Any Craps Bet Secrets

Individuals ready to learn everything there is about craps gaming should delve into the more popular wagers available, as well as more obscure ones. One never knows what the future holds and each particular bet has a right time when it could be used for great achievements. The Any Craps bet is one of those wagers which often stir the pot.

Today we are going to thoroughly review everything there is to know regarding this craps bet and the ways in which it could be used for your own benefit while gaming in-person or online. Players learning to play craps know that even the most controversial wagers could be turned around and become beneficial in the right circumstances.

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Any Craps Bet

Craps enthusiasts know that they should stay flexible throughout their gaming sessions and make sure that they are on top of their craps game. This dynamic game gives them the freedom to implement various approaches and to place different wagers and win big as a result if they have made the right choice. Any Craps bet is here to challenge them with a new approach.

Many players commonly refer to this wager as the Three-Way one, another useful nugget of information individuals should keep in mind when approaching the craps table. Knowing the lingo is important and useful in all situations, making sure that there are no misunderstandings happening. Some players often think that this wager is the bail-out one, implemented in times of need.

Players could use it to compensate for any loss on the pass line. It is a flexible approach to the game of craps, as it could be placed whenever the craps fan deems it appropriate, given the circumstances. This could happen before the come-out roll. What should be pointed out is that some players avoid it because of the considerable house advantage coming with this particular wager.

More Details

In order to better understand any wager on the craps table, players should first look into its name. This is a good strategy for memorizing the numerous craps wagers available and classifying them in oneโ€™s head. The Any Craps bet allows players to place a bet on one of the three craps numbers and see whether or not it will show up on the next dice roll.

The numbers in question are 2, 3, or 12 and players should trust their gut feeling telling them when the right time for this wager is. What should be pointed out is that this particular craps offering is not a self-service one and craps enthusiasts should seek the assistance of the stickman. Individuals are not allowed to place the wager themselves and there are strict rules regarding that.

In order to be placed in the most appropriate manner possible, the Any Craps wager should happen with an indication to the stickman. The player makes it clear that they would like to place a bet by tossing their chips lightly in the center area of the craps table. Then they will have to tell the stickman that they would like to place those chips in the Any Craps box and make their ultimate decision.

Any Craps Bet Dynamics

When placing this wager, the craps fan should be careful not to touch the stickman or any of the casino staff members part of the craps crew. That goes against the rules of any brick-and-mortar casino venue. They should also be careful when tossing their chip on the table, as this should happen in a careful and respectful manner of the other individuals around the table.

Players interested in placing this bet should also keep in mind that there are many similarities between this particular wager and the Any Seven bet we have discussed before. The link between those two is that they both take into account only a single roll which could make or break the situation. For those interested in placing an Any Craps wager, the numbers 2, 3, and 12 are important and they believe that they will roll in the upcoming dice roll.

The wager is considered a winning one if one of those craps numbers appears. Speaking of similarities, players should not confuse this particular type of wager with the so-called seven-out one, which relies on the number seven being rolled before the Point number. When it comes to the Any Craps wager, the number seven is not among the numbers that could be wagered on. Just like with every other craps bet, players should use the information available online carefully and make an informed choice using the appropriate lingo craps gaming is renowned for.

Any Craps Bet Odds and House Edge


Every craps enthusiast should be aware of the odds coming with each particular craps bet, as this essential information makes it easier for them to make the right choice when the time comes. When it comes to the Any Craps wager, the odds are often considered quite unfair. In order to explain this in the most comprehensive manner, we should take into account the number of ways in which the numbers 2, 3, and 12 could end up being rolled.

The first and the last each have only one combination and they are considered the hardest to roll when dice rolling. As for the number 3, it brings two combinations. This means that payout odds equate to 8 to 1, but players should keep in mind that the casino will have to keep the initial wager of every player, meaning that it will eventually pay out 7 to 1.

As for the house advantage, each craps bet comes with, the one associated with the Any Craps one amounts to some 11.11 percent. Some craps experts consider this house edge a rather high one, at least when compared to other more advantageous wagers available. Players end up losing their money even if the numbers 2, 3, or 12 ends up being rolled. Individuals seeking an alternative could resort to Pass Line and Come/Don’t Come bets.