely achievable. Another fantastic feature of AI is its’ ability to detect if something was modified in the game by a third party. It can warn the player that they probably shouldn’t be playing a title if something was changed. Since AI is making progress constantly, we can only expect good things to happen for the fairness and randomness of online slots.


In summary, it’s evident that slot machine payouts have gone through several steps of evolution. There has been significant progress in ensuring that players are treated with respect and fairness. With the introduction of regulatory bodies, certifications, and AI advancements on the horizon, there is a massive difference in comparison to when it all started. It’s pivotal that this type of progress continues, as players are only going to demand more transparency and fair games in the future, and that is certainly irrefutable.

Remember to always spend your time in a regulated online casino where everything is determined by randomness and where your data and money will be secure from malicious intentions and attacks from either hackers or operators themselves.