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Canadians playing across online casinos in recent years have gotten more and more payment methods at their disposal to choose from and use, and one global solution that has certainly been chosen by many is Trustly. The reason why your peers have chosen this global payment processing solution is because of its availability in Canada, of course, but also because it comes packed with perks you could use to get more value for your money. It is a trusted and safe solution to use, which processes transactions with the speed of light, so you might want to consider using it yourself. What is Trustly and why choose it as your payment method across Canadian online casinos?

About Trustly

A Swedish FinTech company called Trustly Group AB, launched a payment processing solution with the same name in 2008, to cater to both users and businesses and facilitate their online payments, connecting them in the most effortless way. When the company launched it, however, the solution was only available in Sweden and the rest of Europe, but as it continued innovating and improving its services, it continued expanding its reach and went global at some point. That’s how the solution reached Canada, as well.

The company continued launching new functionalities and eliminated any fees tied to the solution to make it the most convenient on the market, and by 2011, it was dubbed by Deloitte a Rising Star Company. Three years later, CIT crowned it with the Golden Card Award. Two years in a row, it was listed among the Top 3 Payment Methods, and among the 10,000 Companies to Inspire on the London Stock Exchange. It was also ranked as one of the Fastest Growing European Companies in 2018 by the Financial Times. With its merger with PayWithMyBank, the solution went transatlantic, further expanding its reach.

And since it also partnered with other major financial companies, institutions and banks, the company behind it rolled out the Direct Debit product, further speeding up transactions by enabling direct bank transfers. That’s why today, it is a brand known and used by millions, who trust it with their money, to make secure and fast transactions with it across the world.

Since it is offered across more than 30 countries across the globe, Canada included and received a license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, it became even more trusted, and started processing over 2 million transactions per year. And thanks to all the accolades and recognitions on the financial scene, it further cemented its position as a leading global solution.

Having all of this in mind, it is not hard to deduct that the solution managed to get its position as a leading payment solution across the online gambling industry. In fact, online casino operators were among the first to recognize its qualities and start offering it to their global players. Considering it connects players, online casinos and banks, in just a few simple taps or clicks on their devices, it is one of the most convenient solutions to use for effortless deposits and withdrawals across many casino sites.

On that note, you will surely find it across many Canadian online casinos, since you won’t need to visit your bank to request a transaction. As you’ll learn next, you just need to share bank account details with it, and thanks to its third-party software and service, the solution will ensure the transactions you’re making with it are completed seamlessly. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your money; each transaction with it is secure and encrypted, protected with the latest security measures and protocols. So, if this is a solution you’d like to try, continue reading to find out the steps you need to make to get started with it.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionWe mentioned that the solution was embraced by the online gambling industry and that the company behind it continues launching new functionalities and products. Among them, it launched a solution specifically designed for online gambling deposits and withdrawals, conveniently named Pay N Play. The company build on its success with extended partnerships, making the new product available across the top casino sites. So, with this solution, you will be able to make even more secure, fast and effortless transactions across Canadian online casinos, since it was crafted to suit your needs as an online casino player.

No matter if you decide to stick with Trustly itself or choose to use the Pay N Play product, you should know that you won’t need to go through any lengthy registration procedures. On the contrary, you won’t even have to create an account to use it. The only pre-condition you’d need to meet to get started with it is to have a valid bank account with any of the leading Canadian banks. Assuming you already do, and you have an online banking profile active, you can start using it right away.

As you’ll soon learn when we go over the actual depositing and withdrawing procedures, all you’d need to do is choose it as your payment method at a chosen Canadian online casino, and you’ll find the partnered Canadian banks listed, to choose the one you have an account with and enter your online banking profile using your credentials. That way, you’ll request a transaction and Trustly will ensure it is completed within seconds. Let’s go over the exact steps next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

getting_started_with_the_solutionYou will find Trustly across the most reliable and popular Canadian online casinos, sites that accept players from your country. Some of the top choices we could mention are PlayFran, William Hill, Lucky247, and Oshi Casino. So, choose the one that would meet your criteria and create an account with it.

To make a deposit with Trustly or Pay N Play, you’d need to go through the following steps:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Deposits/Cashier/Banking page.
  2. Look for Trustly/Pay N Play’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, choose a Canadian bank that Trustly collaborates with that you have an account with.
  4. Enter your online banking profile using your credentials.
  5. Select whether you’d want to use your checking or savings account.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit at your chosen casino.
  7. Instantly, the money will arrive on your balance.

You will notice that the withdrawal procedure is pretty much the same. Again, you’d need to choose the solution from the Cashier/Banking page, in the Withdrawal section. Enter your online banking profile, specify how much you’d like to cash out and confirm your request.

After the casino reviews your request and approves it, the solution will make sure you get your funds in your bank account in no time. Since your casino may take its time to review your request, keep in mind that the money will reach your account within two to three working days.

Applicable Fees

Visit Trustly’s official website and you will see that the solution comes with no fees at all. No hidden fees apply on its part, meaning you won’t be charged a cent for using its third-party service.

However, keep in mind that, considering the transfer of money goes through banks, bank-related fees would apply, as will conversion fees if you’re using a currency different from your native one, from the currency registered on your bank account.

Accepted Currencies

Since this is a global solution, you can expect it to be offered in many currencies. And that’s right; you will be able to use the Canadian dollar as your default currency when using it.

Naturally, the euro and the Swedish krona are most popularly used, but so are the Estonian kroon, Australian dollars, Danish krone, US dollars, South African rands, Norwegian krone and Indian rupees, among others.


We mentioned briefly that the solution is accepted by over 30 countries across the globe, and we said that it is accepted in Canada, so no worries here.

You should also know that it is quite popular in Germany, Brazil, the US, Spain and Poland, among others. So, players from these countries, too, can use its services. The solution is truly global, so anyone from the accepted countries can use it.

Customer Support

Being such a convenient solution to use, it goes without saying that Trustly is truly user-friendly. Its website is easy to navigate across, and its Consumer Support page is there for you to go over in case you wish to find out more information about the solution itself.

There’s also a detailed FAQs page, and a Submit a Ticket option, where you’d need to complete the on-site contact form to explain the nature of your question or issue. The team will provide you with an answer as swiftly as possible.


In case you haven’t found the most perfect solution for you to use across Canadian online casinos, you have many reasons to consider using Trustly/Pay N Play, as you could see. It is offered in your country, and in your native currency, it is super-fast and easy to use and it offers excellent Support service. It comes with no fees, too, so at least give it a try, the first chance you get.


Can I explore its official website in French?

Yes, indeed, you can. You will be able to explore its website in both Canadian English and Canadian French, but also in many other languages, like Suomi, Deutsch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.

Are deposits with it across Canadian casinos always instant?

While the majority of them are instant, sometimes, due to public holidays and weekends, they might be delayed; if there’s any delay, make sure you contact your casino’s or Trustly’s Customer Support to find out why the interruption to the otherwise smooth and instant process happened.

Will I be able to reverse a transaction I’ve made with it at an online casino?

Sure. This is not a crypto solution with irreversible transactions; on the contrary, since it is connected to banks directly, it has the ability to reverse a transaction. All transactions with it are recorded and can be reversed or cancelled. You would need to send the solution a request to reverse a transaction, and you’ll see that in no time, the transaction will be reversed.

When making a transaction with this solution, do I get a notification?

Not really, not on its part. The solution is the payment provider tied with banks, so it cannot send you a notification; you will, however, receive a notification from your bank, if you have enabled the functionality when you opened your bank account.

Will I be able to contact Trustly’s Support via phone?

No, not really. The Support team is not available via phone; as said, you’d need to get in touch with the team via the on-site contact form and they’ll get back to you in no time.