Field Guide to Craps Field Bets

Craps gaming is a riveting pastime activity for many individuals making their first steps in the table gaming world, as well as for weathered gambling enthusiasts, as it introduces various situations. Players have to be alert at all times and follow everything happening on the craps table, in order to remain on top of things and succeed.

Knowing the different types of bets coming with the traditional craps gaming table is essential for every player making their way into the gaming action. Today we are going to review one of the popular bets coming with the craps game โ€“ the Field bet, and all the opportunities it brings to every individual choosing this approach when craps gaming.

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Field Bet Basics

Keeping your craps gaming as sustainable as possible is the key to the longevity of craps gaming, as this would ensure that you keep your bankroll safe and sound. Players making their first steps in the craps world should keep in mind that the Field bet has a lot up for grabs and many people prefer it at various points of the action. It earns points thanks to its optimized nature.

Players resorting to a Field bet while gaming can rely on it to be a rather quick bet to make, making the process a time-efficient one. This is essential, because as we all know the game of craps is a rather fast-paced one. Quick reactions along with quick bets make for a successful game both in-person and online.

The Field bet is also known for its easy nature, as it is not a complicated one requiring many steps. Players could place it in a matter of seconds. For the purposes of a well-rounded review, we will have to make it clear that the odds coming with this craps bet are not the most optimal ones. For comparison, players could benefit more from a bet to the likes of the Pass Line bet.

Some Words on the Odds

The aforementioned wager comes with better odds, especially if the player eventually chooses to enhance it with a Free Odds bet, one of the beneficial bonuses of craps gaming. Regardless, this information should not discourage you from trying this wager while gaming, as we are only comparing the diverse bets available. The Field bet features relatively good odds that should not be overlooked. We should also say something regarding the frequency at which a player should resort to this type of bet.

Our advice is that the player chooses the Field bet wisely and place it at the right time. Placing it more often could end up doing more harm than good, as it could take its toll on their bankroll. All they have to do in order to place is to move their chips to the Field area of the traditional craps gaming table layout. They donโ€™t need the dealer or the stickman to do anything in the meantime, making this bet a self-service one.

Speaking of odds, we should specify them so that players choosing this wager could make an informed choice when betting. The Field bet odds are 5 to 4, making it one of the relatively beneficial craps bets, introducing good chances of winning and improving oneโ€™s bankroll. The numbers rolled are also important for the eventual payout a craps gaming fan is able to bag.

If the numbers 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 come out once the shooterโ€™s roll is over mean that the payouts are even. Players should also keep in mind that trolling 2 or a 12 could also impact the amount they become eligible for. Those numbers result in a payout 2 to 1 or 3 to 1, depending on the particular casino location the player is gambling at. They should inform themselves with the particular odds for Field bets applied by that casino.

Field Bet House Edge

Individuals already acquainted with some of the basics of craps gaming know that they should always look for the house edge and know the percentage associated with each and every one of the bets available on the craps table. This helps them make the most successful move while gambling and eventually win big as a result of their good judgment. Such memorization should take place before an actual game of craps.

When it comes to the Field bet available, it comes with a house advantage of 5.56 percent when the casino works with the 2 to 1 odds. In situations where a casino prefers the 3 to 1 odds approach, the house edge is also lowered reaching 2.78 percent. This is the most generous scenario and players should definitely take advantage of the situation once they make sure this is the case. The Field bet is one of their best strategies for action, as it is the lowest house edge combined with the most advantageous payment up for grabs.

Players should know that this is often a limited-time offer only and they are going to be notified of the conditions part of the special promotion. When the casino has chosen the 2 to 1 odds approach, this results in a house edge of 2.8 percent. This house advantage is used for the benefit of the casino itself, making its operation sustainable at all times, paying wages, while also maintaining the venue in its premium state.

Quick Reactions

Players ready to give this wager a try should move their chips to the Field area of the craps gaming table. Its zone is specified and locating it should not be an issue for the player well-acquainted with its setting and specifics. They can do that themselves, but once they win things change. The dealer will award the payout.

Players should also keep in mind that they should collect their prize right away, or else the dealer will assume the individual wants to let the bet ride. This means that a second bet equal to the first one will be made adding to it the winnings following the first successful wager. As we have reminded many times before, craps gaming requires attention and following everything happening on the table, along with quick reactions.