Hop onto the Craps Hop Bet

Craps gaming comes with various ways in which a player could win big once the team of craps dealers get things going. Players making their first steps in this entirely new gaming realm should have a good idea of all the ways they can benefit from it, as there are many tips and tricks that could enhance their experience down the road.

One of the bets they should be aware of when they enter the craps gaming world is no other than the Hop bet available at every brick-and-mortar and online casino offering craps. This wager is not among the most popular ones placed on a craps table, but players should also keep in mind.

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Hop Bet Basics

When developing and expanding one’s knowledge of the game of craps, one should always strive to know everything regarding the game. There are no elements deserving to be overlooked or skipped when a player is learning everything about this game. You never know which bet placed could end up making you richer than you can imagine if it had been placed at the right moment.

This could end up changing one’s life for good. The Hop bet is not considered common on the craps table and not every craps game features a player ready to make it. People should keep in mind that even though this wager might be considered a rather underground gaming offering, it could end up bringing tons of benefits to their bankroll while they explore the world of craps gaming.

This wager is also known for its verbal nature. Craps gaming comes with diverse wagers and some of them are verbal ones. Players cannot place them anywhere on the table, as there is not a special area of the traditional craps table layout for this particular wager. However, they can make it clear they want to make good use of it by telling their intentions to the Boxman.

Unique Nature

It should be noted that the Hop bet is renowned for being the only wager that should be given to the Boxman and this happens only verbally. The player should be prepared for this to happen but they should also be aware of the existence of this wager in the first place. Generally, wagers placed on the craps table ate given to the dealers taking care of the situation or to the Stickman, also part of the dealers’ team. The Hop bet can also be placed on any combination of numbers, largely depending on the craps player and their personal approach to the game.

It all comes down to gauging the situation and what could come up, depending on the dynamically changing situation you are in. Let’s say you have a feeling that this is your lucky day and the next number combination will make you richer. You have to tell the dealer that the numbers 6 and 2 will roll next and you would like to place a 6 & 2 hopping bet. You bet will be a winning one if these are, in fact, the numbers rolled during the next dice roll.

Otherwise, your bet becomes a losing one and you will have to wait for your next opportunity. What you should also keep in mind is that the Hop bet bears a resemblance to the Hardway bets we have already discussed. Those are some of the most unique wagers that could be placed on the craps table whenever the player feels especially fortunate. The payout coming with the Hop bet is a comparatively high one, but it also comes with a high house advantage.

Odds and House Edge

Being careful with craps bets is essential if a player wants to feel in control while gambling and handling their bankroll. Being responsible and knowing the wagers well is also crucial for the sustainability of this wagering bonanza. The house edge coming with the Hop bet also depends on the odds set by each casino venue. Both are considered rather high when compared with other more popular craps bets.

Having a combination involved in the wagering process means that the odds of a payout might jump to 15:1. Because of this, the house edge is also higher – some 11.11 percent. If you place a wager of $5, you can end up winning $75. This house advantage is what keeps the casino going, it is also what helps for the maintenance, as well as the wages payments of the casino staff members.

In this sense, the Hop bet is more beneficial for the casino than it is for the craps player if they end up losing. The Hop bet is not considered a wager many beginners in the craps gaming are willing to place, due to its risky nature, but once you have a grip on the game, you might end up amassing a substantial win as a result of it. Some casinos could set their house edge even higher, going all the way to 16.67 percent with payment odds of 29:1.

There are also situations in which the house advantage amounts to some 13.29 percent and the payout odds amount to 30:1. One should always acquaint themselves with the particular odds and house edge of the casino they choose to play craps at, be it an online one or a land-based one.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the Hardway bets we covered in a previous publication, you will be able to better understand the Hop bet. There is a Hardway Hop bet that could be made on a pair of numbers such as 4 & 4. It is valid for one roll only, unlike the classic Hardway bet that is valid until it either wins or loses.

The standard one also comes with payout odds of 7:1 or 9:1. In the meantime, the Hardway Hop bet features payout odds of 30:1. Craps experts consider the Hop bet a rather tricky one, as there are numerous number combinations that could come out once the dealers set the dice on fire. In this sense, players should also be cautious when they place this verbal bet.