Keeping Up with the Craps Dealers’ Crew

Craps dealers are some of the most interesting individuals to be around when it comes to brick-and-mortar casino staff. Table games, in general, bring the interaction to a whole new level and result in many conversations with people interested in gambling involving another human being. Even though there are electronic table games and live dealers, some people are still drawn to the interaction with an actual living person that could make the game even more exciting.

Many brick-and-mortar casino locations are tempted to bring live dealers to their casino patrons and rely on the electronic table games solely. This could be perceived as a modern solution for the gaming floor but it also deprives players of the human interaction while gaming. Craps is a game that actively involves both the four dealers present and the patrons willing to play it.

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Four Dealers in a Crew

The dynamic nature of the craps game makes it possible for more players to participate in the crazy whirlpool. It involves quick action and tons of specific words and phrases being shouted almost at the same time. This quick pace of the game should be taken into account at all times, as missing the moment could cost you a lot. You blink and you lose is an appropriate saying in this case, as the pace of the game could be tricky.

Eying a game optimization, as well as its smooth progression, there should be at least four individuals catering to the needs of the game and the patrons involved in it. This includes two dealers, a boxperson, as well as the stickperson working tirelessly while players are shouting their bets and figuring out ways in which they could win big while playing craps. Dealers split their table tips four ways at the end of their shift. The team of four dealers stays the same most of the time.

There is usually one individual who is the best at generating tips, a crucial part of their job. The minimum wage those workers earn is then enhanced with the tips players leave them and the heftier they are, the better for the dealers at the end of their shift. In this sense, the dominant dealer is responsible for the well-being of all four members of the craps team. The bigger the tips a dealer could lay their hands on, the more popular they become among the other staff members.

How to Tip Dealers

Every shift provides more chance of winning bigger tips in the most dignified of ways. This means that players should be driven to give the dealer a tip because of their professionalism and the positive manner they demonstrate while working the table. One of the approaches some dealers resort to is hustling their patrons, a practice that is often frowned upon. The dealer is placed between a rock and a hard place, as the lack of hustling could mean no tips for the table.

Players can tip their dealers in two ways. One of the ways is to simply toss your chips in the direction of a dealer and say “For the dealers” indicating that this amount of money should not be wagered, but instead it should go straight to their tips pile. Another way in which a casino patron could tip their dealer if they are content with the way the game has been progressing is through the Bet for the dealers.

If the bet placed ends up winning, the dealers have the right to collect the bet, as well as the money won. Players who are on a winning streak usually tip the dealers and are particularly generous with them. This is believed to enhance their good luck and their ultimate payout. Some patrons prefer to tip their dealers at the end of their game, as a way to bid farewell and express their gratitude for the premium game they had experienced.

Dealers Roles on the Table

One of the best approaches many players employ is to tip at the beginning of their game with a Bet for the dealers, which therefore results in an excellent service throughout the entire game. Bets such as the Pass, Come, Don’t Pass, as well as Don’t Come are all preferred by the four dealers on the table, as they have a low house take. An approach that could guarantee the good disposition of a dealer is betting on 6 or 8 and saying “Two-way parlay”.

With this move, the dealer is also in for a treat, as the wager is about to be parlayed once it hits. Such a move is often performed by high rollers and patrons willing to play for the win. The dynamic time a dealer has while at work is inevitable taking its toll on them at the end of their shift. When it comes to the work hours of a craps dealer, there are many factors playing a part. Even though they are supposed to be working eight hours a day, they end up spending only six in active work state. This is because of the mandatory regular breaks they are supposed to take.

Forty minutes of work on the tables is always followed by a 20-minute break, eventually slimming down the number of hours actually spent working. This allows them to catch their breath. Such a break is essential for their physical and mental health, as it allows them to clear their thoughts. The boxperson sits at the center of the craps table and has the best view, keeping a close eye on all bets placed, as well as sorting all issued that could arise during a craps game.

The stick person takes care of the dice and encourages players to place higher bets, meaning that they use their natural charisma to influence players. This results in higher bets and more tips for the dealers. The two remaining dealers of the crew face patrons and make payments, while also keeping track of the new bets. They optimize the work, as the dealers’ crew is supposed to work smoothly and each individual complements the rest.