Craps Come Bet Specifics

When it comes to craps gaming and the vast world of wagering possibilities this table game has up for grabs, players should be prepared for many riveting opportunities. There are bets of all sorts, some more popular and other more obscure. The Come bet is among the most popular ones and almost every craps fan has placed it at least once.

The game of craps comes with four basic wagers every enthusiast should be well-acquainted with. They are the very foundation of the game, as they provide a safety net for the player making their first steps in the craps gaming realm. The Come bet is among those particular options that could be classified as the gift that keeps on giving.

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Come Bet Basics

This is probably one of the first wagers many craps fans have placed in their early stages of gaming, while they were still exploring everything up for grabs. For many of them, this bet remains a favorite and they place a Come bet whenever they get the chance to.

It is a multiple-roll one, meaning that it covers several rolls of the dice and it comes with higher chances of winning big. The Come bet is linked to the Pass line on the craps table and individuals willing to make the best of it should understand it well. It very much resembles the traditional Pass Line bet and players have the chance to place it only once the come-out roll of the dice has been completed. A Point should also be established ahead of a Come bet.

This gives craps enthusiasts the freedom to place this bet throughout most of the traditional craps game, be it online or in-person at any casino venue offering this popular table game. The bet itself is a rather simple and easy one, as the area players should use is marked on the craps table layout. There is a special zone with the word COME written on it.

Placing a Come Bet

The casino patrons ready to try their luck with this particular wager have to place their chips in that particular zone of the table. They should bear in mind the shooter and whether or not it has already come out. This information could easily be obtained by searching for the plastic disk indicating this โ€“ if it is flipped with the ON side towards all players, this means that the shooter has come out and they have the right to place their Come wagers along with many others.

The Come bet itself takes into account the numbers 7 and 11. If they are rolled, the individual who has placed it wins big in an instant. In case the numbers 2, 3, or 12 are rolled, the Come wager is considered a losing one and the patron loses everything wagered. The following dice roll could end up having a new Point.

This could be one of the remaining numbers on the dice โ€“ 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and some changes will have to be made once this happens. The croupier handling it all on the table will then move the Come bet the player has placed to the box with that particular Point number. Some players might find this particular wager slightly confusing or complicated at first.

Come Bet Specifics

This should not discourage you from placing it and giving it a try, as this might be your lucky day and it could end up bringing you a windfall. It should be taken into account that the Pass Line point should be considered by the people that have placed a Flat Pass Line bet. When it comes to the Come bet, it does not really matter.

A player could also place as many Come bets at the same time as they wish to. They could be as many as seven at the same time, working in unison for potential great payouts. In this case, they would cover each of the six point numbers along with the Come zone of the craps table.

Come Bet Odds

Every player should be well-acquainted with the odds coming with each and every wager available while playing craps. This makes them more adequate and willing to explore new opportunities in a safe manner. The odds coming with this particular basic wager make it so that the player bags even money. Once you have placed a $20 Come wager and it ends up being a winning one, you can bag another $20. There is also the house advantage which should not be overlooked.

It helps the casino venue continue its daily operation and keep its premium atmosphere intact and this goes both for brick-and-mortar and online casinos. In most cases, this edge amounts to some 1.41 percent. It ranks among the wagers with the lowest house advantage which is also among its main selling points. Players want to win as much as possible once their bet turns out a winning one, making the Come bet a frequent choice around the craps table.

The odds of this bet are 251 to 244 setting the advantage for the casino by default. Craps fans should know that there are ways in which they could make this wager work to their advantage. This could happen with the help of a Free Odds bet, further enhancing it.

The craps fan should put their chips in the Come area of the table and let the croupier know that these are going to back the Come wager. The options are more than favorable for the player โ€“ ranging from single, double, triple, five-times, and ten-times odds.

Opting for the ten-times odds is going to, therefore, reduce the house advantage to 0.18 percent and result in a greater payout. Individuals willing to give this wager a try could spice things up with this additional feature, as Pass bets and Come bets could be rather mundane as time goes by. Always approach every bet with caution and sufficient preparation ahead of time.