Craps Horn Bet from A to Z

Getting to know the game of craps in detail is the only way a player is sure to pave his way to success. This includes known each bet coming with the traditional craps table layout, both verbal and actual bets with their special designated zone on the table. Today we are going to thoroughly review the Horn bet.

If you are new to the game of craps, you might encounter this wager for the first time in one of the craps guides available online. It is an enhanced type of bet you can place only if you are certain that this is the right approach for you. The Horn bet combines a total of four individual bets into one super bet.

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Horn Bet Basics

This wager is a single-roll one, meaning that the player should not worry about notifying the dealer that they would not like to extend their wager to the next roll. It takes into account only whatโ€™s happening within that particular roll of the dice. Individuals choosing this type of bet should keep in mind that it covers all three of the craps numbers โ€“ 2, 3, as well as 12.

It also covers the number 11, making the total of numbers coming with the Horn bet four. This wager itself could be used on its own, as a unique approach to the craps gaming session, or as a part of a bigger craps wagering pattern some players often implement. The latter scenario usually involves craps enthusiasts with tons of experience under their belt, but up and coming craps fans could also make good use of some of the techniques we are going to unveil today.

Players are usually introducing this wager to the table when they want to bring a certain zest back to the gaming session, while they also put their bankroll at a calculated risk. This is also the reason why patrons should approach it carefully.

Risky Bet

The gaming community might consider the Horn bet a risky one and not for the faint of heart, but today we are going to dive deep into its special nature and learn everything there is to know about this particular type of wager. One of its main selling points is that the player relies on a single roll only and then it is all over for this wager.

On the other hand, players should keep in mind that the risks coming with it are substantial. The bet itself splits four ways into smaller stakes. Each of those has to do with one of the four numbers the Horn bet is associated with. Players ready to take the risk should also know that they are free to place this Horn wager anytime they feel like it, despite the particular stage the game is at.

Placing this bet involves four numbers that could be rolled. If one of them appears during that particular roll, it wins, while the remaining three lose. This is why the player should place a wager equally divisible by the number four. Letโ€™s say you have placed a $20 Horn bet โ€“ the dealer is going to place four $5 chips on the numbers 2, 3, 11, as well as 12. If the number 3 rolls that wag wins.

More Details

Each of the numbers comes with its own odds and its rolling will bring you a particular payout. While this happens, the remaining three numbers are going to lose and you will eventually lose ยพ of the initial wager placed. In this sense, there is always a big risk when placing a Horn bet, as the best-case scenario is that three of the four numbers will end up being losing you might also end up losing it all if neither of the four numbers is rolled during the upcoming dice roll.

The number 12 pays out 30 to 1, and placing a $20 Horn bet could end up granting you $150. However, in the meantime, you are going to inevitably lose $15 due to the three remaining losing numbers. In the grand scheme of things, this loss might be considered a small price to pay for the bigger payout, but not all players consider it such and some of them would refrain from placing a Horn bet despite the bigger payout odds it features.

Odds and House Edge

Each of the numbers coming with the Horn bet has its particular payout odds every player has to have memorized ahead of an actual craps game. The numbers 2 and 12 come with the highest payout odds of 30:1 because there are fewer ways in which they could be rolled during the dice roll. Meanwhile, the numbers 3 and 11 feature a payout of 15:1.

In addition to those, players should know that they will also lose the slices of the wager placed on the remaining four numbers. The house advantage is also important, as the numbers 2 and 12 come with a house edge of 13.89 percent. On the other hand, the numbers 3 and 11 paired with a Horn bet bring a house edge of 11.11 percent.

Horn Bet Types

The High Horn is one of the enhanced Horn wagers that could be placed on the craps table. In it, one of the four numbers is doubled, so the player ends up placing five stakes. The doubled number is the High number, doubling the eventual payout if it actually rolls. In this situation, the player has to place a wager equally divided by the number five, such as $25 or $30.

There is also the Whirl bet introducing a fusion between the Horn bet and the Any Seven bet – a territory reserved for the people considering themselves experienced in the craps gaming world. It comes with five wagers placed simultaneously on 2, 3, 7, 10, as well as 11. Once again, only one of these numbers could win, while the rest would lose.