Unveiling the Craps Single Roll Bets: Part 1

Craps gaming offers a wide palette of wagers to explore and learn everything about, as they could end up setting the tone for the entire game and bring success closer to the player. Individuals interested in exploring everything it brings to the table often make sure they memorize the basic features of every bet available on the craps table.

The pros and cons of every wager available are what could make or break the craps session in question. Today we are going to look over some of the single-roll craps wagers a typical brick-and-mortar or online permits to be placed. They are also commonly referred to as Proposition bets and knowing the craps lingo will always be important for the craps fans.

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Single-Roll Bets

Even though Proposition bets might not ring a bell in craps enthusiasts’ heads, single-roll wagers might sound clearer. This type of bet is resolved within a single roll of the dice and individuals that have placed them get the chance to learn whether they win or not as quickly as possible. It is all in the hands of the shooter and the pace of the game is quicker than ever.

These Proposition wagers are located in the central part of the traditional craps table layout, making it harder for players to place them themselves. The stickman or a dealer have the right to place these single-roll wagers and they should be indicated ahead of their placing by the player. Just like every other wager available, these ones come with a certain level of risk attached to them.

In this case, their nature makes them riskier and craps fans making their first steps in the gambling world should refrain from placing them. Another factor that should be taken into account when it comes to the single-roll wagers is the considerable house edge coming with them and the impact it could have on the player’s bankroll at the end of the day.

How to Approach Proposition Bets?

Some players prefer this type of bet, as they give them the thrill of the unknown and the risk factor they need while gambling. But risk evaluation is also crucial while craps gaming and those should be incorporated into one’s betting pattern with caution. Individuals interested in placing one of the following types of wagers should approach the stickman.

Thus the placing of the wager will be successful. Tossing the chips will make it clear that the player wants to make a single-roll wager, but that should happen lightly, as to not impact the chips already stacked in the center of the craps table. This action should also happen at the right time before the shooter has commenced their preparation for rolling the dice.

Aces Bet

This is one of the first single-roll wagers we are going to review today, taking players on a riveting ride over one roll of the dice. It is considered one of the most popular single-roll bets available. Many players also commonly refer to it as the snake eyes bet, because of the way the dice looks when the number 2 is rolled.

The Aces bet means that the player wants to see this particular number rolled and that is the only way to win it. There is only one dice combination which results in the number 2 being rolled and that it 1-1. If the individual is willing to place this wager, they have to toss their chips and call out either “Aces” or “Snake eyes” in order to clarify their preference.

The payout coming with this wager equates to 31 to 1 because of the single dice combination making it possible. If the player has placed a $1 bet on the Aces and Lady Fortuna is on their side, they would bag $30, whereas the casino will end up bagging $1. The house edge coming with it is not a perspective one in the long run and players often avoid this bet whatsoever.

Ace-Deuce Bet

This is the second single-roll wager we are going to look through today. Some craps fans refer to it as the “Three Craps” bet and this is the way they place it too. When an individual places this wager, they want to see the number 3 being rolled in the next dice roll. The Ace-Deuce bet has received its name because of the 1-2 combination on the dice resulting in a 3. There are two combinations making it possible for the number 3 to be rolled 1-2 and 2-1.

The chances coming with this wager are 2 out of 36, meaning that the payout coming with the Ace-Deuce bet amount to some 17:1. Knowing the house edge coming with each and every craps wager is important. In this case, the house advantage amounts to some 11.11 percent, ranking it among the less favorable wagers to be placed on the craps table.

Craps fans making their first steps in the craps world are advised to seek wagers with a lower house edge. This element makes it possible for the casino location to retain its premium feel and to continue its successful daily operation in a sustainable manner.

The Yo Bet

The last single-roll wager we are going to look into today is the so-called Yo or Yo-leven wager. It is available in every brick-and-mortar and online casino. When placing it, individuals want to see the number 11 rolled during the next dice roll. It is referred to this way, as to not cause any confusion on the craps table. The number could be confused with the number 7 when players are shouting their wagers around the table.

This wager also comes with a house edge of 11.11 percent, but it comes with a payout of 16 for 1. The number 11 has only two dice combinations that could result in its rolling – 5-6 or 6-5, making it a less common number rolled on the craps table. Stay tuned for more information on single-roll craps wagers coming your way.