Everything There is to Know about Craps C&E Bet

Knowing the game of craps is important for every gaming fan willing to win big at the end of the day. This means that every particular wager this game comes with should be carefully observed and a conclusion has to be reached whether it is a lucrative one or not.

Today we are going to take a look at the Craps and Eleven bet, also commonly referred to as the C & E bet. Evaluating the possible outcome of this wager, as well as its overall odds will be useful for every individual interested in giving it a try at a certain point of their craps gaming session. This wager is linked to a previously discussed bet โ€“ the Any Craps bet.

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Craps and Eleven

While gaming, every craps player has the freedom to place the wager they deem appropriate given the circumstances and their personal preferences. They evaluate the pros and cons of each approach and end up choosing the best solution for that particular dice roll. The Craps and Eleven wager is one of the possible bets that can be placed on the craps table.

It could be made both online and in-person and it is up to the individual to pinpoint the particular size of this wager. This bet enhances the existing Any Craps wager we have discussed already, adding another number to it. As a result, players could place a bet on the craps numbers 2, 3, or 12, as well as the added number 11. This gives them more freedom and more chances of winning big at the end of the dice roll.

If any of these numbers rolls, the wager is considered a winning one and the player becomes eligible for a cash payout matching their wager. Understanding this wager comes from the understanding of the two bets it is comprised of. Individuals resorting to this approach should keep in mind that this wager is not a self-service one and they would need the assistance of the stickman.

Wager Specifics

When it comes to the craps table layout, players should know it well and recognize each of its special zones. The Craps and Eleven wager is labeled on it with the help of as many as 16 sets of two circles, enough for everyone interested in craps during a regular gaming session. Each of the two circles is for one of the two halves of the bet, making it easier for players to place their winning bet.

Many players commonly refer to the Any Craps bet as the Three-Way one and individuals making their first steps in the craps gaming world should not be surprised when they hear this phrase. Some players often think that this wager is the bail-out one, implemented in times of need. Players could use it to compensate for any loss on the pass line. Once we have understood this wager, players could take this action up a notch with the Craps and Eleven wager.

Once you have indicated to the stickman that you would like to place this bet, they will divide it equally on the respective C and E circles on the craps table. If your bet is even, such division will be even. Otherwise, the two halves come with a net payoff in a whole-dollar amount.

House Edge

Every craps fan should be well-acquainted with the odds coming with every single craps wager, as this is essential for its lucrativeness. When it comes to the Craps and Eleven bet, it bring s house advantage amounting to some 11.1 percent. When comparing it to other bets available on the table, this is a rather high house edge, meaning that the casino will end up winning more if you end up losing.

If we have to be particular about craps bet, this wager shares similar features with the Horn bet. Both of them allow players to place a bet on the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 being rolled but there are several important differences between them. For starters, the Horn wager includes four bets, and each of those influences the outcome. Moreover, it comes with a house edge of 12.5 percent.

It is considered a less lucrative alternative and for the most part, individuals making their first steps in the craps gaming world are advised to stay away from wagers with such a high house edge percentage. Players should also consider that the Horn bet involved four individual wagers and the overall sum is usually higher than the amount bet with the Craps and Eleven one. Individuals are often recommended to place a Place 6 and Place 8 wagers or a Pass Line bet if they have a limited bankroll.

Craps and Eleven Bet Odds

This is another important piece of information that will allow every craps fan the chance to make an informed choice when the time comes. In this case, the payoff associated is 7:1 for the numbers 12, 3, or 2.when it comes to throwing 11, the payoff amounts to 15:1. The Craps and Eleven wager is a single-roll one and it comes to an end as soon as the dice roll has is done. Players either win or lose and they see the outcome immediately.

Both of the payouts are different than if you made the bets individually, as they are combined in the double wager. Since it is a double one, one of the bets will always end up losing even if the other one is winning. There is a chance that both will end up being losing ones and this is what makes this bet far from suitable for many craps enthusiasts.

For instance, by placing a $1 bet on Craps and Eleven, you place a 50-cent one on each of those. If the Any Craps bet ends up winning while the other one is losing, you win $3.50 and lose 50 cents, eventually bagging only $3. If the Eleven bet wins, the 50-cent wager will result in a $7.50 win and a 50-cent loss.