Money Transfer Casinos

money_transfer_casinosGoing over hundreds of online casino sites, in the hopes of finding a proper one to join, you’ll see that there are many money transfer services offered on the lists of accepted payment methods. That’s because these services are some of the most convenient to use across the online gambling industry, mainly due to their unrivalled availability all across the globe, and the fact that they support transactions in all worldwide-used currencies. That’s why you’ll find such services across online casinos, as well. If you’re interested in knowing more about the service offered, stay with us, as we’ll take you through all the details you need to know. What is a money transfer service and why use one across Canadian online casinos?

About Money Transfer

Canadian online casino players are used to using credit/debit cards for online gambling purposes, even their bank accounts. That’s because these are the simplest to use since everyone has a bank account or at least one card they could use to start depositing right away. Seeing it that way, yes, these seem like the most convenient solutions to use, especially if eager to start playing casino games right away, don’t forget that you’re actually sharing really important and sensitive details with the operator, over the internet.

If you wish to keep your banking details to yourself and protect your hard-earned money by not exposing your bank account/cards online, there’s an alternative you could use: a money transfer service. This is a service crafted for people who don’t want to disclose details across the internet or simply don’t have a bank account/card to pay online with. This means that it is particularly convenient for online casino players who don’t have any other ways to make a deposit.

Looking back at history, these services were invented for the purpose of helping millions of immigrants send money overseas to their families, in the lack of more useful options. These are services you can rely on to move your money from and to any place across the globe, in the most effortless and safe way possible.

To give you a clearer picture of how popular and widespread these services are, we’ll bring up provider names like Ria, MoneyGram and Western Union, some of the most globally-known, and quite popular money transfer services in Canada. You’ll find a branch of at least one of these three in the most remote places across the world, even in underdeveloped countries; as they were designed to cater to all those unbanked or private users who wish to keep their sensitive details away from wandering eyes.

The availability of these third-party services is unrivalled, really; you’ll find at least one branch in your town/village/city, regardless of where you’re residing. And you can rest assured that it will transfer your money to any place you wish, or in our case, to any online casino that accepts the brand you went with.

The best part is, while in the past, you had to physically visit a branch to actually make a transaction, now, the most popular services have gone online, so you don’t have to bother leaving your house; you can just go online, visit their respective website and request the transfer. If that’s something you’d use for your online casino deposits and withdrawals, continue reading to find out all the details about making transactions with this solution.

Getting Started with the Solution

In the past, you had to get out on the street and, on the next corner, find the nearest branch to request a transfer with popular money transfer services and pay in cash, as they only had an offline presence. As mentioned, today, leading brands are available online. Sure, in-person requests are still possible, but it is up to you to decide on the way in which you’d like to send your money now.

It might be more convenient and easier for you to go with the online option, considering you’ll be making deposits and withdrawals at an online casino, but still, it’s your choice. If you wish to pay in cash and avoid sharing banking details with the casino operator, just go to the nearest branch and make your request, and then pay in cash for it. But with the online option, even though you’ll share such details, they will never be disclosed to the operator; that’s thanks to the third-party service these money transfer providers offer.

With the online option, you’d need to visit one of the money transfer service provider’s websites and hit the Send Money button. You’d then need to enter the amount you wish to send, to whom and the way in which they’d like to receive the transfer. Your options are plenty; you can choose to send money via bank transfer, eWallets, cards or other alternative solutions offered. To receive the money, recipients can choose bank deposit, pickup locations or home delivery, depending on the options offered by the provider. And as far as the recipient’s details, since you’ll be sending money to a casino, the operator’s info would be pre-written when you’re making a deposit.

Before you confirm the transaction, you’ll see that a fee would be calculated, so you can know exactly how much needs to be sent in total. The fees will be discussed soon, but for now, you should know that there will be fees involved, covering the basic transfer costs. If you’d like to try it out, let’s see how deposits and withdrawals with a money transfer service would actually go at an online casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Money transfer services have been offered across online casinos since the dawn of gambling, really. That’s why you’ll certainly come across at least one provider at your favourite online casino. If you haven’t joined a casino yet, explore a few options, like BetOBet, for instance, and you’ll see that you’ll have providers like Western Union, MoneyGram or Ria offered. Choose the casino you’d like to go with and register an account with it.

To make a deposit with this solution, you’d need to go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Deposits/Banking/Payment Methods page.
  2. Locate a provider or look for a Money Transfer button and press it.
  3. In the new window, specify how much you’d like to send to the casino; the way the operator wants to receive the transfer and other details should be pre-entered.
  4. Check the fee and confirm the transaction, and you’ll see the money arriving instantly.

Withdrawals are entirely possible, but won’t be processed instantly. First of all, not all casinos offer them as withdrawal methods, since operators don’t really want to bother filling out so many details and going through lengthy procedures to send the winnings to the players. And secondly, the entire procedure would take a while, making this method not so quick for withdrawals and by default, not players’ favourite withdrawal method.

But since many casinos do offer the service, so if you wish to request a withdrawal with it, you’d need to enter the recipient details yourself, meaning specify how much you wish to cash out, your personal details and the way in which you’d like to receive the money.

Applicable Fees

As we mentioned previously, for the third-party service offered, providers charge fees to cover the basic transfer costs.

These fees vary and depend on the provider, of course, but also from and to whom the money is being sent, the country of the sender/recipient, and the method/amount/currency of the money being sent. Therefore, the best thing for you to do would be to check with your chosen provider; in case the fees charged are hefty, you can always try another provider to use the service.

Let’s take Western Union as an example. For instance, if you’re making an in-person, in-store deposit of $50 to a Philippines-based casino, a $5 fee would apply. No fees would be charged with cards or bank accounts, but the deposit will not be instant this way, but take up to 10 business days.

Accepted Currencies

Since this is a solution offered all over the globe, in virtually every country, even the most underdeveloped countries, you can rest assured that it supports all currencies.

The Canadian dollar is, of course, an option, since money transfer services are offered in Canada, but so are currencies like Swedish krona, US dollars, euros and UK pounds, to name a few. Some of the popular providers, believe it or not, have even presented an in-app service to hold, sell and buy cryptocurrency. This means that not only all fiat but also many digital currencies would be your options!


Having read what you have so far, it is probably clear to you that, without a doubt, many money transfer services are available in Canada. So, if you chose to use this solution, you’d certainly be able to.

However, these services are offered all across the globe, so regardless of where the casino you chose to go with is based, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals at it. The casino may be based in the US or South Africa and you’d still be able to join it to use this solution for your transactions.

Customer Support

Being global, all of the money service providers offer world-class Customer Support with expert, trained agents at your disposal. Many of them even offer support in local languages, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to ask for help and get your answers in both Canadian English and French.

As far as the ways in which you could get support, you’ll be able to use phone lines, Live Chat, emails and even some social media platforms to get in touch with the agents.

Naturally, in case you need assistance with the steps you need to make to request deposits/withdrawals, you can always turn to your online casino’s Support agents.


Regardless of where the casino you’re playing at is based, you can use a money transfer service to make the most seamless deposits and withdrawals in Canadian dollars. This is one of the most convenient methods to use since you won’t ever have to disclose card or banking details with the operator. Plus, you’ll get Support in your native language, and be able to enjoy the service to the fullest. So, if having doubts about it, think no more: choose this solution, available across many Canadian online casinos.


Will I be able to explore the website of a money transfer service brand in different languages?

Sure. All providers offer users the chance to explore their websites in many languages, and in most cases, both Canadian English and French are options, so they’ve got you covered.

Can I use a mobile device to request a transaction with the solution?

Of course. Considering most of the service providers have gone online, some of them even offer apps for you to download and install on your mobile device, regardless of the operating system your device runs on.

Is it possible to request a refund with a money transfer service?

In most cases, yes. Since the transactions are tracked during any point of the transfer, providers can make refunds. However, you should check with the particular provider you’ve decided to go with, to see their policy when it comes to refunds.

Do transaction limits apply when using money transfer services?

While most providers offer no limits, you would need to double-check with your provider to check whether any limits apply. These limits may depend on the sending/receiving country and methods involved in the transfer.

Will the casino be informed that I’ve sent a deposit via the solution?

Since providers mark transfers with unique codes, the casino will be sent that code to become enabled to check the status of the transfer at any point. Both the sender and the receiver get this code, to see when the transfer is in motion and how far it has gone, at any point.