Definitive Casino Review: Satta Matka (Betgames)

It may be strange to think of online casino gambling as a form of tourism, but there are moments when the shoe fits perfectly!

Such is the case with Satta Matka, a first-of-its kind release in Western markets.

This game is well-known by Indian gamblers, but for most North America- or Europe-based players, this will be brand new territory – and it’s definitely an option worth checking out! After the success of massive growth of other Subcontinental offerings such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, it’s encouraging to see other offerings reaching players for the first time.

Brought to you by the consistently solid design team Betgames, this title brings an RTP of 95% and a betting range of $1–$59 per round, with a max payout of $10,000.

This company has been setting its sights on expansion in Canadian markets, and this may well be the title that gets them where they want to go.

So how does it work?

We won’t get too far into the details here, but this is what new players need to know.

The game is derived from an Indian form of the lotto gaming style. Historically, its origins go back to betting on market movements of the price of cotton. It has since connected with other ways of generating numbers – lottery chips, slips, or playing cards – before the advent of modern RNGs. In this version, a single deck of 40 cards is used – a standard 52-card deck with jacks, kings, and queens removed. All cards are worth their number value, while Aces and 10s are worth 0 points.

Play begins when the dealer turns 3 cards face up. The sum of their value (or its last digit, if it’s a 2-digit number) is called a “Single.” The sequence of the three card values is called the “Pana.” (For example, if the cards 9, 2, and 4 are dealt, the Pana will be 249.)

Then, players select their bets. More than 45 wager options are available, grouped into 4 categories: Cards, Combinations, Single, and Pana. As in Roulette, any number of bets can be placed per round. Press the ‘Place bet’ button to continue. After that, the dealer will draw cards.

If that all seems like a lot, don’t panic. The main takeaway?

This offering will present a whole new world for many players. It’s definitely worth exploring…

… and this should be done slowly!

Which might be challenging. Like many other top live dealer options around, player interface is build around a television gameshow-style interface. And what’s more, it’s a fast-paced game.

A new betting round begins every 60 seconds!

Those two factors make gameplay especially exciting. We strongly encourage gamblers to remain coolheaded and pay special care to bankroll (and emotional) management – exciting, quick settings such as this can often present special challenges with regards to problem gambling.