Siirto Casinos

With so many payment methods available to players across Canadian casinos, one can get easily overwhelmed with the choices, and start looking for the simplest yet most effective solutions to use, like Siirto. This is a Finnish mobile payment solution that has partnered with leading banks in order to allow users to make instant transactions via their mobile devices between bank accounts. It is particularly popular with players who don’t wish to share credit card details with operators, and that’s why it has been listed as a top method across many Canadian casinos. What is Siirto and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About Siirto

Launched in Finland in 2016 with the aim to connect mobile users and their bank accounts to facilitate the smoothest online payments, Siirto is a mobile payment solution suited for all those users that wish to move money online via their mobile devices. It connects you, the user, your bank and the designated eCommerce site where you’d want to pay for a service or purchase something from.

It allows for instant, cost-efficient and effortless transactions, thanks to the fact that it was launched by the leading Nordea network of banks, and OP Bank, but has also partnered with other major banks, like S-Bank, and the Bank of Åland, to name a few. It is incredibly popular in Finland thanks to its remarkable track record and reputation for enabling easy and quick mobile payments. Using a system implemented by Automatia which maintains Otto ATMs, the solution has made sure that any user with an active bank account and an active phone number could use its services.

This system allows for banks and mobile service providers to provide users with mobile apps allowing them to move money online with just a few simple taps, from one device to another, which translates from one user’s bank account (the sender’s) to another (the recipient’s). As if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the system, they can expect their transaction to be completed in real-time! With those apps, users can pay at cafes and restaurants, shop across all kinds of different eCommerce sites and platforms and pay across so many industries, the online gambling industry included.

Many global online casinos are already offering it to their players, and so do some Canadian online casinos. So, if it sounds like a solution you’d want to try using for smooth deposits across online casinos, continue reading to figure out how.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionWe mentioned that there’s an app involved here that you’d need to download in order to start using the solution. And, that you need to have an active bank account and an active phone number with one of the popular Finnish mobile network providers.

So, the first step would be going to Apple App or Google Play Store to download the Nordea Siirto, Pivo or OP-Mobile app on your iOS or Android-powered smartphone. Let’s assume you decided to go with the Nordea app, since through this app, regardless of the bank you have an account with, you’d still be able to use the service. Download the app and enter your phone number. You’ll receive a notification that you need to confirm and then select the bank account you’d want to use. With that, you’d successfully set up your app and granted access to the service.

This is where the good part starts. Instead of having to waste time writing down the bank account details of the recipient, all you’d need to send money to someone is their phone number! A maximum of €1,700 per day can be sent this way to anyone, as the app will locate their phone number in the system, hence their bank account linked to that phone number, and have the money sent and processed instantly right to their bank account. Double-check, though, the name of the recipient before you press Confirm, just for safety, to ensure you’re sending the money to the right person.

Assuming you’re using the Nordea app, you should know that there will be an identification protocol involved, for your own good. You can use your Nordea Codes app here or your Nordea credentials to properly verify your identity. Since any of your bank accounts can be used when using Siirto through Nordea, this step is needed so that the system can confirm you’re the one making the transaction and not someone else on your behalf.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of what steps you need to make to start using the solution, it’s time to see how you’d be using it as your payment method for making a deposit. That’s exactly what we’ll explore next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

You saw that the solution is very easy to use and it is quite simple to understand how it works. As we said previously, thanks to its ability to process transactions in real time, it has become quite popular across global online casinos. You may as well know, by 2026 Finland is expected to launch a licensing system for online gambling, so plenty of new sites will become available to Finnish players, but there are also Canadian casinos like Huikee Casino where Siirto is already accepted that you could consider. Make sure you find the one that would work best for you and create your account with it.

To make a deposit with Siirto, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to your chosen casino’s Banking/Deposits page and find Siirto’s logo.
  2. Press it and you’ll see that in the pop-up, you’d need to enter your phone number.
  3. Specify how much you’d like to have on your casino balance.
  4. Get in touch with the casino’s Support team if its phone number is not pre-entered here.
  5. Confirm the deposit request and the money will arrive on your balance in real-time.

If you simply follow the intuitive instructions, you cannot make a mistake when depositing with the solution, as you’ll be prompted step by step to successfully make your transaction.

Considering the solution works both ways, meaning anyone that can receive a payment through it can also send a payment, you should know that it is also an option for withdrawals, contrary to many similar mobile payment solutions.

You’d need to look it up in the Withdrawals section this time and go through the same steps as explained just now to request a withdrawal, this time entering your phone number on step 4. As soon as the casino reviews your withdrawal request and approves it, the money will arrive in your bank account in real time.

Applicable Fees

You won’t be charged a cent for using Siirto on its part. Even though a third-party provider offering such an amazing service, you don’t have to pay extra for using it.

However, the banks involved and/or the mobile network providers may charge transfer fees. Considering these are independently allowed to charge fees for the provision of their own services and apps, they can charge as many fees as they want to. That’s why you have to consult with your bank and mobile service provider to find out more about the fees involved. If you went with Nordea, you should know that at the moment of writing, it explicitly stated that no fees are charged for using the app; but in the future, if any revisions are needed in accordance with the tariff, it might start charging fees.

Accepted Currencies

As you’d expect, considering as of 2002 the euro has become the official currency in Finland, the default currency when using this solution would be the euro, considering it works through the banking system in collaboration with mobile network providers. The Finnish markka ceased to be legal tender over two decades ago, so the euro is what you’d be using when transacting with the solution.

Now, the currency cannot be changed, so if you’re playing at an online casino with a different currency, your transactions with it would be subject to a conversion fee.


Unfortunately, unless you’re a player with a Finnish mobile phone number, you won’t be able to use the solution. Even if you had an account with Nordea, you’d still need a Finnish phone number to use it.

In case you do have one, you are free to use it. It is available to all those players who meet the conditions to use it, so as long as you do, you can enjoy its services across hundreds of online casino sites.

Customer Support

Given the fact that this is a service and not a standalone product, and works in collaboration with banks, Siirto does not offer Customer Support on its own. You’d need to get in touch with your bank in case you wished to ask a question or know more about it, or, of course, if you’re experiencing some problems with your transaction made via the service.

If you’re having trouble with your deposits or withdrawals with it, do not hesitate to get in contact with your casino’s Support team. They, too, should be able to solve all of your problems and/or questions regarding the solution. What’s more, they are usually available via phone, Live Chat, email and even social media, so you should get a quick response.


Having read what you have, you have probably gathered that Siirto is an exceptional solution for those users that meet the conditions to using it. If you are such a player, you’ll enjoy real-time transactions made with a few taps on your mobile device, processed smoothly from one bank account to another in no time, with no extra fees. It is an option for both deposits and withdrawals across many Canadian casinos, so in case you wish to try it and you’re eligible to use it, make sure you do!

Siirto FAQs

There sure is, When you load the website, though, you’ll notice that it is only available in Finnish, but if you wish to explore it in English, you can do so by using the Google Translation tool.

Of course. In case you needed a phone number change, you’d need to go to the app you’re using, delete the old number, deactivate your account, go through the registration again and enter your new number.

If you’re using the Nordea Siirto app, you can check your transactions by simply entering your app, in real-time, as long as you have connected your device to the internet.

Unfortunately, no. One phone number needs to be linked to one bank account, and this is the solution’s way to avoid any possible errors and complications. That’s how the system manages to recognize the sender’s and the recipient’s phone numbers and their respective accounts and proceed with completing the transaction.

Yes, the Nordea Codes app, which is the app used by Nordea for identification and authentication, which works in conjunction with the Nordea Siirto app.