Online Casinos with EcoPayz

As we all know online casinos have managed to become extremely popular recently. Players from all over the globe are now given access to their favourite casino games from the comfort of their surroundings. The number of the online gambling destinations have considerably grown, hence the competition for players has become even fiercer. That is why casino operators strive to outdo their rivals by offering a selection of high-end games, lucrative bonuses and incentives, and various secure payment solutions. As it turns out, gamblers are looking for casino operators that offer not only broad gaming portfolios but also numerous reliable banking options. Basically, this is one of the features that trustworthy casinos need to share in order to attract casino lovers.

Recently, there is an abundance of payment solutions gamblers can choose from. One such option is ecoPayz. It is an e-wallet that is among some of the biggest names on the market. Similar to Neteller and Skrill, ecoPayz is a well-known name among gamblers due to the fact that the company provides its customers with the needed convenience, flexibility, and security. The fact that it has become a common choice for players from all over the globe comes hardly as a surprise. That is the reason why ecoPayz will continue growing and developing, thus strengthening their position in this field.

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More about EcoPayz

ecopayz overviewEcoPayz is an e-wallet that provides customers and businesses all over the globe with secure, quick, and convenient payment services. It is a brand name owned by PSI-Pay Ltd which is a company registered in the UK and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money and provide payment services.

EcoPayz was established in 2000 and now it enjoys a great popularity among users. This payment option is available in 45 currencies and enables you to almost immediately receive and send money to pretty much every person around the globe, whenever you wish. Irrespective of what is the reason why you want to send money, you can do it quickly and easily, without bothering about security issues.

Recently, customers can choose from an abundance of payment solutions. They can make use of credit or debit cards, online banking, prepaid vouchers, and numerous e-wallets. Still, ecoPayz stands out from the crowd as it offers a high level of security, efficiency, and it is extremely easy to use it. That is why it managed to gain tremendous popularity among customers. This, on the other hand, explains why a large number of the casino operators have been supporting this payment solution for quite a long time.

How Does the Method Work?

how does ecopayz workEcoPayz is a banking solution that enables customers to make the transactions they prefer relatively easy. It allows gamblers to send and receive funds within only a few seconds. EcoPayz is among the payment solutions that support transactions both ways. This means that casino lovers can take advantage of the opportunity to deposit and to withdraw money from their online casino accounts. Deposits are processed almost immediately, whereas withdrawals may take up to several business days. Still, ecoPayz is a payment method that is widely accepted and well known by a large number of online casino operators as well as by various merchant websites.

Nevertheless, it is among the payment solutions that offer not only convenience and security but also a plethora of additional features and various account plans. If you want to use ecoPayz, first you need to open an account which does not take much time as you simply need to complete the form. Opening an account is not only fast and convenient but free as well. Customers are required to provide some personal information such as name, the country of residence, address, and their phone number. Once you have given all the needed information, you will receive an activation link. After you have clicked on it, you will be able to use your account.

Gamblers are enabled to fund their accounts in several ways. They can choose between credit and debit cards by some of the most widespread brands, bank transfers, prepaid cards, as well as various international banking services. Namely this is one of the reasons why ecoPayz is among some of the most easily accessible payment solutions that are available on the web. Thanks to its services, casino lovers can make deposits and withdrawals using an impressive number of currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, ARS, AUD, BAM, BGN, BRL, CLP, CAD, COP, CHF, CNY, CRC, CZK, DKK, GEL, HKD, HUF, ILS, INR, ISK, JPY, MDL, MOP, MYR, MXN, NIO, NOK, NZD, PAB, PEN, PLN, RON, RSD, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, VEF, UAH, UYU, UZS, and ZAR.

EcoPayz provides customers with low-cost options across a wide array of services. You can take advantage of ecoAccount levels that will give you the needed flexibility, convenience, and control over your funds. Casino fans can also choose between five types of accounts. Namely, Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. The Classic account level is obtained when you register. Still, this is the “bare-bones”, which means that you are advised to upgrade your account as soon as you can in order to get higher limits as well as more benefits. Customers need to verify their identity and use the service continually in order to upgrade their accounts. Still, the verification may take some time as the information needs to be processed. It should also be noted that casino fans holding a Silver level and above, can also apply for an ecoCard.

EcoCard is a prepaid card that enables players to make transactions online as well as to spend money in person. It is available in 3 currencies and gives you the chance to control your finances strictly as you can only spend as much as you have available in your ecoAccount. In other words, it is not a credit card and you will have access only to the funds you have deposited. Players need to bear in mind that applying for ecoCard is easy, fast, and free. The card is available in three currencies- EUR, GBP, and USD. It is worth mentioning the fact that ecoCards also fall into four categories – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Customers from 31 countries from the European Union/the European Economic Area are enabled to get an ecoCard. With that being said, casino fans should know that the fees that are charged are the currency equivalent of the payment card currency.

The ecoVirtualcard, on the other hand, is a one-use payment card that works with your ecoAccount and enables you to securely purchase goods online and via your mobile phone as your personal and banking information is not revealed. You can acquire such a card extremely easy as you just need to open an account and select the ecoVirtualcard option. The card is available in 31 countries within the European Union/European Economic Area. It is also available in three of the most widespread currencies- Euro, British Pound, and US Dollar. Similarly to the ecoCard, the ecoVirtualcard has four tiers that range from Silver to VIP. It provides users with the chance to pay without any credit checks. Additionally, customers can use the card independently of their bank account.

In other words, these are the basic services that are available at ecoPayz. To put it in a nutshell, gamblers have three opportunities to fund their online casino accounts.

EcoPayz Mobile Application

ecopayz mobile appAs it was already mentioned, ecoPayz provides casino lovers with secure and convenient payment services. Customers are given the freedom to make safe online payments within only a few seconds. Due to ecoPayz’s great success, they decided to go one step further by releasing an ecoAccount mobile app that can be found in Google Play and in the App Store as well. The app enables users to access their accounts around the clock via their mobile phones. It is compatible with devices that run on Android and iOS. Additionally, the app is extremely easy to use and gives players a total control of their accounts.

The app is completely free to download and use and it now enjoys a great popularity among users. It features an intuitive functionality, a short 3-step signing process and is one of the latest products that were added to the ecoPayz’s catalogue. The app was released shortly after the ecoVirtualcard was launched.

Casino Deposits via ecoPayz

ecopayz casino depositAs online casinos are becoming more and more popular, casino operators strive to capture players’ attention by offering broad gaming catalogues that feature superb visual and sound effects, numerous advantageous bonuses and promotional offerings, and last but not least, a wide array of secure payment solutions.

As it turns out, making a deposit in an online casino using ecoPayz is extremely easy and you do not need to be tech-savvy in order to deal with this. When gamblers want to make a deposit using ecoPayz, they simply need to head to the page “cashier” and select ecoPayz as a payment method. Casino fans can make a deposit directly from their ecoAccount. They can also take advantage of the ecoCard or ecoVirtualcard service. They just need to provide the required information, enter the amount of money they want to deposit and confirm the transaction. Usually, fees are not charged while making a deposit. Deposits are processed almost immediately and casino fans can start playing the games they prefer almost instantly.

Casino Withdrawals via ecoPayz

ecopayz withdrawalsWhen gamblers want to cash out their winnings, they can once again use ecoPayz. Yet, making a withdrawal involves almost the same steps as making a deposit.

Players need to visit the “cashier” page and select ecoPayz as a service of choice. Then, you simply need to enter the amount you want to cash out, to provide the required information, and to confirm the transaction. In most cases, withdrawals take up several business days, so you need to check that beforehand.


ecopayz securityAs gamblers are required to provide personal and banking information, security should be of major importance. For ecoPayz, protecting their customers’ information is definitely important as they have applied all the necessary measures to do so and use some of the best security systems available. EcoPayz uses the latest technologies in order to guarantee that funds are transferred fast and most importanly safely, things that are of major importance for customers. They take strict measures in order to make sure that no third parties are given access to users’ personal information.

As it turns out, customers’ security is a top priority for the company as all the transactions are automatically encrypted from players’ browsers to ecoPayz’s website using the Secure Socket Layer protocols. They are extremely popular due to the fact that they offer the needed efficiency and it is extremely difficult to crack them. The strength of the encryption guarantees that any attacks on ecoPayz’s servers will ultimately fail which therefore means that your information is protected from wrongdoers. This explains why the company prides itself with the extremely high-security level they provide. In fact, when you use ecoPayz’s services you reduce the possibility of your sensitive information being exposed online due to the fact that the company adds a layer that protects you against viruses, spyware, and hackers.

Additionally, the website holds a certificate that is issued by Thawte Certification Authority, which ensures that users’ information is heavily protected. What is more, servers are separated from all other hardware as they are kept in highly secured areas.

Additionally, the company also encourages customers to handle their personal data in a responsible manner. This becomes evident when you visit the “Security Policy” page where you can find some quite useful recommendations and tips on how to protect your account as well as on how to avoid scams. These include not sharing your personal and banking information with anyone, not responding to emails that look suspicious and always checking links before clicking on them. Gamblers definitely need to acquaint themselves with this information as it can help them enjoy a trouble-free gaming experience.

A large number of the reputable online casino operators use the same systems in order to protect gamblers’ information. Hence, your information will be heavily protected so that you can enjoy all your favourite casino games without bothering about your personal and banking data being at risk.

Fees and Limits

Service Classic Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Bank wire deposit 0.00-7.00% 0.00-7.00% 0.00-7.00% 0.00-7.00% 0.00-7.00%
Credit card deposit 1.69-2.90% 1.69-2.90% 1.69-2.90% 1.69-2.90% 1.69-2.90%
ecoVoucher deposit 0.00-2.90% 0.00-2.90% 0.00-2.90% 0.00-2.90% 0.00-2.90%
Alternative currency deposit FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
Withdrawal to bank account X 5.90-10.00 USD 5.90-10.00 USD 5.90-10.00 USD 2.90-7.00 USD
Inter-accounts transfer X FREE FREE FREE FREE
Transfer to another ecoAccount (sender pays) X 1.50% (min 0.50 USD) FREE FREE FREE
Transfer to/from ecoPayz Merchant FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
Currency conversion*** 2.99% 2.99% 1.49% 1.49% 1.25%
Account maintenance after inactivity of 12 months 1.50 USD per month 1.50 USD per month 1.50 USD per month 1.50 USD per month 1.50 USD per month

Using ecoPayz’s services comes with the relative fees customers need to pay. Each of the services the company offers features its own set of fees and limitations that need to be taken into consideration. EcoAccount, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualcard have their own specific fees we will pay more attention to.

Let us start with the ecoAccount. As it was already mentioned, the ecoAccount features five separate tiers that provide customers with the needed convenience, flexibility as well as with control over their funds. Creating an account with ecoPayz is completely free. Still, when it comes to funding the balance, things are a little bit different. While making a deposit via a bank wire you need to bear in mind that this will cost you between 0% and 7% of the deposited amount. These include electronic funds transfer, instant deposit, local and international bank deposits, and local services.

When it comes to funding with a credit card, customers will pay between 1.69% and 2.9% of the deposited amount. The currency you want to use while making a deposit is of little consequence. This means that if a currency conversion is required in order to complete the transaction, ecoPayz will automatically calculate the rates and will add the relative fees. The currency conversion fee may range from 1.25% to 2.99%.

If you want to withdraw your funds to your bank account, ecoPayz will charge you between $7.08 and $12 for a Silver level, and between $3.48 and $8.40 for VIP level. Still, this opportunity is not available for the Classic accounts. When you want to transfer funds to another ecoAccount, this will cost you 1.5% (less than $0.60) if you have a Silver account. If you have a Gold, Platinum, or a VIP account, you are given this opportunity for free. We should also mention the fact that if your account has been inactive for 12 months or more, ecoPayz will deduct $1.88 per month from your balance.

When it comes to ecoCards, you do not need to pay any fees in order to get such a card and to activate it. Still, a cash withdrawal will cost you 2% ($1.5 minimum). Here financial services that are defined as Forex, money order, travelers chequers, brokers and dealers, and so on will cost you 4% ($0.80 minimum charge). If you forget your PIN, you will have to pay $0.50 per request, whereas if you lose your card, this will cost you $12.50. Still, it should be noted that card renewal and card cancellations are free. If you wish to make a payment in a currency that is different from your default one, this will cost you 2.99% of the amount of the payment. Customers who hold a Gold, Platinum or VIP accounts can withdraw as much as $500 per single transaction while using an ATM, while those who hold a Silver account can withdraw $250.

As far as ecoVirtualcard is concerned, it works directly with your ecoAccount and you can safely pay for goods without revealing your personal or banking information. Still, there are certain fees that are associated with it. The cost for issuing and activating the card is $2.30. Yet, you also need to pay certain charges for cash services as well as when you are making a deposit using a currency that is different from your default one. Transaction processing, card cancellation and redemption, and updating customer’s personal information are free of charge. Additionally, there is no minimum per single transaction. Nevertheless, the maximum amount for a single transaction is $700 for Silver and Gold users and $1,000 for Platinum and VIP users. It should also be noted that the card lasts for 12 months, or in other words one calendar year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ecoPayz

ecopayz advantagesEcoPayz is an online provider that makes it possible to send, receive, and spend money in an extremely easy and convenient manner. As it was already mentioned, the company has been operating for quite a long time on the online scene and has managed to gain valuable experience. As it turns out, ecoPayz is one of the payment solutions that have managed to gain a great user base. That is why the fact that it also among the most widespread payment options in a wide array of online casinos comes hardly as a surprise. It enjoys great popularity and recognition among gamblers even though the company is not solely focused on the gambling industry. The company offers first-class services when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. As everything else, using ecoPayz has both advantages and disadvantages.

Let us first start with the advantages. There are some solid reasons why you should use ecoPayz while placing your bets in online casinos that offer it as a payment solution. EcoPayz uses a sophisticated banking system which means that the transactions are processed instantly and the funds are ready to use within only a few seconds. Gamblers are enabled to send and receive money internationally through their ecoAccount e-wallet in an extremely easy and convenient way.

Additionally, all the transactions made online are automatically encrypted from the user’s browser to the company’s browser using Secure Sockets Layer protocols as well as its successor Transport Layer Security protocols, depending on the browser you use. What is more, the website holds a certificate issued by Thawte Certification Authority which ensures that your information is well protected. Gamblers will also be happy to find out that when they use their ecoAccount, their personal and financial information is not shared with other people and the payment method they are using is also not revealed. What is more, the company is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority that once again speaks of the fact that you do not need to worry about security issues.

Having that in mind, we should also mention the fact that all transactions you have made using ecoPayz are protected and will not fall into the wrong hands. Your anonymity is guaranteed while using the company’s services as no third parties are given access to your personal and banking information.

Using ecoPayz while placing your bets in online casinos is definitely a sound choice. Gamblers need to bear in mind that when they make a deposit via ecoPayz funds are available almost immediately, unlike other banking solutions. Additionally, it is one of the few e-wallets that offer 24/7 customer support, a large number of languages, as well as it allows you to choose between 45 currencies while completing the transaction.

We can say for sure that ecoPayz’s advantages definitely outnumber the disadvantages. Yet, the coin has two sides. Casino fans need to bear in mind that they need to pay for some of the services offered by the company. There are companies that offer similar opportunities without that added cost.

EcoPayz is a payment method that is extremely convenient for gamblers who prefer to place their bets in online casinos. As it turns out, it is quite hard to find websites outside these fields that work with ecoPayz. There are numerous other payment solutions that enable you to shop and gamble online without having to limit yourself. Yet, gamblers can rest assured that ecoPayz is a payment solution that is accepted by some of the biggest and most reputable online casino operators as it offers a hassle-free gaming experience.


EcoPayz is among some of the most reliable and accessible payment methods that are available out there. While using the company’s services, gamblers will have plenty of options to choose from. Players can take advantage of an ecoAccount as well as of two different cards. Casino fans are enabled to make instant deposits irrespective of the option they have chosen. Additionally, they can cash out their winnings extremely easy, as withdrawals are quite speedy. EcoPayz offers its services in a large number of countries all over the globe, which means that gamblers from different nationalities can opt in for it while placing their bets. The fact that gamblers can use an impressive number of currencies while gambling further adds to the company’s merits.

Still, the coin has two sides due to the fact that ecoPayz’s disadvantages are mostly associated with the additional fees gamblers need to pay. In essence, they are relatively small but they can still be dramatically higher than the fees associated with other online payment solutions. In spite of that, ecoPayz offers a quality service that is worth paying for and the fact that it is accepted in such a great number of online casinos comes hardly as a surprise. Still, we can say for sure that ecoPayz’s pros definitely outnumber the cons as it enjoys a wide user base in an impressive number of countries across the globe.