Live Dealer

The emergence of the first online casino in the 1990s marked the beginning of a new era in gambling which opened many new opportunities for even greater entertainment. It is no longer necessary to travel all the way to a reputable land-based casino in order to enjoy a wide range of high-quality games. Nowadays, thanks to the many leading web-based casinos and software providers, your favourite casino games are one click away. Online casinos offer the convenience, freedom and security that every player longs for when it comes to gambling.

In fact, the online casino games appeal to such a huge number of players that the demand for this type of entertainment is on the rise. The leading software providers are constantly trying to come up with a gaming solution that will top their previous products and surpass the expectations of the end-users. As a result, the so-called live dealer games emerged which enjoy a huge success ever since they were released. Nowadays, these types of games can be found in a number of online casinos as they have proven to be extremely exciting and entertaining.

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Live Casino Technology

live casino technologyLive dealer games have quickly become very popular due to the fact that they give players the opportunity to get the same high level of entertainment as if they were present at a prestigious land-based casino. The reason why is partly because of the cutting-edge live streaming technology that these types of games involve. Thanks to it, you are able to see the whole gaming process conducted by a well-presented dealer in real time.

In order to enjoy such an exciting game, you need to click on a video link and wait for the connection to be established. Once the game has loaded, you should be able to see a dealer with whom you can communicate via the live chat feature. It is also possible to make conversations with the rest of the participants on the table and this way, have even more fun while playing. Thanks to the live chat feature, the software providers have successfully managed to recreate the social element and make the online games more interactive.

The live dealer games can be either streamed directly from a land-based casino or from a private studio. The latter seems to be the more common option and many of the available live dealer games are streamed from various locations all over the world. All studios are specially designed to resemble the exciting casino ambience as much as possible. This is the reason why all noises and other unpleasant distractions are completely eliminated which allows you to fully enjoy yourself and immerse in the game.

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Live Roulette

live rouletteIt shouldn’t be much of a surprise that roulette is among the games which you can enjoy in real time at the comfort of your surroundings since it is one of the most popular casino games of all time. Live dealer roulette is the perfect game for every roulette enthusiast who wants to get the same high level of excitement from playing but without going all the way to a brick and mortar casino.

Thanks to the live streaming technology involved in the gaming process, it is possible to observe how the dealer spins the wheel and how the ball revolves until it lands on one of the pockets. It is surely a unique experience to play live dealer roulette and place real-money bets while sitting on the most comfortable spot for you. What is more, a number of online casinos also offer a mobile version, meaning that you can watch the live streaming video and play directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Live Blackjack

live blackjackBlackjack is also among the casino games which you can enjoy in real time at the most convenient spot for you. Presently, it is possible to play several variations of live dealer blackjack and this way, diversify your online gambling experience like never before. However, bear in mind that each version has its own rules and subtleties which directly influence the house edge and your odds of winning. It is best before you try any of the live dealer blackjack games to take your time to adjust your strategy according to the particular variation.

Most live dealer blackjack games offer several features which further make them exciting and entertaining. One of them is the so-called Bet Behind Feature which allows you to place bets on a player who is participating in that session. This way, you have the chance to make a profit, even if you are not playing directly. When it comes to these types of games, it is also possible to take advantage of the one-to-many option or live dealer blackjack with early payout.

In live dealer blackjack games, you can see the dealing of the cards in real time through a live streamed video and this way, get an extremely authentic feeling from playing online. The whole gaming process will be conducted by a professional dealer who is ready to talk to you and assist you. If you have a question regarding the rules or the gameplay, you can simply type it in the live chat and send it. Many blackjack enthusiasts agree that it has never been so easy and entertaining to play their favourite game from the comfort of their home.

Live Baccarat

live baccaratBaccarat is another casino game which is available in live mode. The reason why this game is offered by many casino operators is that it has fairly straightforward rules, yet very exciting gameplay. It is considered mainly a game of pure chance which makes it suitable for all types of players, even the ones who lack experience when it comes to casino games. The most popular live baccarat version is Punto Banco which can be played in a number of brick and mortar casinos as well as online.

Live baccarat games are hosted by dealers who conduct the gaming process in real time. In most cases, the dealers, who are responsible for operating the game, are just as professional and experienced as any other croupier at a land-based casino. These types of games have several special features which you can take advantage of in order to enhance your online gambling experience. One of them is the Par Side Bet which gives you the chance to wager on either the banker or the player’s pair.

Choice of Roads is another great feature which enables you to check your game history whenever you wish. This way, it is possible to view not only the previous outcomes but also the money you’ve wagered. Last but not least, these types of games also offer a Live Chat feature which gives you the opportunity to communicate with the dealer and the rest of the participants in the game.

Live Casino Hold’em

live holdemLive Hold’em is a popular poker variation which you can play in real time on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the live streaming technology that these types of games employ, it is possible to observe all of the dealer’s actions as if you were present at a brick and mortar casino. Moreover, you can have a good chat with the croupier and with the rest of the fellow players thanks to the live chat feature. This way, the human element is recreated successfully which is another thing that makes these games very realistic.

The live streaming technology and the live chat feature are the two major elements which make these types of games worthwhile. Thanks to them, it is possible to get an extremely authentic feeling from playing poker without having to go all the way to a land-based casino. Live Hold’em Poker games have proven to be extremely exciting and entertaining since they offer everything that their land-based counterparts have. Some live games also have a multi-user feature which enables you to see the moves of the other players on the table.

Software Providers of Live Games

Behind every reputable and successful online casino lies at least one leading software provider. Thanks to the third-party software suppliers, the online casinos are able to provide a wide range of high-quality casino games. These companies are responsible for various important aspects – from developing the casino games to providing dealers and studios for them. Therefore, your online gambling experience greatly depends on them which is the reason why it is always a good idea to take into account the software supplier in use when choosing an online casino.

Nowadays the demand for online games is constantly on the rise since these types of games offer a number of advantages. This urges the software providers to develop even more interactive and exciting games which will top their previous gaming products. The main but not only priority of the software suppliers is to manage to develop games which will meet the expectations of the end-users and will even surpass them. Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular software providers that lead the way when it comes to high-quality casino games.

Evolution Gaming

evolution gaming logoEvolution Gaming is a prominent software provider which has a solid reputation in the online gambling industry. Ever since its establishment in 2006, the company has been trying to improve and develop its platform. As a result, it came up with various innovations that had a great impact on online gambling in general. The company’s first priority has always been to provide the end-users with the ultimate online gambling experience which they deserve. This is the main reason why it has placed its main focus on live dealer games as they give players the chance to get the authentic experience they seek.

Some of the live dealer games which Evolution Gaming offers are baccarat, roulette, blackjack and casino hold’em poker. It is also possible to try some of the most exciting variations of these casino classics and this way, enjoy your favourite casino game in a new, different way. The live dealer games powered by this software supplier have top quality and a number of exclusive features. All of them offer you the opportunity to get a very realistic and interactive gambling experience which will most likely surpass even your wildest expectations of an online casino game.

Evolution’s Crazy Time: How it Became a Casino Hit


playtech logoPlaytech is another leading software supplier which is famous for providing realistic live dealer games. Most online casinos which cooperate with this software provider offer various world-class games, including live baccarat, blackjack and roulette which you can enjoy on your computer or smartphone. Besides the classic versions of the games, you can also play some other exciting variations such as Speed Roulette, VIP Baccarat and Grand Blackjack.

Thanks to Playtech’s live dealer games, it is possible to witness the whole gaming process at the time of playing as it is directly streamed in real time from a private studio. You can see how the dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards as if you were present at a land-based casino. It is worth mentioning that not all live dealer games are streamed from the same studio or even location. The company has studios in multiple locations which gives you the chance to experience your favourite casino game in a truly unique way. Also, bear in mind that some of the dealers are fluent in Spanish, Italian and English which give players the chance to communicate with them by choosing their native language. This further eases the whole gaming process and makes it even more enjoyable.


microgaming logoUndoubtedly, Microgaming is one of the biggest and most famous software providers which has developed more than 800 world-class casino games. This company takes credit for launching the first ever online casino in the distant 1994 which is a remarkable event in the online gambling industry. This software supplier has managed to develop successfully live dealer games which are streamed from various studios, located all over the world.

It is possible to play live blackjack, roulette and baccarat instantly as there is no need to do any additional preparation beforehand such as downloading any software. In an attempt to make the aforementioned games even more attractive and interesting, this software provider also offers exclusive Playboy-branded ones. All live dealer games powered by Microgaming have many exclusive features which make them even more enjoyable. For instance, there is one feature which notifies you in case that the table you’ve been waiting for is free again.

Thanks to this software provider, Roulette enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite casino in real time and take advantage of the special Multiple-Play Feature. It allows them to play more than one live dealer game at once which eliminates the need to wait for the rest of the players to make their moves. Live dealer blackjack also offers various features thanks to which you can check your history, adjust your controls and screen size and place bets on other participants in the game. It is also possible to play live hold’em and baccarat, both of which assure high level of entertainment.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment logoNet Entertainment is a reputable software supplier which offers the end-users the opportunity to experience their favourite casino games in real time. Many online casinos have teamed up with this software provider as it has proven to be professional, innovative and reliable. The live dealer games it offers are streamed in HD quality and the professional dealers involved in them are located in several studios in Malta. If you have any questions regarding the gaming process or you simply want to have a good chat with the dealer, you can use the convenient live chat feature.

Another great advantage that this software provider offers when it comes to live dealer games is the fact that they are compatible with various mobile devices. This means that it is possible to play them on your smartphone or tablet and this way, enjoy them on the go. NetEnt-powered online casinos give you the chance to play some of the most popular casino games in real time, including Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. Each game offers different table limits which allow players to choose the game that suits their bankroll best.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming logoWhen it comes to live dealer games, Extreme Live Gaming is a software provider which deserves mentioning. Even though the company is considered to be fairly new in the industry in comparison to the aforementioned software providers as it was founded in 2017, it has already managed to catch up with them and to become a major competitor. This software supplier gives you the opportunity to enjoy live blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These games are hosted by well-presented dealers in real time who are located in a studio in London.

This software provider has put a lot of effort and time in developing online games which will resemble their land-based counterparts to a great extent. This is the reason why most live dealer games offer various features that further improve your online gambling experience as it enables you to completely immerse in your favourite casino game like never before. The fact that it is possible to adjust the camera angle gives you the chance to see the gaming process from different positions as if you were at an actual land-based casino.


ezugi logoThe live dealer games in many online casinos are powered by the innovative software provider – Ezugi. The reason why various casino operators have opted for the services of this company is that it has proven to always provide high-quality online games. Some of the live dealer games which it offers are live roulette, baccarat, blackjack, hold’em and even exclusive games such as keno, lottery and bet on numbers. It is also possible to play a number of other variations and exclusive games such as Knockout Baccarat and Dragon/ Tiger which are mainly developed for the Asian market.

Since Ezugi specialises in live dealer games, it is no wonder why all of them include various special features. For instance, if you choose to try your luck on roulette, you can take advantage of the history feature which enables you to see the recent hot and cold numbers or the previous winners. Also, another very convenient feature is the fact that any number of players can join the table simultaneously since there is no limitation in this aspect as the virtual nature of the games allows it. Furthermore, all live dealer games have a live chat feature thanks to which you can interact freely with the dealer or engage in a conversation with the rest of the participants on the table.


Yes, it is. In most cases, you will be given the chance to adjust the streaming quality and the sound options as well as other settings from this type. In order to do so, you should simply find the Menu section and customise the game according to your personal preferences.

Yes, most live casinos offer reliable customer support which you should be able to contact via live chat, phone or email. In general, the bigger the online casino is, the more available contact options there are. It is recommended to be able to reach a customer support agent in several ways in case you have any urgent matters.

Typically, the dealers are located in studios which are especially designed for this purpose. The exact place of these studios depends greatly on the software provider. Some software suppliers have studios and dealers all over the world which enables them to offer a diverse casino ambience.

When you play a live game, you will most likely notice that in the background there are other tables and dealers conducting other games. The reason why is, that most live casinos offer various tables and dealers in order to suit every player’s needs. However, in some cases it is possible for the croupiers to be located at an actual land-based casino.

The answer to this question entirely depends on the live casino of your choice. Sometimes it is possible to play live dealer games without downloading any software and directly access them from your most preferred browser. However, some online casinos specifically require downloading their software in order to enjoy them.

In general, most live dealer games are not offered in free mode due to the fact that the live dealers operate the game as if you were at a land-based casino. Therefore, the costs the casinos have when they provide these types of games are much more in comparison to the ones for online games. The reason why is that online games use a Random Number Generator in order to recreate the gaming process, whereas live dealer games use real dealers.