Quickspin Slots

Sweden has given a lot to the world over the past century or so, starting with literary geniuses like Selma Lagerlöf and Astrid Lindgren to end with film icons like Greta Garbo and legendary pop acts like Abba. This Nordic country boasts high standards of living, has a thriving economy, and excels in a variety of fields, including casino software development.

It is hardly a secret to anyone the best online slots are exports of Sweden, with developers like NetEnt and Play’n GO continually driving the industry towards new heights and innovations. Another notable software brand to emerge from this Nordic country, albeit a newer one, is supplier Quickspin, which specialises particularly in the development of online slots. The newer brand’s repertoire may not be as comprehensive as the catalogs of the competition but every single title it comprises is worth to be given a “quick” spin or two.

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Quickspin was founded by a team of tech-savvy specialists with extensive knowledge in the field of online gaming and software development, so it is no wonder the brand’s slots stand out with superb visual and audio quality, seamless gameplay, and original features that ensure the ultimate player experience. This is precisely what enables this fledgling company to stay on par with heavyweights like NetEnt.

Each slot created by Quickspin is delightful to play, be it on a mobile or a desktop device. But Quickspin has another advantage up its sleeve, one that giant NetEnt cannot brag about. NetEnt has withdrawn from the Canadian market so players from the country are not granted legal access to any of the developer’s games. This is not the case with Quickspin, whose creations are readily available at a huge number of trusted Canada-friendly gambling websites. So if you are a slot enthusiast from the Great White North, do give this article a read – it will introduce you to everything you need to know about the emerging Swedish brand and its bespoke slot creations.

The Story of Quickspin

quickspin slotsAllow us to begin with a short overview of Quickspin’s history and background and introduce you to its major achievements so far. Quickspin’s beginnings can be traced back to 2011 when three gambling experts laid the foundations of the company in Stockholm, Sweden.

Two of the founders of the company are former NetEnt employees – Daniel Lindberg assumed the position of sales director for five years while his colleague, Mats Westerlund, was in charge of NetEnt’s product development sector. They decided to join forces with another experienced specialist, namely Unibet’s former managing director Joachim Timmersmans. The vast experience the three man shared between them is one of the key ingredients in the recipe of Quickspin’s success.

The company was established with the sole purpose of creating innovative and playable video slots, a goal we dare say Quickspin has indeed achieved. The year 2012 saw the rapid expansion of the company on the market as its bespoke slots became available to more than half a million reel spinners worldwide. However, it was in 2016 when things really took off as Quickspin was acquired by software giant Playtech.

Despite that, Quickspin succeeded in remaining fairly autonomous, continuing on its course towards creating innovative slots. The Swedish brand has successfully penetrated the mobile gaming market as well, largely thanks to the deal it struck with Playtech. One of the clauses of the agreement granted Quickspin an access to Sri Lankan gambling software studio Game Technology Solutions, which focuses on the development of mobile games.

The biggest secret to Quickspin’s success is that the developers working for the company are in love with what they do and their sole purpose is to create games they themselves would love to play. This strategy apparently works, especially if one judges by the number of awards the brand has amassed in recent years. Some of the biggest accolades Quickspin has so far received include the EGR awards for Game of the Year, Social Gaming Supplier, and Best Mobile Gaming Software.

Seven years after it came to life, Quickspin shows no signs of slowing down. Today, the company has offices in both Stockholm and Malta and its creative slots are available at a huge number of reputable online casinos, including some of the operators we have reviewed on this website. Its portfolio presently comprises as many as 37 slots, 31 of which have also been optimized for play on smartphones and tablets.

Being a relative newcomer to the industry, Quickspin strives to secure and maintain its good reputation. That is why everything is up to the mark where licensing is concerned. The company has been licensed by some of the strictest regulators known to man, namely the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. But the best thing of all is that Quickspin plans a further expansion of its slot library. Fans of the brand’s slots have every reason to rejoice since Quickspin has announced the release of as many as 12 new titles in 2018 alone.

Quickspin Slots Software

One trend that online gamblers cannot fail to notice is that in recent years newer software developers have become predominantly flash-oriented. Such is the case with Quickspin’s software which is available exclusively for instant play so there is no need for players to install any software clients on their computers. The software is compatible with a huge range of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can load the slots in pretty much any browser you choose, be it Opera, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, but make sure you install the flash plug-in in advance or upgrade it if you are using an older version.

Quickspin’s platform is exceptionally easy to integrate and grants casino operators an instant access to the company’s full suite of games. The simplified set-up wizard integrated within the software also enables online casinos to gain access to the in-built promo tools that allow them to personalize their bonuses and campaigns according to their customers’ needs. Gambling operators that have partnered with Quickspin get to know their customer base better thanks to the sophisticated back office which provides them with access to important statistics, including individual players’ activity and their daily game profits.

What if a given spinner is located in Quebec, for example, and is accustomed to conversing in French? Language is never a barrier for those who play Quickspin slots since the platform is multilingual. The Quickspin slots can be played in 27 different languages (including French) and support 50 currencies, including CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Features of Quickspin Slots

quickspin slots featuresThere is nothing more to be desired from players’ perspective, either. Each slot created by the Quickspin developers comes to life on one’s computer screen thanks to the crystal clear graphics and the enticing animations that make one’s spinning session all the more enticing. The sounds further contribute to one’s enjoyment since they are extremely realistic.

The betting range is flexible enough to fit into any budget, be it big or small. Of course, the betting limits may vary depending on which casino you are playing at but generally betting starts at about $0.15 and reaches $100.00 per spin in most of the slots. One of the things we found a bit strange has to do with the bet level. In Quickspin slots, there appears to be a single bet level, with the majority of the slots supporting only one credit per spin. Another thing that struck us funny was the fact that most of the developer’s slots, if not all, have fixed paylines, preventing players from selecting which ones to activate and bet on.

The games not only boast spectacular quality but are also equipped with all the necessary features that ensure higher profits for players. There are the usual scatter symbols that return payouts regardless of the direction the identical symbols have aligned in. The games usually have either free spins or bonus games incorporated in them, sometimes both.

Players are assisted in scoring more wins with wild symbols that come in all shapes and forms. Some wilds will stack on the reels, others will expand to cover entire reels or stick in position during re-spins. Then again we have substitution symbols that can appear randomly on any given spin to work their magic. In some games like Sticky Bandits, for example, the wilds are massive in size and may cover almost the entire symbol grid on the screen.

In some of the available titles, winning combinations award you a free respin and the symbols the combo consists of lock into their positions during the next round. This increases one’s odds of forming another winning combo during the free re-spin.

One thing we forgot to mention is that Quickspin specializes exclusively in the development of 5-reel video slots so do not expect to see any classic 3-reel fruit titles on their portfolio. The number of fixed paylines rarely drops below 20, with some of the games offering as many as 45 winning lines.

Then again, there are the slots from the All-Ways-Win category. Some Quickspin creations have no standard paylines but basically feature only scattered symbols where matches pay out as long as the icons have landed on adjacent reels. The titles offering 243 Ways to Win are especially loved by spinners. The majority of the slots utilize the standard reel format all fans are familiar with. The 5 reels usually go hand in hand with 3 rows but some titles would feature a 5×4 or a 5×5 grid.

Not much is going on in terms of player customization but still, you have the option to turn off the sound effects and play with the settings so that the reels are set in motion when you hit the space button on your keyboard. Needless to say, there is also a smart Autoplay feature that relieves you of the obligation of hitting the spin button time and time again. This functionality enables spinners to play between 5 and 1,000 spins in a row without any interruptions.

We all know some players use this feature to devastating results but the good thing about the Quickspin software is that it enables you to somewhat curb your losses. You can adjust the Autoplay settings so that the feature gets automatically switched off when you have lost a specific amount, usually from 5x to 50x the amount wagered per spin.

Average RTP and Volatility of Quickspin Slots

One important thing to consider when you are searching for online slots to play is the average return percentage. Most advanced slots available on the web offer a good deal of entertainment but the real question is do they offer good value for your bets? The good thing about Quickspin slots is that their average return to player percentages are rather high when compared to what some of the competition has to offer.

The slots’ return percentage ranges between 95% and 98%, with most of the titles revolving around 96%. The return to player reflects what percentage of all bets a given game is programmed to give back to players.

Respectively, this might help you calculate the house edge of your preferred Quickspin slots. To provide you with an example, we shall assume your favourite slot is Mighty Arthur where the RTP is evaluated at 96.94%. Therefore, the machine will collectively return to players $96.94 out of every $100 wagered.

You can estimate what the house edge for Mighty Arthur is by subtracting the RTP from 100%, so in this case the house gets an advantage of 3.06% and gets to retain about $3 out of every $100 the players have staked on this game. Here it is essential to mention that these percentages balance out over a very extensive period of time. It takes millions of spins before the average RTP adds up to its listed percentage and gets distributed between all players.

You might be surprised to learn that Quickspin does not release games that are connected to a progressive jackpot network. This is a deliberate decision on behalf of the software developers, though, and the reason for it is rather interesting. Less seasoned spinners may not know this but linking a progressive jackpot to a slot skews its average return percentage even further in favour of the house. This is a way for the game to compensate for the progressive jackpots paid out to the lucky spinners by returning a smaller percentage of the money staked on it.

What this decision proves is that Quickspin indeed considers the best interest of players when crafting games for them. However, some reel spinners might consider the lack of progressives a disadvantage. In our opinion, this is no big deal considering how minuscule the odds of hitting one such jackpot are. We believe it is best to play a game that is programmed to consistently give back higher return to players than betting on one with a significantly lower RTP and a jackpot you can hardly hope to secure in your lifetime.


quickspin slots volatilityMany players wrongly expect from a game with a huge RTP to reward them with frequent and big wins. This is where the slots’ volatility comes into play. Volatility, also known as variance, refers to the dispersion of the wins on a given machine but their size is also taken into consideration. Volatility can be categorized as low, medium and high. In other words, volatility distributes evenly the average return across all spins made on a game.

Slots of low volatility are suitable for players with smaller bankrolls as they offer them frequent but smaller wins. This prevents them from busting their entire budget within a few quick spins. The distribution of wins and losses on medium-volatility slots is somewhat even – the number of spins you lose is more or less the same as the number of winning spins. Finally, we have slots of high volatility which players on a budget are recommended to steer clear of. These games would normally offer huge but infrequent wins and may cause you to part with your entire bank after a few spins.

The great thing about Quickspin slots, though, is that most of them have low to medium volatility. This makes them a great option for players with more humble means because there is a good balance between wins and losses. Of course, no gambling operator would willingly provide its players with information on its games’ volatility. You can determine this on your own by playing the games in demo mode for some time.

Quickspin Slots Mobile Compatibility

quickspin mobile slotsBeing a relatively new software developer, Quickspin has ensured most of the slots on its portfolio are mobile responsive since gaming on the move is getting more and more popular these days. The mobile games can be loaded in the browser of your smartphone or tablet as long as it is up to date. It matters not what the browser is, they will work on all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Explorer.

The mobile slots are polished down to the very last detail and run just as smoothly as they would on your laptop or desktop computer. The focus once again falls on the graphics and sounds. The games appear even more visually attractive on mobile since the devices’ screens have a higher pixel density. Therefore, when you load a Quickspin slot, you are seeing more pixels per square inch, which causes the graphics to pop out and appear more vivid.

Since Quickspin emerged at a time when smartphones had already become a huge deal, the majority of its games have been optimized for mobile play. The collection of the developer consists of 37 slots and 31 of them are fully responsive on mobile. There is almost no difference between playing these slot on your portable device. The gaming controls are the same but you might notice playing on a smartphone is even more dynamic since the touchscreen enables you to set the reels in motion with a single tap.

Top Online Slots by Quickspin

Quickspin may have a portfolio that is rather humble in size but the developer compensates for this lack of greater diversity with paramount quality and utmost playability. The company’s creations run across a wide spectrum of exciting themes that range from fairy tales like the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks to classic historical novels like Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. Some are even inspired by prehistoric beasts, like Razortooth. Others, like the Wild Chase, borrow their theme from popular heist movies. You can check the overviews below to read more about the 5 Quickspin slots that are commonly preferred by Canadian spinners.

Sakura Fortune

sakura fortune slotSakura Fortune is one of the newer releases from Quickspin and was unveiled in April 2017. The game plays over 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed paylines and takes spinners on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun where they will meet a lovely Japanese princess whom they need to help in her battle with wicked emperors who have taken over the kingdom that rightfully belongs to her.

If you are wondering where the game borrows its name from, “sakura” translates as “cherry blossoms” from Japanese. And indeed, gentle pink blossoms dominate the game. From the very moment the slot loads, players face the princess amid a beautiful cherry garden with pink blossoms falling on the ground, blown by the wind. The five reels are also set against a similar background.

The game uses only theme-related symbols like Japanese dragon statues, the two emperors, the princess, and lucky coins. Sakura Fortune is loaded with amazing features including rounds of free spins, scatters, and respins. The princess herself is a stacked wild. If two princesses stack on the reels, the respin feature gets activated. So, if you are unfamiliar with Sakura Fortune, give its reels a quick spin and you will not regret it – it may be your ticket to a nice payout as it offers an RTP of 96.58%.

Spinions Beach Party

spinions beach party slotSummer is a favourite theme of many software suppliers and we cannot blame them. After all, who does not enjoy lying on the beach basking in the sun while sipping on a cocktail? However, it was the developers over at Quickspin, who have come up with the brilliant idea to combine summer party vibes with the Minions from the popular animated flick Despicable Me.

What this game can offer you is 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The reels are transparent and spin on top of an animated background showing you a sunny beach full of spinions. You can even see how the wind causes the leaves of the palm trees to rustle in the backdrop. The game is extremely vibrant and pleasant to look at and all top payers correspond to the theme, with the symbols containing tasty beverages in different cocktail glasses.

The game does not lack anything in terms of extra features. There is a wild spinion for substitution, the scatter that unlocks 10 free spins, and the sticky wild respin feature. The only thing that can be desired here is a bonus game but despite its omission, Spinion remains an extremely playable slot with a decent enough RTP of 96.04%.

Sticky Bandits

slots sticky banditsFew slots borrow their theme from the stories about the American frontier but if there is one that is beautifully crafted, it is Quickspin’s Sticky Bandits. This western-themed slot relates the story of a band of outlaws and incorporates symbols to match as bandits and bandidas help you score the highest prizes offered in the game. The structure is a bit different than what we are accustomed to seeing from Quickspin since the game utilizes a 5×5 grid with 30 paylines. The reel casing is shaped like a wooden painting frame, with two rifles on top. The backdrop is static here and shows us what appears to be a canyon in the scorching rays of the sun.

The software developers have invested lots of efforts when crafting the slot, which becomes apparent by the great special features included here. There is a huge symbol which can cover multiple grids and has a double function as it acts both as a substituting wild and as a bonus symbol. When it appears simultaneously on reel 1 and reels 2 or 4, it triggers 7 free spins. The wilds that land on the reels when the feature is triggered remain in place throughout its duration. The game offers a satisfactory RTP of 96.58%.

Big Bad Wolf

big bad wolf slotYou probably have read the tale of the Three Little Piggies and the Big Bad Wolf as a child? Well, it serves as the foundation of this Quickspin offering which plays across 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The game’s five reels are skilfully rendered so as to resemble the piglets’ tiny house, with a background that features cultivated fields. The evil wolf also makes an appearance on the reels and is one of the highest paying symbols in the game, along with the icons containing the three piglets.

One of the most interesting peculiarities of this Quickspin slot are the symbols that form the winning combinations. Each time identical symbols align on a payline, they are removed from the reels and give way to new icons which fall into their places. A piglet is transformed into a wild after your second win in a row until eventually, all three piggies go wild.

There is also a standard wild symbol which contains a beehive. As evil as he is, the wolf is your key to unlocking the 10 free spins but you need to hit three of his symbols to get there. The wolf can also earn you extra free spins by blowing down the houses the piglets have made from straw, wood, and brick, just like he does in the tale.


razortooth slotRazortooth is one of the animal-themed slots released by Quickspin in 2015. This may be one of the older games from the developer’s portfolio but you cannot tell judging by the quality of the graphics and the sound effects. There are 5 reels with 3 rows but do not expect to see paylines here. The game awards winnings in accordance with the 243 Ways to Win format where all symbols are scattered and simply need to fall onto adjacent reels to return a payout. Speaking of symbols, these include various sharp-toothed prehistoric animals like mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and woolly rhinos. Note that the symbols need to align from leftmost to right in order to pay out.

Razortooth offers spinners plenty of excitement thanks to its amazing bonus features. There are several wild symbols here. One of these is standard and merely substitutes but the “savage” wild which appears during free spins and gets stacked to cover all three grids on a reel, increasing your chances of forming a winning combination. There is a third wild here which can appear randomly in the main game in up to three positions. Some spinners may consider Razortooth’s RTP of 96.62% unsatisfactory but the game deserves to be given a chance since here you can win up 2,000 times your bet.