May the Craps Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Craps gaming is still among the most intriguing games a casino patron could participate in, as there is a certain sensation of inclusivity. Its rules might be simple, but there is a lot to be learned prior to entering the actual game. Educating yourself about everything related to the odds of a craps game will make you proficient and more successful when it comes to actual gaming.

Craps could be played both in the online gaming space and in-person but regardless of the setting, an experienced craps player is well-acquainted with the odds coming with the actual game. Odds provide the factor of possibility to the popular dice game and it is what many people crave on a regular basis.

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Odds 101

Odds can be linked to both gambling and statistics due to their probability factor and learning how to best understand them is crucial for any gambling endeavor. When it comes to casino gaming, odds represent the ratio between payoff and stake. It should be noted that there is an implication that the odds in question are against the particular thing the player is betting on. We will clarify this with the help of an example.

For instance, a player sees a 5 to 1 odds and they should immediately make a comprehensive calculation. This means that if they wager a dollar and they get to win, they are eligible for a cash payout of five dollars. The bigger the bet, the higher the potential payout and this is a leading principle for many individuals venturing into gambling activities.

If the bet in question is considered a fair bet, the odds coming with it will inevitably reflect the probabilities linked to it. Betting that the dice will roll a three and placing a $1 wager will eventually payout $5 if it proves to be a successful one. When it comes to craps, the odds are determined by the dice combinations and their probability of occurring.

Dice Combinations

When it comes to craps, memorizing the dice combinations is crucial if a player wants to be a proficient and successful gambler down the road. This knowledge helps them in various situations that could occur while gambling in-person or online and they could facilitate their quick reactions.

The number of combinations is ultimately important, as it allows them to calculate the true odds coming with a particular wager they are about to make. It is an important thing, as the proficient craps player is then able to predict if a specific number is about to be rolled before another one. This allows them to place a wager in a more informed way, relying on science.

For instance, the chances (or odds) of the number 6 being rolled before the number 7 are higher than those of the number 3. The latter has two dice combinations that could lead to its rolling, whereas the former has a total of five. When it comes to odds payout, players should bear in mind that the casino will never pay them true odds of they manage to guess the next number that will be rolled. This makes craps a game with negative expectation value.

House Edge

All casinos are trying to turn a profit at the end of the day, or otherwise, they would not be able to continue their operation sustainably. This is the reason why they pay less than the true odds associated with a particular bet. The house edge represents the ration between the player’s average loss and their initial wager. Every bet comes with its particular house edge which should also be kept in mind.

For instance, the Pass Line wager comes with its 1.41-percent house advantage for the casino. When it comes to winning bets, a $20 winning wager you place is about to cost you 28 cents every time you win. Craps gaming comes with a loss for every time the player wins. Bets with higher house edges should be avoided by the individuals making their first steps in the craps gaming world, as they are not that lucrative.

Betting on 11, also known as Yo-leven, comes with a house edge of a whopping 11.11 percent. Wagering $10 on this number being rolled by the dice could eventually result in a payout more than $8 less than what an uninformed individual might calculate. Only two dice combinations could result in rolling 11, subsequently leading to the higher house edge. In a way, there are 34 ways to lose, and only two ways to win. Experienced craps players usually gravitate towards numbers with better odds such as 7 with odds of 5 to 1, and 6 and 8 both featuring odds of 6 to 1.

Free Odds

Memorizing the odds is something all craps players should do ahead of the actual craps game, in order to ensure their increased chances of winning big. They should also take into account the so-called Free Odds. This particular type of wager comes as a secondary wager added to any of the traditional bets while craps gaming.

Some players refer to it as a flat bet and players should acquaint themselves with the lingo. The Free Odds bet could be placed in addition to Pass, Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come wagers craps is renowned for. It can’t be placed on its own. Once the player has placed this Free Odds bet, they could wager on a second bet, adding to their initial one.

The only thing left for them is to hope for the best, as two winning bets would result in the first one paying its regular rate, whereas the second one will pay true odds. Craps enthusiasts also have to take into account that the Free Odds bet rarely mirrors the original flat bet. If you make a Pass Line bet, you are allowed to place the Free Odds bet and sort of double down on it. At the end of the day, you can end up winning both bets.